#1 Diet Tip for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
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#1 Diet Tip for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

October 3, 2019

Hey guys. Dr. Berg here. In this short video, we’re going to talk about
hypoglycemia. What is that? That’s a low blood sugar situation. The symptoms are irritableness. Sometimes you get bloodshot eyes or irritable
or sand in the eyes that feels like it’s an irritated or sensitive eye situation, but
you’re going to be craving carbs. You’re not going to think correctly. You’re going to be looking for sugar. What’s happening is you have a rebound effect
from insulin being too powerful. The insulin is too much, and it’s creating
a decrease in the blood sugars. Normally it’s between 80 and a hundred, and
then anytime you go lower than that, you create a situation where you’re hypoglycemic. Now, the way it works is the pancreas makes
insulin, and it makes another hormone called glucagon. So this is another new word I wanted to help
you understand. Glucagon is kind of like, it work with insulin. It sort of works … It works together, not
necessarily opposed, to bring the sugars at a certain level. So glucagon, what that does, it releases stored
sugar in the liver to raise the sugar higher. So that way we can always have a balance of,
if something’s too high, bring it down. If it’s too low, it brings it up. So we have both of these hormones working
together to keep your blood sugars level. All right? The real problem that creates this is too
much insulin. It means you eat too much sugar. What triggers insulin is sugar and refined
carbohydrates. The body will go in there and take the sugar
out and store it as fat or cholesterol. What happens is that you have glucagon, which
is also going to work in this trigger by protein. So that’s why, if you take a hypoglycemic
and you give them protein, they feel so much better. Why? Because you are triggering the release of
sugar, and it’s going to raise the sugar, and now all of a sudden, the cravings will
go away. So that’s one way to get rid of cravings for
sweets. How do you correct hypoglycemia? Number one, you have to keep insulin low,
because it’s too high, and you have to avoid the sugar. That’s number one. You have to. You’re never going to heal it, because usually
when you have hypoglycemics what they’re doing is they’re giving into the sugars or they’re
eating potatoes or they’re having five meals a day, which is the biggest mistake, because
every time you eat, you trigger insulin. You feel better, but you never crack the problem. The insulin goes up, and then it goes down,
and you can start getting diabetes, and it’s just a nightmare. The way to do it is to make sure that you’re
consuming protein with each meal, so we keep this sugar at the certain level. Then we avoid the sugar. Protein avoided sugar, but you also need some
fat to be able to go longer, so you’re not having five, six meals a day. With hypoglycemics, they can’t last till the
next meal before craving, because the whole thing is damaged, so you have to add more
fat to go longer so as to heal insulin, because we want to not eat so frequent. It’s cut the sugar out, make sure you have
protein with each meal, don’t eat too often, add more fat to go longer, and what’s going
to happen is you will heal this whole system. I used to have this problem. It’s completely handled. I can go all day without eating, not a problem. That’s what hypoglycemia is. That’s how you correct it. It’s not that hard. One last thing, it’s fascinating. You take a diabetic, and they give them insulin,
or they’ll give them Formin, and they give them these sugar pills. They’re glucose pills. They’re synthetic sugar. So they tell them, “If your sugar goes down
to low, to take the sugar pill to raise it up.” Why don’t you just take less medication, because
the medications are lowering the sugar? Why would you take more sugar to raise it
up so you can take medication? That’s the worst mistake. If you have hypoglycemia, you don’t want to
consume fruit, sugar, honey, juice, unless it goes really, really, really low, and it’s
dangerous. But if it’s coming down a little bit, it’s
much better off if you add a little protein, okay. At least so that way you don’t stimulate this. Then start adding more healthy foods so you
can get out of this situation. All right? Those are some tips. Go ahead and apply those, and make some comments
below. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. i’ve always loved fruits but yesterday i found out i was severely hypoglycemic. no more playa and fruit salads for me anymore 🙁

  2. Is this advice also for type 1 diabetics? I have to inject insulin because I don't produce ANY naturally – it's very hard to balance, especially if you're exercising. What's the best thing to take to bring blood glucose up quickly without risking taking you out of ketosis? Im thinking milk?

  3. I have been suffering from these symptoms and couldn't understand why. thanks for your amazing videos. I really like the way your explain and the best way to fix it. great work.

