March 1, 2020

hello , this is Apang today I am going to share with the way to make the pancake with spring onion add 3 g salt to 500g flour divide it into two parts add 160ML cold water to a part add 120 ML hot water of 60 degree to the other part stir it till going clumpy knead it into a smooth and soft dough put it in a plastic bad and rest it for 30 minutes cut some garlic sprout chop the garlic sprout put it in a plate flour the board take the dough out and roll it out about 0.5 thick brush oil on it add a spoon of salt , thirteen spice powder and flour . mix it spread it on the pastry add the chopped spring onion make a hole in the center then roll it up like this it is soft it is done cut it into pieces of 8 CM long seal both ends then press it like this brush oil on the pan put the pancake in brush oil on it leave them to rise with the lid on for 2 hours crack in 2 eggs add the chopped spring onion mix it and set it aside take the pancake out press it then roll it out about 0.3CM thick you can separate them with the film and put them in the freezer it you can’t finish them a time the cook it for breakfast cook it directly without defrosting it is time-efficient cook it on a high heat heat with the lid on for about a minute then turn it over add the beaten egg to it turn it over add 2 spoons of egg brush it turn it over again take it out when both sides golden so delicious so easy and you can cook it under 2 minutes chewy and soft it is more digestible this is Apang . thanks for watching

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