10 REGIONAL ONLY Fast Food Restaurants We Wish Were EVERYWHERE!!!

October 28, 2019

Do you have a favorite fast food restaurant
that unfortunately only has locations in one region? If you grew up in New England maybe
you loved Friendly’s. But on the West Coast it doesn’t exist. A favorite in SoCal is the
beloved In-N-Out Burger, which you would be out of luck trying to find on the East Coast.
Here are 10 regional fast food restaurants we wish were everywhere. Roscoe’s House of Chicken
and Waffles Let’s not over think this, but isn’t there
something special about sweet and savory? Juicy fried chicken and crisp golden waffles
are a great example of this tantalizing flavor combination. This combination used to be considered
a strange pairing that many people used to question, but it is a meal that has definitely
caught on with chains such as IHOP and Dairy Queen offering their own take on this food
classic. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles is famous for this delicious mash up that
is equally suited to breakfast or dinner. Roscoe’s has been a beloved Los Angeles institution
since opening in Hollywood in 1975 by a man named Herb Hudson. This is a famous chain
that locals enjoy and out-of-towners feel compelled to visit. There are six other locations
in addition to the famed Hollywood location. Although the chain continues to have a core
fanbase, it did experience some tough times about a decade ago. The rap star, Snoop Dogg,
bought the chain and rescued it from bankruptcy. Friendly’s For people who grew up in New England, Friendly’s
restaurants are like childhood fun food come to life. They offer the usual patty melts,
burgers, and pancakes and eggs. However, Friendly’s the chain really shines with its ice cream
menu. Lots of New Englanders grew up loving the massively awesome Reeses Pieces Sundae,
but the current favorites include the Nor’ Easter Pothole Sundae, Mint Cookie Crunch,
and a Waffle sundae for all the Roscoe’s fans on the East Coast. Friendly’s opened in 1935
and has its headquarters in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. The company boasts 177 locations across the
northeast and also sells a selection of its ice cream in supermarkets. Friendly’s offers
an ice cream treat known as the Jubilee Roll that has become a holiday tradition for many
families. But if summer is your favorite holiday, it also offers a sherbet watermelon roll that
is as refreshing as it is delicious. Friendly’s has gone through some tough times, but seems
to have come back strong so hopefully the company will continue to serve their delicious
ice cream favorites. Culver’s You might have never heard of the Culver’s
restaurant chain until now, but that’s the thing about these regional chains. They often
enjoy an extremely loyal following in a given region, but stay under the radar outside their
area. Culver’s has operated in the midwest since 1984 and has quietly developed a fine
reputation as a welcoming family spot that offers quality meals. You don’t hear a lot
about frozen custard in many places, but in the Wisconsin area, Culver’s is famous for
this frozen dessert. This chain is also known for its savory butter burgers, and milkshakes,
and because it’s Wisconsin – cheese curds. The Culver family had been involved in the
fast food restaurant business in various capacities before opening their first restaurant. Culver’s
currently has 695 locations spread primarily across the midwest, but they do have locations
as far west as Colorado. Perhaps it’s time to take a visit and hit up a local Culver’s
to enjoy a butter burger and a frozen custard. Taco Cabana in the Lone Star State Everyone loves Mexican food and there is plenty
of good Mexican food in California, but can you get good Mexican food in other regions
of the country? You can certainly get it in Texas, and part of the reason is this Austin
based chain, Taco Cabana. This taco chain opened its doors in 1978 and has been a Texas
hit ever since. Everyone has heard of Taco Bell, but in Texas it’s Taco Cabana all
the way. Unlike many fast food restaurants, Taco Cabana prepares most of its food fresh
everyday including the in-house made tortillas. The restaurant features an open kitchen area
in full view of the customers where items are flame grilled. This chain is also known
for its popular partially covered patios where customers can enjoy outdoor dining. In 2018
the chain began offering all day breakfast items, but the tacos remain the most popular
items. As of 2017, Taco Cabana boasts 176 locations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Clean As Krystal Krystal’s restaurants was founded in 1932
in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This regional chain is most known for its square sliders or mini
hamburgers with steamed onions. Although the company was founded during the hard times
of the Great Depression, the owners, Rody Davenport Jr. and J. Glenn Sherill, were confident
that customers would embrace a restaurant that offered quality, inexpensive food served
in clean locations. Their faith paid off and Krystal’s has been an institution in the southeast
ever since. Something of a legend has come up around the chain’s name – the story goes
that Mr. Davenport’s wife saw a lawn ornament in the shape of a crystal ball and opined
that “clean as a crystal” was a good way to market one of the tenets of the business:
cleanliness. A “K” is used just to make the name slightly more exotic. A number of Krystal
locations have featured a crystal ball as part of the restaurant’s design. In another
nod to crystal, the food used to be served on real porcelain plates instead of the usual
paper products used by fast food chains. By 2002 the chain had expanded throughout the
South and had 420 locations in 11 states. The chain is most known for its sliders, but
the restaurant also offers small hot dogs called pups. In a crowded fast food market,
Krystals seems to have carved out a successful niche for itself. El Pollo Loco – The Crazy Chicken Mexican restaurants have been known to do
some very good things with chicken. El Pollo Loco takes it to the next level, but do they
do some crazy stuff? Maybe not crazy, but the California based fast food chain is bonkers
about offering its customers fresh ingredients and is especially lauded for its fresh chicken