  4. I wish there were Dr's that tell u all of this when u go in for ur Dr's appointment.
    Dr Eric Berg is amazing…
    Thank u for I would not been able to change anything if u weren't here. Nobody in my life knows much or even nothing about Keto and fasting and all these techniques and tools.
    No wonder so so many people are leaving such an unhealthy life style with so many avoidable health issues. I wish Dr's like him and others who know what they are doing would be substituted for the physicians we have out there!!
    Im saying this because this is where I come for information. Dont know anywhere else to go in my community or city at least. As well physicians only know what they went to school for…my dr means well but its doing me more harm then good and I really wish to be meds free! But how she looks at it that its hereditary…Im adopted so I cant get a hold of who had what from my birth parents…anyhow so I felt hopeless and felt that I have to accept my health issues and just do what the dr recommended.
    Will do my research if there are Dr in my area or city that practise keto and IF
    At this very moment 4 weeks in with Keto and fasting that I have been doing, I feel so good and lost 8 pounds that has been very hard to loose…I have 30 more to go but I think I really have a chance now. I have high blood pressure and im on meds and water meds and its been so hard to exceed in exercising for it would just end up leaving me breathless..
    I was a binge eater and have really tried not to go out of control with food and changed my eating habits alot but I burn the calories and weight went back on. I changed to grain and no dairy etc thinking this is what triggered my asthma but it seems not by being on the keto. Also I was told to stay away from bacon fats etc…and now Im eating them and loving it. My blood pressure seems to be still triggered by salt intake, I dont even have to take my blood pressure, I feel it, my body tells me its going up and it can rise to 200/90 without meds it seems….but hoping by doing more research on keto with Dr Berg I will learn the reasons why this is still an issue!
    I listen and take in what Dr Berg says video by video just to fix and stick with this method. Alot of issues have improved most importantly SELF-DISCIPLINE!! …thankful he is here..
    Thankful for ur videos and astonishing information!!👏😰😁👍👍

  5. Sample …Recommended diet….posted anywhere? Appreciate your post….thank yu….will research good fats…good proteins???

  6. So I shouldn't combine sugar with protein. I wanted to eat two kiwis after my lunch. not so good?

  7. Dr. Berg I was just tested and diagnosed with hypoglycemia my lowest blood sugar was 37 and the highest it got was 107, so they think I’m ALWAYS producing to much insulin. Would you recommend the same stuff in this case?
    Thank you so very much.

  8. I’m trying to do a one week water fast, and I can go all day without eating, but then my sugar goes down, and then I have to end the fast

  9. I noticed when my sugar is low my thyroid and/or adrenals are weak. When i eat sugar it comes back to normal. Could you tell me if this could be hypoglycemia or something else?

  10. in theory from what I can understand. If someone is hypoglycemic wouldn't anaerobic exercise lower blood glucose even more? making it not safe? also would it be easier for some one who is hypoglycemic to burn fat and lose weight as long as they controlled their insulin?

  11. is it possible to have Low Blood Sugar and Not be hungry? I'm not hungry but I experience lots of unwanted and scary symptoms (won't mention them here)

  12. Is this like the Keto diet? I've been wanting to go on the Keto diet for a while but being hypoglycemic I wasn't sure how my body would react to it. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in Advance.

  13. I have really bad hypoglycemia and have always had issues managing it. I figured out though that if I drink a protein shake with whole milk with my breakfast and another one before I go to bed then my glucose levels dont really drop. My glucose levels drop dramatically at night and I can wake up nauseous and dizzy and my stomach hurts but after drinking the shakes over the past month or so I dont have those problems anymore. I don't add extra sugar but sometimes if I'm feeling low while I'm at work then I will take some plain protein powder and mix it with some peanut butter and some water and make like a pudding I will feel 100% normal after eating that. I got rid of simple carbs like white bread and it helps so much. I have become less worried about fainting when I used to faint at least once a month or so. Super scary.

  14. My mother has this problem,doctors advice to eat ice cream and chocolate but my worry is she is overweight,high blood.

  15. I get really low sugar levels with intermittent fasting. Especially during periods. I have had low sugar issues through out my life.. I think I know what to do.. But still looking for expert advice..

