14 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency
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14 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency

December 7, 2019

Brainy Dose Presents: 14 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D is an extremely important nutrient
that has powerful effects throughout the body. But despite its importance, many people just
don’t seem to get adequate amounts. In fact, over 40 percent of American adults,
as well as approximately 1 billion people worldwide, are vitamin D deficient! Why is that? Well, very few foods contain vitamin D; and
most of it is actually produced in your skin in response to UV rays from the sun – which
is why it’s sometimes called the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Another reason for vitamin D deficiency is
that it can be difficult to identify. It’s hard to know if certain symptoms are
actually a result of low vitamin D levels or something else. If you’re concerned whether you’re getting
enough vitamin D, here are some signs suggesting that you probably need more! Number 1 – Aching Muscles Vitamin D plays an important role in the support
of muscle function. When metabolized, vitamin D enters your muscles
and ensures proper muscle contraction. This is also vital for building muscle strength. However, if you’re experiencing muscle pain
that is not due to exertion, it may be due to insufficient levels of vitamin D.
In fact, research has established that chronic muscle pain that is unresponsive to treatment
is often due to vitamin D deficiency. Number 2 – Painful Bones Your bones stop growing once you’ve reached
adulthood, but old bone tissue is regularly replaced by new tissue. Vitamin D is vital for ensuring bone tissue
replacement, and a serious deficiency can cause bones to soften. This condition is known as Osteomalacia or
‘Adult Rickets’, and can lead to Osteoporosis. Since muscle pain and bone pain often resemble
each other, it’s important to know how to differentiate one from the other. Muscle pain is usually concentrated in one
specific location and is aggravated by physical activity. Aching bones, however, are often felt as a
penetrating and broadly spread pain. Number 3 – Fatigue This symptom is often overlooked, because
we tend to attribute fatigue to a number of different things. That said, your body needs vitamin D to produce
energy, and a lack of it can make you feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. This lack of energy can also cause you to
adopt negative behaviors that can have an adverse effect on your health. So, listen to your body. If you notice that you are feeling sluggish
and can’t figure out why, you may just need to get some more vitamin D. Number 4 – Reduced Endurance If you are physically active but you notice
that your endurance is decreasing for no apparent reason, low levels of vitamin D may be the
cause. As I mentioned in the previous point, vitamin
D plays a vital role in maintaining and increasing energy – and this is especially true for endurance. Physically active people can also experience
reduced endurance, even if they are getting enough sunlight every day. Fortunately, if a deficiency of this vitamin
is the culprit, your endurance will quickly improve once your levels return to normal. Number 5 – Low Moods Vitamin D is not only an important factor
in your brain’s health, it also affects your mood. The areas of your brain that are associated
with mood, have vitamin D receptors. Low vitamin D levels can therefore significantly
affect your brain cells. While research is still being conducted, there
is evidence to suggest that vitamin D can increase certain neurotransmitters in the
brain called monoamines. These include “feel-good” substances like
serotonin and dopamine. Not having enough of these chemicals in your
brain can cause you to feel low, and even depressed. This is also why many people experience low
moods in the winter – a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder – which is at least partly
caused by the relative lack of sunshine during the winter months. Number 6 – Problems Sleeping Well It’s been discovered that vitamin D also
plays a role in getting good sleep at night. The precise relationship between sleep and
vitamin D is not yet certain, but research seems to associate the quality of your sleep
with vitamin D levels. This association may have something to do
with the vitamin D receptors in the brain that control sleep. Receptors that receive insufficient amounts,
work less efficiently than they should. And this can lead to poor sleep quality. Number 7 – Sweaty Head When your body temperature exceeds 98.6 degrees
Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius, you perspire in order to lower your body temperature. This usually is entirely natural. Perspiration even serves to eliminate toxins
that gather in fat cells under your skin. However, if your head is sweating while the
