วิตามินซี (vitamin C) ควรทานตอนไหน?

February 28, 2020

Hello, everyone. see me again at Morya Paruu Healthytrip by NuuNa If you would like to know how secret to take care your heath or a little things for your health you also can subscribe me here with my channel. Well, we gonna talk about Vitamin C Vitamin C or Ascobic acids. That make sense to guess ACIDS irritate your stomach and you have to take it after meal.. if there are not coat the vitamin for reduce acids (not improve formulas) Even some of them improving their formulas I’m still recommended to take it after meal Especially who has over acid history or got some problem with over acids Abdominal pain, gastritis or always pain, burning Recommended take Vitamin C after meal immediately. Don’t take it before meals or bed time. What’s time best for Vitamin C?? Mostly vitamins, if someone was asking me to reply I’d like to recommended..take its when you’re ready and that time convenience for you and then choose the meal. but don’t forget to concern how each vitamin affect to your body too Example, vitamin C irritate your stomach. That mean you have to take after meal but you also can select which meal you’re convenience. And take it on time (same time) everyday for best result. Above.. which one AFTER or BEFORE meal? You just concern and looking for the information, It’s irritate stomach or not? Or Foods affect the vitamins or not? If you have more questions, you can ask me below the video. Don’t for get to SUBSCRIBE ME. TODAY, I’m done!! Good bye for now See you very soon, if you have more questions you can send the message to me And I’ll reply as soon as I can See you..

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