broiled over an open flame. Juan Fransisco Ochoa founded the first El Pollo Loco in Mexico
in 1974. He followed this with his first U.S. location six years later. If you’ve ordered
food in California than you probably know how popular avocados and guacamole are. They
are pretty ubiquitous and not just on Mexican food. El Pollo Loco takes these seriously,
and according to its web site the employees start every day slicing up avocados to make
their own fresh guacamole recipe. The chain restaurant offers a wide variety of offerings
including family chicken meals, burritos, bowls and stuffed quesadillas. For more health
minded customers, El Pollo Loco offers some lighter options such as salads, pinto beans
and a chicken tortilla soup. Although Mexican cuisine isn’t really known for its desserts,
El Pollo Loco’s cinnamon churros make an excellent dessert, breakfast treat, or afternoon snack. Shaking Things Up at Shake Shack “Shake” is of course in the Shake Shack name,
but this fast food chain seems to tout their delicious burgers even more than its frozen
drinks. Surprisingly, Shake Shack did not start its life in New York City as a shake
or a burger joint, but as a simple hot dog cart near Madison Square Park in 2001. In
2004 the cart started selling its well known milk shakes and Angus beef hamburgers. Since
its humble beginnings, Shake Shack has been one of the fastest growing fast food chains,
and offered stock for sale and became a public company in 2014. Most of the company’s 208
locations are on the East Coast, but it does have some restaurants in Los Angeles and Las
Vegas, as well as some international locations. Shake Shack’s milk shakes receive good reviews
from customers and critics alike, but its signature menu item is the ShackBurger, a
classic American burger that comes with either a single or a double hamburger patty and a
“secret sauce.” The menu also includes frozen custard and beer and wine selections. In an
effort to expand its brand recognition Shake Shack has partnered with a firm called Staple
Design. This company has helped Shake Shack to create accessories such as t-shirts and
sunglasses that the company calls Shack Swag. Mr. Bojangle’s Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits was
founded in 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been a popular place for chicken and
biscuits ever since. Loyal customers rave about the cajun spiced food that gives it
a chicken leg up on much of its fast food chicken competition. Bojangles’ expanded rapidly
and celebrated the opening of its 300th store in 2003. Much of its expansion took place
in traditional Southeastern states such as Florida. The company currently has more than
600 stores in 11 states and in foreign countries including China and Mexico. Customers can
choose from a number of combos, family meals, boxes and side dishes. Most meals come with
the cajun spiced fried chicken. The biscuits are a big part of it because they are such
a wonderful comfort food and are almost a perfect food with a slab of butter. Customers
can also choose the healthier option of grilled chicken, but this is not nearly as popular
as the traditional fried chicken and biscuits. And if you like desserts as much as you like
fried chicken and biscuits, you’ll be gratified to learn that this fast food chain offers
sweets including a cinnamon biscuit, Bo-Berry biscuit, and a sweet potato pie. Whataburger Whataburger makes no apologies for the fact
that it touts its hamburgers as the best in the business. And many faithful customers
claim that Whataburger are indeed among their favorite. It is a San Antonio, Texas based
chain founded in 1950 when it opened its first store in Corpus Christi. As of 2017 there
were 824 Whataburgers across the Southwest and Southeast. In addition to its signature
Whataburger and Whataburger Jr. there is also the Justaburger. As its name implies the Justaburger
is a simple affair topped only with mustard and pickles – although you can actually get
one with any toppings you like. Like many fast food chains, Whataburger offers a breakfast
menu. The bacon was so popular with customers that the company began selling packages of
its bacon in supermarkets in 2014. It also sells its salsa, a dry pancake mix, and several
versions of ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauces. There has been some confusion with
a similar hamburger chain based in Virginia called What-A-Burger, which is also a regional,
family owned fast food chain. Eventually the two franchises wrangled in court over their
similar names, but until 1970 the two companies had not even been aware of each other. In
2015 Whataburger celebrated 65 years in business and offered free upgrades on its meals to
its customers. SoCal’s Most Popular – In-N-Out Burger If you’ve recently moved to Southern California
or are just visiting you’ve probably been told you need to go to In-N-Out Burger. This
regional fast food chain is a family owned fast food chain that has been a SoCal favorite
since the first one opened in October 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder. The company’s
headquarters are located in Irvine, California, the heart of SoCal. The chain has expanded
to other areas of the west including Arizona, Utah and Oregon. Unlike many fast food chains
In-N-Out Burger has neither gone public or franchised its operations. The family has
always been very much concerned with the quality of the food and the quality of the customer
experience. This concern for the overall quality of the restaurants has created an unusually
loyal following that visits the chain on a regular basis. The Double Double, a cheeseburger
with two patties is probably the favorite among customers. A not-so-secret secret menu
allows customers in the know to order special variations of menu items such as grilled peppers
and onions on burgers, called animal style. You can also get a Neapolitan milkshake layered
with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate goodness made with real ice cream. Little touches like
this combined with quality food and a well trained and friendly staff make for the most
popular burger joint in the Golden State. Order up more by staying right here. Just
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