rest of your body is not, it could be an indication that you may not be getting enough vitamin
D. Number 8 – Losing Hair Hair follicle growth is stimulated by vitamin
D. When they are healthy, hair follicles maintain
hair volume. It is, of course, natural to lose hair as
you get older. But people can also suffer from hair loss
due to a deficiency in vitamin D. This is especially true for women. Research also suggests a connection between
low vitamin D levels and Alopecia – which is an autoimmune disease that results in bald
patches. Number 9 – Wounds Heal Slowly If you get injured and it takes a long time
for your wounds to heal, a lack of vitamin D in your body might be the cause. Vitamin D plays a vital role in rebuilding
skin, thus, if you don’t get enough, healing will occur at a much slower pace. This can be especially problematic after a
surgery and can also result in more pronounced scarring. Number 10 – Dizziness Vitamin D plays an important role in the proper
functioning of your ears. Research has demonstrated that there are vitamin
D receptors in the calcium channel transport systems located in the inner ear. These serve in maintaining a proper balance
of calcium. When calcium crystals located in your inner
ear are dislodged, you can experience sudden bouts of dizziness or a spinning sensation,
as well as nausea – among other unpleasant symptoms. This condition is called Benign Paroxysmal
Positional Vertigo, and there is ample evidence linking it to low levels of vitamin D. Number 11 – Heart Problems Perhaps one of the most underestimated risk
factors for heart disease is vitamin D deficiency. However, mounting evidence seems to indicate
that insufficient levels of it can drastically increase the likelihood of heart disease. There also seems to be a connection with high
blood pressure. According to a number of large research studies,
low levels of vitamin D can double the risk of having a stroke, heart attack, or other
heart complications. Number 12 – Excessive Body Weight Vitamin D is believed to optimize your body’s
ability to absorb important nutrients – such as calcium – which is essential not only for
bone health, but also for a healthy metabolism. It helps your body burn calories. Research suggests that obesity increases the
body’s need for the vitamin because of the higher amounts of fat tissue. Moreover, people with larger waistlines have
trouble converting vitamin D to a more usable form, and may need up to 3 times the amount
than people of average weight – in order to maintain healthy levels. Number 13 – Recurring Infections Vitamin D levels have a direct effect on the
health of your body’s immune system. When your body can process sufficient levels
of it, your immune system remains strong and is able to combat infections and diseases
as it is meant to do. Not getting enough of this crucial vitamin
can result in serious consequences. It can drastically weaken your immune system
– leaving you vulnerable to recurring infections and chronic diseases. Number 14 – Reduced Cognitive Function Vitamin D’s biologically active form has
been shown to have neuroprotective effects. This means that the vitamin actually helps
in the preservation of nerve function – which is very important for your brain to work properly. Research strongly suggests that a deficiency
of this vitamin is a significant factor in reduced cognitive ability. In fact, there are clear indications that
low levels of vitamin D are connected to Dementia as well as Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, adults with serious vitamin D
deficiencies are four times more likely to suffer impaired cognitive function. While vitamin D deficiency is a common issue
worldwide, there are some factors that can lead to an even greater risk of having low
vitamin D levels. As you already know, the body produces vitamin
D when exposed to sunlight. This means that you are at risk of having
low levels if you spend too much time indoors (whether at home or at work), live in extreme
Northern or Southern latitudes, or wear unnecessarily concealing clothing. Those with darker skin naturally produce less
vitamin D, because the higher levels of melanin in their skin is actually meant to protect
against excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. Nevertheless, if you suspect that you may
be lacking vitamin D, it’s important to get your blood levels checked. The good news is that a vitamin D deficiency
is usually easy to fix. You can expose yourself to sunlight more often;
include more foods rich in vitamin D in your diet – such as fatty fish; or fortified foods
– like cereal; or simply take a supplement. It can do wonders for your health! If you found this video helpful, give it a
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  1. First of all go and get a blood test. Don't self diagnose . Treating a deficiency when there isn't one can make you unwell.

