【High Calorie】 IN 1 MIN!! Ultra Simple Soup Using Meat Buns [Normal & With Cheese] 4252kcal[Use CC]
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【High Calorie】 IN 1 MIN!! Ultra Simple Soup Using Meat Buns [Normal & With Cheese] 4252kcal[Use CC]

December 26, 2019

Hello it’s Kinoshita Yuka
( English subtitles By ~Aphexx~ ) today! eating pork bun gratin soup These are the ingredients We will start by making a regular
Meat bun soup Add chicken soup stock to a cup
And the meat bun It’s a tight fit The bun looks so squished in there Then add hot water
And OMG it’s already done Now we will make a gratin style meat bun soup In a pot add some consomme
And some water then put it over some heat When it comes to a boil add salt and pepper to taste I also added some onion soup stock to this I believe you can experiment with cream soup
Or whatever your preference is And just like before we add our pork bun to this
Add however many you like The buns are floating Sadly this is all that will fit in there Then a desired amount of cheese to it I will add a whole bag to it Then salt and pepper to taste Parsley And as much olive oil as you like Then toss it into a toaster for 4 to 5 minutes
And let it get to a golden brown Tadaa it’s done
it looks so yummy This is a regular old normal sized
Meat bun soup It’s amazingly easy to make
And this one over here only took me 3 minutes to make It turns out yummier if you let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes
After you add the hot water itadakimasu
Let’s start off with the regular one It’s so very puffy It’s super delish
It’s soaked up so much of the soup and it’s sort of foamy You may think you know how this tastes
But this tastes better than I thought it would And of course since this is a meat bun
It’s got meat inside You could probably make us with a pizza bun
Or whatever bun you prefer The Soup really adds to the flavor of the meat I’ll just smash it all up now I didn’t taste the soup before hand
So it ended up on the strong side I put a bit too much soup mix in
Let’s all taste test the soup from now on all done Next is this The cheese is taken on a nice baked color It’s stretching it’s stretching hot Cheese taste so good on his meat buns The bun has a slightly sweet taste to it
And the salty cheese goes so nicely with it I love that olive oil flavor too It’s soaked up so much of the soup The bun and she is growing up so nicely together BUT
The meat and cheese goes nicely together as well The consomme soup goes nicely with the chinese soup Cheese is the ‘bestest’ With a cheese being so gooey and melty
It’s kind of making it tough to eat cheese, the love of my life.
Is being so extra right now Perfect for a cold Winter’s morning It’s so quick and easy to make and warms you right up
its the bestest stuff Aside from meat it’s filled with onions and other stuff
Making the soup taste that much better I’m starting to run low on the soup here
Maybe it’s because the meat buns have soaked it up Or maybe it’s me that drank it all up
It’s way yummier with a soup though This doesn’t quite taste as good without it Last mouthful
itadakimasu All done
gochisosamadeshita The meat bun soup is so easy to make
And taste amazing Since we have soup with cheese in the gratin style
and then bake it . its got both the yummy baked taste and ooey gooey cheeziness which is so wonderful I love both gooey cheese and baked cheeses it gets gooey when you bake it
but if you just heatit up it doesn’t caramelize it I was so pleased to have found a way to
get both the gooiness and baked goodness from cheese The meat bun soup was so easy to make
And I think you could make it in the microwave easy so won’t you all…. and its so yummy and….
won’t you all please give it a try? And as always thank you for watching if there is anything
You want me to do or eat please tell me in the comments
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  1. ゆか、あなたのチャンネルが本当に好きでした、私はブラジル人です。私は多くの日本のチャンネルを知らないのですが、私はまだあなたのビデオが好きです。

  2. Well the way you eat is so fun I want you to eat famous Arabic food like kabab shawarma and alike go ahead and show us your eating skills

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  7. this is not tradition chinese food….if you eat someting made of pasta before you know put in water is fxxking gross

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