  16. Prior to Keto, I had suffered hypoglycemia for years. Since switching to Keto and becoming adapted, I have not had a single episode of low blood sugar. I was actually shocked to read recently that you should not do Keto if you are hypoglycemic….for me, it seems to have cured it completely🤷‍♀️. Overall my entire body just feels so stable on Keto if that makes sense. Literally every ailment I was dealing with has all but disappeared🤷‍♀️ Aside from a coffee this morning, I did not eat a single bit of food until 4:00pm today, and I felt completely fine!

  17. Damn! my mom has been feeling dizzy in the morning and during the afternoon as well and for last 2 days, I've been asking her to drink Glucose powder and she did consume it for 2 days so that her low blood sugar levels get back to normal but it did not affected her condition at all she remained dizzy even after drinking that. I'm really feeling ashamed right now like WTH was I doing. Thanx a ton sir your video helped a lot.

  18. What's left to eat? Everything has sugar. Are you saying no fruits ( bananas, strawberries ect…)? Just meat, veggies and water?

  19. I have liver problems and I believe my liver cannot release stored glycogen correctly. Will following high protein and fat diets still help me? My blood sugar is really low everyday and I want to fix it without feeling like passing out.

  20. I was trying to do a 3 days fast but I got hypoglycemia on the third day, I was feeling very ill and confused so I drank coconut water and it went away. But I don't have diabetes, why did this happened?

  21. what? no fruits?? at all??? Good Lord, just heal my anxiety and panic disorder. Dr. Berg, you broke my heart when you said don't eat fruits.. :'(

  22. Dr. Berg, thank you for making this so easy to understand, my daughter is a type 1 diabetic and she's trying to get her insulin down with the lchf diet you are helping us so much! Thank you again!

  23. I am keto but have hypoglycemia. I am considering intermittent fasting can I still have my coffee with fats during fasting periods to keep hunger away?

  24. Have a resonable amount of high fiber carbs with a fatty sauce etc,- or raw oats for breakfast and nearly no sugar.Have a regular lifestyle with a balanced sleep time.Exercise dayly.Keep stresses managable.

  25. Great video doc . If I go too long without eating even if I do nothing all day my blood sugar drops dramatically. When I work out , if I skip a meal it gets to the point where I almost pass out .

  26. So what do we do if it gets very low? I'm allergic too processed sugar and some not processed and wheat and nightshades so avoid them as much as possible, carb diet over 3 weeks and my blood sugar levels a really worrying me.

  27. I think it might be time for me to start seriously implementing this kind of stuff. At first I thought I just had anxiety issues but I'm starting to think it's dietary based and it's not even like I'm eating candy all day. But I always get anxiety coupled with feeling feint and not being able to concentrate or think clearly and it'll usually go away after I eat something.

  28. II’ve seen 2 + vids from this doc on this subject and they’re confusing because they’re rushed. I get it – eat protein, not sugar. But talking about sugars vs insulin, carbs vs “complex carbohydrates” etc needs more detail. Then he espouses intermittent fasting and more “fats” on many vids. I think he has so many vids on quick fixes blanketing the net that it’s dangerous. Most people don’t realize this is how he’s selling his books and many products with these vids. Many colleagues warn about this guy. Be careful.

  29. I went off Keto and trying to get back to it…… this morning almost passed out in the shower and was shaky…… my husband gave me juice and I didn’t even realize it……. should I have been slowly trying to get back to Keto ….. I feel like it is hitting me harder starting back than before…… I have always had problems with my blood sugar getting too low……..

  30. Thanks for the video doctor. My story: I have been on keto for 31 days now. I don't do macros but I measure my ketones on a daily basis and i have been producing ketones every day. I am now 2.5 ketones. As I hardly lost two kilos and I still feel fatigued I tried 12, 14, and 16 hours fasting from dinner to breakfast to see if I can trigger growth hormone and unlock those fat cells and keto adapt quicker. But just today after about 16 hours fast I found my glucose at 3.7 mmol. Very scary. I'm female 37, 68 kilos right now and 164 cm tall. How often should I eat pls? Any source of protein better than other? Amount of protein and fat? THANKS

  31. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for telling us about the "sand in the eyes". I've had this feeling in my eyes since my young 20's and it even got to a point where I was forming these tiny eye cysts. Doctors would just remove the cyst but didn't have a clue as to what started them. Since I controlled the sugar in my diet – I've never had this problem again. Thank you Dr. Berg.