  2. 7 minutes 3 times per week at a tanning salon with low pressure fluorescent bulbs give you enough UVB rays to create the Vitamin D hormone. Been proven.

  3. D is a hormone it is not a vitamin,!,!
    Make sure you get all three 3 labs of D ran so they can calculate if you are really low or not ……
    AND PLEASE do not start taking high doses of hormone D or it will make you toxic and you will end up D toxic in the emergency room or the morgue …. TO MUCH HORMONE D IS DEADLY☠️

  4. Eat more beans and greens especially raw smoothies and berries also add plenty of fresh herbs and herbal tea to your daily diet.

  5. I live in AZ and everyone I know, including myself has a dangerously low level of D. It doesn't matter how long you are in the Sun. It's being blocked by the effin' chemtrails!! david keith, the genocidal maniac, injected the stratosphere over Tucson. Now, the stratosphere is heating up. They are cutting down trees for the 5G weapon. Even if you own the property, they demand you take out your trees. They also will be installing smart meters, ordered to all be installed by 2020. Brain cancer in children is 40% higher since 2016. Ships off the coasts are killing all wildlife with weather warfare. Isreali scientists made a bacteria they can use in chemtrails to kill CO2. Which means killing trees, animals and us. Mercury has been added to all the other dangerous chemicals they are spraying on us! You are all dying.

  6. Dr called told me my vit D barely showed up in my test. Said I was severely depleted in vit D and to take 2 to 5 thousand uti I think is what she said. So do I take reg vit D or D3 ? Which one is best. I'm disabled and hardly get out of the house. Also was extremely low in vit B 12… I have fibromyalgia it's not helping things, but my hair is falling out by the handfuls and I can't do a thing without sweating, my hair gets soaking wet, well what little I have left does. Even my clothes get wet from sweating. The least moment, things like walking in the store to get few groc leaves me So weak. And sweaty, and next day my muscles feel like there locking up. So embarrassing, I have real bad dizzy spells and iv started noticing my heart is feeling funny. Please recommend some vitamins that I can get that's reasonable I'm on limited income…thank You

  7. i take my 30 minute break in sun (for a yr now) still have most symptoms moody, tired, obese, etc im going to start my supplement right now, been low for 5 years. thanks

  8. Why no mention of how much D you need. I take 5,000 UI per day in supplemental form and have been for years. However I still have at least 12 of these symptoms.

  9. THANK YOU! My hair is falling out, my arms have become so weak I can't cut meat or raise them over my head, my joints ache terribly, I don't sleep, there's a constant ringing in my head that isn't fixed by glasses of water…I don't go outside much. Our curtains are drawn. It makes sense!

  10. I had a very serious Vit D Deficiency diagnosed about three years ago. I was really, really sick and no one knew what was wrong with me for years. FINALLY, the doc did a Vit D test and mine was 9 which is extremely low. I had every one of these symptoms in the video. I hurt everywhere, I was so exhausted I could not go to the grocery store or take care of normal things. I thought I was dying. My hips and all my muscles and my long bones hurt. It felt like someone was sticking voodoo pins into my long bones. My hips ached all the time. My muscles felt as if I had overworked them the day before and were extremely sore. I remember one day I started to cry because I could not hold the hairdryer over my head long enough to dry my hair. I still take 10K IU every day and my levels are still not completely up to normal. It took over a year before I felt substantially better, but now I feel much better. I don't think I will ever be the same physically or cognitively. My bones still ache, especially my spine and my hips. The thing that helped me the very most was going to the sun tanning booth, which I did this summer and WOW! I felt great for the first time in ages. I got super tan like we did back in the 70s. Fun times.

