✨🌾Beta Glucan! 🌾✨ Immunity 🐉 Skin, Disease help💪🏽
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✨🌾Beta Glucan! 🌾✨ Immunity 🐉 Skin, Disease help💪🏽

September 14, 2019

Hi it’s Leda Lums Apotheca. Today, I wanna
talk about beta-glucan, as an amazing trainer for your immune system and how it can help
you, if you have any allergies, or rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, it can help with so many
things. And your skin, of course, as well. Okay guys, I’ve got some beta-glucan from
Bulk Supplements, just pure 1,3/1,6 beta-glucan. It’s like a trainer, it’s like a personal
trainer for your immune system. Specifically, your lymphocytes, your killer T-cells. So
these cells, they find the pathogens in your system, and they kill them. If you’ve allergies,
if you have rheumatoid arthritis, where it attacks your cartilage, because your immune
system is attacking the wrong things, beta-glucan would be an interesting to try. So it comes
from yeast or oats. All the antiseptics, and sort of pasteurizing
that we’ve done in our modern world: We’ve taken a lot of beta-glucan out of our food
sources. So our body isn’t getting any of the beta-glucan that it’s had, a millennia
ago, which trains your immune system, to attack… Immune system needs to be like an athlete,
where it’s always training, and knows what to attack. So our immune systems are impaired,
so adding beta-glucan to your diet would be a great idea. And it comes in pill form too
because what beta-glucan does is, it’ll go into your smaller intestines, and be absorbed
by peyer’s patches. That’s what absorbs your beta-glucan. So maybe it’d be a good idea if I got this
in a pill form. I do have some gel capsules, I’m gonna combine a few things. But this is
great if you have any pathogenic diseases, or if you’re having an allergic reaction,
or if you have a virus. Or whatever, just something’s going on in your body, that you
need to address. Some people have a little reaction to it. If you have something like
an auto-immune disease, like multiple sclerosis, or irritable bowel syndrome, then it can maybe
exacerbate your symptoms. But to the vast majority of people, find it very helpful to
bolster your immune system. So what happens is, what do they call it?
Chemotaxis, be somehow where chemotherapy is derived from… It’s a little bright. Change
the perspective. Okay. Chemotaxis, basically, your killer cells, it allows them to move
more quickly to the pathogens, or the weird cancer cell, and cause apoptosis. They absorb
a little beta-glucan, and then lymphocytes, and they release it through your body. So
it goes, beta-glucan goes into your small intestines, into the peyer’s patches, and
then get’s distributed to the phagocytes, your little killer cells. But then, are stored
in your liver, in your lymphatic system, in your thalamus gland, they release that the
next few days. It’s recommended, if you have, just for a
general immune boosting, 200 milligrams. Or if you have a disease, if you’re going through
chemotherapy, or if you’re going through radiation, or if you’re battling a different kind of
disease, like diabetes. It’s actually suppose to help with normalizing your blood sugar
and your insulin levels. It helps your body to do that. Also, if you have anything like
too much blood fats. It helps normalize that. If you’re having cholesterol issues, it helps
increase the good cholesterols and decrease the bad. And it’s pretty harmless. It’s just
the derivatives from the yeasts and oats. It’s a long chain carbohydrate molecule that
comes from glucose. So it comes from sugar, helps normalize your sugar. I don’t know.
It’s not sugary. It doesn’t taste… What does it taste like? It doesn’t really taste
sweet, kinda taste like powder. It has a little bit of a taste, but barely anything. I think
it’s not bitter, like some stuff I recommend. Helps support your blood, and it heals your
skin, it helps heal your skin. So if you have anything like psoriasis, or eczema, acne,
this would be a real something to add to your regiment, to your arsenal. So if you’re going
through a disease, it’s recommended that you up the dosage to 400 milligrams a day, for
a year or so. And then, you can taper back down to 200 milligrams to just more of like
a maintenance dose. I’m definitely, taking this over the flu season.
It helps your body find pathogens and kill them. It’s like a personal trainer for your
immune system. Skin improvements, yay. Just pure, from Bulk Supplements, my favorite’s
store. Our clean and pure bulk supplements 1,3 and 1,6. ‘Cause if you buy it in a different
form, you’re not really gonna know how much beta-glucan that you actually have. And you
do have the 1,3/1,6 kind. That’s specifically, the one that trains your killer cells. You’re
not gonna know how much you’re actually taking, if there’s a lot of other fillers. So that’s
why I recommend, pure supplements, and you can make your own little capsules. Actually,
BulkSupplements has a little capsule filler machine. Alright, lovies, if you liked that information.
If you enjoyed that, please give it a thumb’s up, and subscribe, and share, as much as you
like. And thank you, I hope to see you soon and discuss some more with the comments.

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  1. How would you recommend taking it. In water or juice ?? I am also taking MSM daily in fruit juice do you think I can take them together ?? I really enjoy all the info you give I have taken a lot of your advice. Thx.

  2. I have vitiligo, which is my body attacking it's own melatonin causing white spots on my skin. do u think this product could help this condition ?

  3. Im going to try this. So far ive only picked up one supplement that is helping me besides the purp. Liposomal Vitamin C, for reals been hella treating me good since I started it, but im still not at 1huney.  Im going to start making my own, I seen the video using a glass jar.Fungus is a biyachi.

  4. I just got it but I don't have a digital scale how much is 250 milligrams. Is that like a teaspoon or a half teaspoon or equal to a tablespoon

  5. Hi Leda, could I ask you about your personal experience with betaglucan? Are you taking it in row all the year or just during winter season?

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