  32. I have this buts cant tolerate fat, i can’t digest fats, so i fixed jt eating zucchini and carrots with chicken. It was hard but it worked

  33. I struggled for nearly four decades with severe hypoglycemia before I discovered keto thanks to Dr Berg, keto cures it PERIOD, never had a case of hypoglycemic shock not even a minor one while in ketosis. I heard about a study the other day in which they tried to induce hypoglycemic shock on people in ketosis and even at insanely dangerous low levels of blood glucose they had no reaction at all.

  34. I think I'm Hypoglycemic. I'm going to doctor soon. If I do have it I will follow these instructions. I just have 2 questions. When u say no fruit do you mean No fruit at all Or no high-sugar fruit like pineapples and bananas? Are there any fruit I can have now Or is it no fruit until I reverse this condition?

  35. hard time with doubles tennis in heat. I sweat a lot. Taking extra triglycerides to help BUT after a set, and dripping sweat, I'm almost too weak to hit the ball. It's the only time I have this problem, whether on or off the Keto plan. Have been doing Keto for two months, feel good overall, no sugars–except at this low on the tennis courts and then someone will grab me a Gatorade with sugar. How can I counteract this dilemma of needing the sugar at this point? Up the protein in the morning? I'm in my mid sixties and healthy. Wanted to lose 15 lbs, get off all sugar so went on Keto January 1st. Have lost 12 lbs and feel great–except that low on the tennis courts. 🎾 🎾

  36. It's correct. If I have fried chips, fried chicken/fish, vegetables or salad I can go a long time until I have to eat. Anything else just doesn't cut it 💁‍♀️

  37. I started keto diet 6 days ago I would take metphormin 850 1 pill every 12 hrs when I started keto I cut the pill in half for 2 days maybe 3 because my sugar came down with keto so I went to 1/4 of a pill today I checked my sugar IT was 63 checked IT again and 50 I panic went down got natural honey just finger tipvery Tony amount put it in my mouth checked the sugar 110 then 125 I should of grabbed goat cheese instead with cal but I didnt feel nones of the symptons you mención on the contrery I am wife awake fill of energy I did feel a heart pump faster and lower back nomness thats why I checked my sugar and IT was Real Real low ???????

  38. First of all im eating 0 carbs 0 sugars in my diet and today after my workout I happened to test my blood sugar level and it says im at 3.5 and I should be at 4 to not be hypoglycemic. Should I be worried about that and what should I do, I already eat a lot of proteins

  39. My glucose is at 62 as of this comment. Im so confused. Isnt thT normal. I always have my energy each 3 meals a day. Only drink water. Hitting the gym 6 days a week push pull legs routine.

  40. Thank you Dr. Eric. I am non diabetic but started to measure my glucose levels and they have been crazy low in the mornings and I felt crap everyday, I will try introducting more protein in the morning.

  41. I've been trying the keto for the past week. Before starting, if I didn't eat regularly, my blood sugar would drop, so I would make sure to eat carbs, no matter good or bad. When I started the keto, it was a little rough the first few days. Suddenly I felt that after eating a meal I would have reactive hypoglycemia. I notice it especially after eating eggs and maybe an Avacado or some bell pepper in an omelet. I would eat a spoonful of honey to feel better. After a few more days it got a little better. I.didnt need the honey anymore. I noticed I'm not as hungry. I eat around 11am when I feel hungry but am not hungry for lunch. I eat again around dinner time when I feel hungry. Tonight I made 3 medium eggs with chopped bell pepper for an omelet cooked in virgin coconut oil, with some Avacado on the side. I started feeling reactive hypoglycemia kicking in within 15 min after eating. So I thought maybe I need more protein as I've seen you mention and made a sirloin beef hamburger patty. I ate half of it by itself to test if it would help. Within 10 minutes im starting to feel better. I've noticed since starting keto it happens if my only protein with a meal is eggs. If I eat chicken or steak I feel fine. I think the eggs aren't enough protein for me for a meal?
    I've lost 5 pounds in the past week since switching to a more keto diet which I know is water weight. Hoping it continues and hoping I can correct whatever is wrong with certain organs.
    I've also noticed my allergies that I suddenly developed in 2013 aren't bothering me as much.