  11. Sorry guys this video is just using the every day symptoms we all get , including animals TO PROMOTE VITAMIN D SALES IN SHOPS … lol …

  12. you forgot that lack of vitamin d also may cause skin problems!!
    and that is why we are not supposed to "tan" too much otherwise,it my "block" our intake of sun vitamin what? more melanin ,,more blockage

  13. I lot of minorities people are vitamin D deficient because they intentionally avoid the sun because they don’t want to get darker. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Too bad this video didn't mention that you need to take vitamin K-2 for your body to actually absorb the D. It also helps to be taken with a source of fat as well.

  15. Along with Vitamin D you need to have vitamin K2 to help move calcium from blood stream to bones…..just saying.

  16. I heard a lie. Those with darker akin produce less vitamin D. Liar. Thr moment i get in the sun and ait i feel way better amd i onownits bc my skin color produces higher level of Vit D. Now the prob is most people with dark skin rin2 from the sun which makes them have leas vitamin D. But Fact Dark skin absorb the sun well and produces loads of vitmin D in the sun.

  17. people with chronic infections (i.e.e Epstein Barr, Lyme, etc) have low expression of the VDR receptor which makes it hard to get sufficient levels of D3

  18. Skin pigmentation affects vitamin D production with optimal vitamin D production occurring in the Southern Hemisphere for humans with highly pigmented skin, and northern Hemisphere optimal for lightly pigmented skin due to variations in the angle of the suns rays.

  19. As you were describing it I was checking off the boxes. I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency.Thank you for the information you provided. It's greatly appreciated.💖

  20. Since they keep Blocking the Sun I'm sure everybody has a vitamin D deficiency . The sun privides this vitamin D Chemtrails block that

  21. Day after blooming day they spray
    I long for a normal blue sky and sun ray
    I'm ever so sick of this crap
    Those who are doing it I just want to zap!
    And shove into a deep hole!
    Have they no conscience, have they no soul?
    It makes us so tired we just want to sleep
    It makes us lethargic a useless big heap
    A load of toxins that fall in the rain
    It's maddening and completely insane!
    That people don't see, that people don't care!
    The there 's a silver white sky that shouldn't be there
    It's blatantly staring them all in the face
    I could scream 'you ignorant human race '
    But it won't change the sky that we see
    They won't listen to you or to me
    They believe all the lies that they hear
    Which brings to my eyes a shed tear
    So that is my rant for the day
    And I pray for a blue sky and to feel the sun ray.

  22. It's amazing how many people are deficient in Vitamin D, but never look at calcium intake and Parathyroid Hormone levels to really know the details of their deficiency.

  23. There is a pandemic of Vitamin D Deficiency, even in the tropics. When D is low Calcium is sucked out of your bones & teeth and causes many problems including clogged vessels, heart disease and teeth that seemingly disintegrate. It's necessary for nerve function too.

  24. Low vitamin D is the reason why i became so thinner no matter how much i eat i'm not gaining weight or muscles i'm also suffering from hairfall

  25. Last year I lost all of my hair in two weeks Blood test showed I had a serious Vitamin D deficiency A friend from the US sends me high strength ones now as I can't buy strong enough ones here in Scotland

  26. vitamin d absorbs calcium into your system, lack of vitamin d canlead to heart attack anxiety depression is result of . the sun is your main source, top front of the head, thighs, stomach, are where the sun vitamin d. absorbs into the system. vitamin d supplements, are the answer in winter months. but as soon as that warmth comes, get in that sun. by the way the bible states clearly and the healing rays of the sun!

  27. Up here in Quebec, the weather is killing us slowly but surely. We go months without sufficent sun exposure, A real shit hole half year long…

  28. While some of this is correct, some of the info is outdated and incorrect. Bones have been found to continue to grow for as long as we are alive

  29. Wow! The nut job trolls and their delusional chemtrail ideas are out in force here. There is no such thing as a chemtrail.

  30. You should tell your audience that you can't just take a vitamin D because you would just piss it off it has to be a certain brand a certain vitamin D that will actually help you because most of them will not so please people do your research before buying any cheap vitamin D

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