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20 Healthy Food Swaps | Easy Food Life Hacks

September 18, 2019

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  1. What's wrong with cheese they are actually really healthy for you, they good fats in them, but you need to buy the good quality cheese like bree, mozzarella, pamesan.

  2. I LOVE fizzy water so much that I bought a KitchenAid Soda Stream. Now I can have fizzy water as much as I want without having to buy it in the bottles…

  3. coconut water is actually a laxative, also coconut has 90% of saturated fats.. not good for u. zoodles, cauliflower rice, lettuce wraps.. it sounds more like side dishes than lunch or dinner…

  4. lmao why is no one talking about the shape of that fried egg, what the hell happened in that pan while it was frying 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Having too much yeast in your body can cause candida infection. Never a good option, it can also cause leaky gut. avoid eating yeast if you can. bread is fine but directly adding nutrient yeast to your diets is not good because you may end up consuming it more than your body can handle. I developed yeast intolerance cause I consumed too much yeast then I got leaky gut after taking antibiotics since it was more than my body could handle.

  6. I really do love and appreciate you're ideas, sure people hate on this but "haters are gonna hate" all you are doing is being helpful and giving pointers so thank you! Hope to see more ^_^

  7. My mom when making Too Much Chocolate Cake cuts out a BUNCH of calories by swapping oil for apple sauce and sour cream for Greek yogurt or something like that!

  8. I don’t eat cereal anymore
    I try to not eat/use white sugar
    I sometimes eat gummies
    I only drink water…
    I don’t like ranch so…
    Been trying to stay away from cheese
    As to why pimples…
    Once in a while I eat rice
    I like boiled eggs
    I don’t really like eating a lot of fried foods
    I don’t like mayonnaise
    As I mention before I don’t drink soda…only water…
    I still eat tortillas once in a while
    Hmmm I try to not use oils…
    I eat spaghetti once in a while
    I wanna try sweet potato fries
    I try not eating potato chips..
    Maybe once or twice a month
    I don’t like sour cream
    I sometimes eat a frosty from Wendy’s
    I don’t use cream..
    I don’t drink frozen food or fruit
    Only water..maybe lemonade when I’m sick
    I’m going to use apple sauce today in some blueberry muffins
    Sometimes I use a banana and the end up smelling like bananas 😆🧁

  9. So you poach an egg to not add extra oil yet your proceed to put avocado on toast which has just as many calories

  10. For a soda lover like I am who wants to swap it sparkling water is awful and is definitely not the same I’d rather drink just water

  11. I’m lucky I don’t like cheese (so that narrows down a lot of things like pizza and macaroni cheese+more) and I HATE mayonnaise and ketchup.. I hate fries (they make me feel sick) I don’t like chips either 😂

  12. Go watcg a models ehat I eat in a day….. they all use olive or coconut oil to cook. They all eat some carbs. Stop talking shit lady. Also fruits aren’t unhealthy for you.

  13. Why is “cashew cream” healthier than heavy cream? (I personally use half-and-half or light cream.) I don’t know anyone who uses heavy cream in their coffee? There’s are 300 Calories in 1/2 cup of Raw Cashews. Wouldn’t cashews change the flavor of your coffee? Sounds a little nutty to me. Although, I have been substituting yogurt for sour cream and using applesauce instead of oil in my baked goods for years. I always prefer to give my grandkids fruit instead of candy. (They’re too much tp handle hopped up on Sugar anyway! 😱) I love your channel. 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  14. shows regular pasta with nutritional yeast


    instead of pasta use zoodles! why doesn’t she show zoodles instead of the pasta for nutritional yeast example instead of Parmesan.

  15. Dried fruit has tonnes of sugar in it. Sometimes more then gummies. Definitely mot a healthy swap but the other options mentioned in this video are great

  16. Coconut sugar is still sugar and will still spike your blood sugar levels just as much. Try coffee without sugar if you’re being healthy? Add milk to take from the bitter flavour if you need it.

  17. Honestly u can eat all of these things u just can’t over eat the “less healthier” things or depend on those foods all the time in your diet. For the people that are afraid of food don’t be afraid to eat these things once in a blue moon

  18. To save anyone the trouble, no nice-cream isn't nearly as good as ice cream. It's nice but the banana flavour is always super strong so if you want chocolate nice cream chances are it's going to be way too sweet. Nice cream is great with sourish fruits but otherwise it's just ew

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