  42. I've been on the Keto diet for roughly a year.
    This morning I made the mistake of having 2 donuts with coffee. An hour later, my knees shaking, and the 'feeling' came on.
    Big mistake.

  43. Hello Dr Berg. I have a question, on day 2 or 3 on carnivore diet (after keto for a few months) i had a blood sugar dropped to 61 and felt terrible. What can i do not to feel so bad after a meal in a few hours ?? Breakfast is usually eggs + meat, plus bulletproof coffee with butter. Thank you for your videos 🙏🏼

  44. Dr Eric, can you do a video on idiopathic post prandial syndrome and how to overcome it. There is not much on it out there. This reaction is just as frustrating as hypocgycemia. No one is addressing this.

  45. I'm on keto and my blood sugar is 60 … it's that ok or what do I do … I ate protein before the test.

  46. I’m young and I have hypoglycemia. I don’t know if it’s like something that just happens if u don’t have enough sugar or what. It would help if someone explained to me what it is.
    (Please don’t judge or hate)
    Do I have some type of diabetes bc I have rebound hypoglycemia?

  47. Many thanks for this..I have had chronically low blood sugar for some time, and have no symptoms at all, except for neuropathy in my fingers.which seems to be worsening, even though I have drastically reduced carbs in favour of protein/fat, and my weight has dropped precipitously, from 175 lb. to about 155.. I have followed your videos, and the method seems to be working. I have started to eat a little protein before sleep, and am now waking up with almost normal BS levels instead of in the 40's or 50's..The quandary I am in is that I take green tea with ginger, ACV and cayenne to alleviate the finger neuropathy and this has worked amazingly well for me, although I have recently discovered that all these things actually, LOWER blood sugar even more….Kind of a dilemma.

  48. I have been doing Keto for a month now, yestarday my sugar was 68 all day, I couldn't bring it up, is there a reason why? I'm eating all the right stuff and I am not diabetic

  49. Hello i need to know last year i done proper keto for a few months and i experienced no fainting whatsoever, this year this month or two i’ve had 4 random experiences of near collapsing, my doctor said it may be low blood sugar, can u please tell me then is it a possibility that did i develop hypoglycaemia ?

    Another thing i should mention is that this year on low carb diet i have cut down my daily calories more than when i dieted last year, so could this be another reason for these faint experiences?

    Thank you

  50. In his book, Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills, Russell Blaylock says the brain is an "energy hog"…The brain needs a lot of energy. When you exhibit signs of hypoglycemia, this may mean your brain has run out of fuel. When the brain runs out of fuel the blood brain barrier becomes leaky allowoing damaging chemicals/toxins can do more damage, then brain neurons die. I believe one thing that can help reverse chronic hypoglycemia is getting enough B &C vitamins. And, omega 3's will help stabilize the brain and heart.

  51. How do sugar substitutes effect someone with hypoglycemia? I drink several diet drinks and foods with substitutes a day…I am having hypoglycemia symptoms. Any suggestions?

  52. I did no fat high carbs, whole food plant based. Low protein. Cured it! Opposite of what you're saying. Anyone watching: Google mastering diabetes, gabriel cousens, and whole food plant based diet. 😀

  53. Hey dr nice info & m pretty much convinced.
    As u said sugar causes insulin spike & decrease th blood sugar.
    Bt in my case when i miss my meal i take only proteins (Whey Concentrate) & my blood sugar goes down !!😑 So I feel cold body & weakness.
    Any suggestions ? Btw im ectomorph

  54. Not when you have all other medical issues like Epilepsy and having Hypoglycemia it’s necessary for me to intake my Carbs and sugars otherwise this diet does not work for my body.

  55. Top notch!!!,
    Doctor I’m on keto diet, so my sugar level is very low, with in 5 days I have to get a medical report for my job, so is there any possibility to fail my medical report ( because of Low sugar???

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