๐Ÿ’ช How To Use Whey Protein For Maximum Muscle Gain and Fat Loss – By Dr Sam Robbins
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๐Ÿ’ช How To Use Whey Protein For Maximum Muscle Gain and Fat Loss – By Dr Sam Robbins

August 31, 2019

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins,
More and more people these days use protein powders and drinks. Mainly because it’s convenient. This can be ready-made drinks or specific
ones such as vegetable proteins, collagen, whey protein, egg and so forth. And I did a detailed overview about this topic
in a past video entitled, “Everything You Want & Need To Know About Protein Powders”
I’ll give you the direct link to that video at the end of this one. But today I wanted to address a question that
was asked often, “when is the best way or time to have my whey protein drink?” I always prefer people to have whole meals
with solid protein sources – they kind your chew. I think protein powders should be limited
to maybe just once a day or if you’re in a rush. However, there is an ideal time to have your
whey protein and that’s around your workout. For example, I mix about 30 grams of whey
isolate + 30 grams of highly branched cyclic dextrin + 1 teaspoon of MCT oil containing
only caprylic acid, C8. I have about a 1/3rd of it 30 min before my
workout, 1/3rd of half-way through my workout and the final 1/3rd after my last set when
I’m done with the workout. This fuels my workout, allowing me to do more
sets, without burning out and also gives me a better pump. And this is because the whey isolate and highly
branched cyclic dextrin are both fast acting and easy to digest. No bloat or gas. They get into your bloodstream quickly and
also raise insulin levels – which I want during my training to help lower cortisol levels
and thus, elevate testosterone. However, because I’m only having a little
bit at a time and not all at once, there isn’t a massive insulin spike and thus, no crash
either. They whey isolate is high in BCAA and gives
5 grams worth, which is great for muscle building and cortisol reduction. And the MCT oil, using only the C8, caprylic
acid form, gives me energy and focus because of the ketones. It’s a mild effect, but I do notice it. It has a lot of health benefits as well. Plus, the C8 version is much easier on the
stomach and causes me no discomfort – while other MCT oils do – which contain C10 and
C12. However, I still only take 1 teaspoon at a
time, not much more. I may take another teaspoon in the morning
when I wake up. And I’ve found this to be the best way to
build more muscle, lose fat and improve your body composition. You can also add in a teaspoon of glutamine
and creatine as well into this drink and you’ll further maximizing your muscle building workouts. Remember, it’s all about hormones and optimizing
them. Below this video in the description area,
I have the link to the original video all about the protein powders. And a second link about a formula for optimizing
your hormones for maximum muscle and faster fat loss! Thanks for listening and have a happy and
healthy day!

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  1. Many thanks doctor. What's your opinion about the effects of milk on testosterone levels. Also is milk fat like butter and ghee healthy if consumed in moderation. Thanks

  2. Thanks Doctor Sam. I'm currently in the Philippines for one month. Eating healthy is very important. I find myself taking supplements in order to offset my inability to get a well rounded diet. Keep up the good work. Have a great week. Dan.

  3. Hey doc plz do a video on scientifically proven ways to increase height naturally and fast. Great contentโค๐Ÿ‘

  4. this is my suppliments program :

    morning :
    – BCAA 5 gr
    – Glutamine 5gr
    – whey 25 gr

    befor workout :
    – vitamin C 500 mg
    – Creatine 5gr
    – BCAA 5gr
    – Arginine 3gr

    post workout :
    – BCAA 5 gr
    – Glutamine 5 gr
    – whey 25 gr

    befor bed :
    – Glutamine 5 gr
    – Casein 20 gr
    – Zinc 1 tab

    is it on time and good enough ?
    im male 30 years old . 71 kg . 176 cm . with under 7% body fat . 13 years workingout perfesional and natural .

  5. I drink 30g isolate, 15g carbo gain, 15g NOW dextrose before , and then again afterwards. Im super lean, never get tired during or agter lifts. Not too far off eh? Oh and 5 g glutamine and 5g creatine momo in same drinks

  6. Dr. Sam, great video! I stopped using whey protein because of its insulinogenic effect and started taking powdered MREs from real whole foods. Do you think powdered MREs are less insulinogenic being whole foods?

  7. Best time to have whey after hard fasting workout so you have the insulin and mtor spike also inhanses insulin sensitivity and muscl growth .

  8. What about whey protein with raw honey and mct oil before your workout. Is it not counterproductive?

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