3 BACK-TO-SCHOOL DORM ROOM HACKS FOR RAMEN | Kylie Jenner | Asian Salad | Mac n Cheese | Edgy Veg
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3 BACK-TO-SCHOOL DORM ROOM HACKS FOR RAMEN | Kylie Jenner | Asian Salad | Mac n Cheese | Edgy Veg

September 5, 2019

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  1. Tysm for calling out Kylie Jenner on her bs. People always think that she's fucking Albert Einstein just because she does things that people have been doing.

  2. I add Rooster Sauce on my Asians Have Been Doing It For Years Ramen. Maybe if I made mango pepper jelly, I throw that on too. Ramen has endless possibilities.

  3. Where do u get the actual ramen noodles and flavor packets? I thought ramen wasn't vegan bc of the chicken flavor packs? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm desperate to try this!! Looks so yummy <3

  4. I add soy sauce, sriracha sauce, some of the seasoning and finely shredded seaweed. I also add a little tiny bit of the water from cooking to it to make it less dry and evenly coated. I also sometimes cook it in tomato soup and add a little of the packet and of course sriracha (this one requires to cook either on stove or microwave). Its actually a lot yummier than it may seem.

  5. Totally make more videos like this. I go to a university that believes that vegans eat salad everyday. This was so helpful!

  6. Loved it! Random request– nobody has done a vegan arby's beef & cheddar sandwich! I almost made one once but it wasn't all that successful. My friend was boiling organic chemical-free red rose petals in boiling water, making some kind of cosmetic recipe. She only used the water and was going toss the petals, but when I got a look at them, I decided to keep them to experiment with. So all rose petals are edible by nature, obviously you want wild rose petals or at lease from a chemical-free location. Fresh they have a fresh, floral taste, but these boiled ones were flimsy just like the texture/color of Arby's beef, and were pretty tasteless on their own. So I thought I'd try and make a sandwich and add whatever ingredients that I thought would create that flavor, but I honestly had no idea what I was doing and failed lol. But if you could come up with a way to make this vegan sandwich possible, I think the whole vegan community will love you for it since it hasn't been done!

  7. TBH, even before I went vegan, I never had that "weird cheesy powdery stuff". The chemicals and additives freaked me out! I always boil my ramen in vegetable broth and then add whatever veg I have on hand: sautéed mushrooms, spinach, spring onion… and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast because DUH.

  8. I love seeing James in more of these videos. You two are personable and you make veganism feel fun and satisfying! Keep up the good work <3 a long time vegan

  9. I'd love some microwave (savory) recipes. Preferably ones that don't need vegan meat or cheese because that's too expensive where I live

  10. I don’t even like the Kardashians but I have to say
    Kylie said that’s the way she likes her Ramen, she never said, “look at my authentic ramen” or “I’ve invented this ramen recipe” she might have had ramen with egg in a Chinese restaurant or heard about it from a Chinese friend and really liked it
    and if her ramen is "cultural appropriation” then your cheese ramen is also "cultural appropriation” because mac and cheese ramen is definitely not Chinese….

  11. OMG I was like "kylie Jenner Style? please tell me she knows that that's how Japanese and Korean people have been eating ramen for like… forever right?"

    #relief XD

    Anyway, that cheese sauce one looked so easy. Some days, even though I'm out of school now and have an actual kitchen and stuff, i feel like cooking shitty dorm food because I'm too lazy sometimes, haha.

  12. how about some lime, Valentina hot sauce and you're good. last night I made ramen extra fancy with chilli powder, garlic powder, sriracha, lime and Valentina it was bomb af

  13. Have liked all of the posts so far but this one said "Kylie Jenner Style" so I'll skip it. Sure, "your loss" but hey, it's what I

  14. So, I am not vegan but I really like watching her videos. Can anyone explain to me what exactly all the "replacers" are made of? Like egg replacers, seitan, and cheese replacers.

  15. This is what I lived on when I lived alone. I found out about it when lost my season packet. You just need Ramen and instant soup.
    – Toss the seasoning aside for later use. Put the ramen in a bowl together with the instant soup powder.
    – Add boiling water like shown in the video,just check the packets for the amount, cover it with a plate. Let it sit for 5 minutes (just look what the packets say regarding time)
    – Tadaa~~ A whole meal in 5 minutes. Just season it to taste.
    You have a crapton of different instant soups, so you can change it up quite often.
    Super simple, but many people don't seem to put 2 and 2 together.

  16. 4:50 LOL! As a middle aged person, I don't eat Ramen, but after seeing that Asian salad recipe, I may start. : ) Thanks for posting!

  17. Where did you get that takeaway box (at 3:25 ) from?
    It looks like a good reusable one, as opposed to using those disposable paper/card ones.


  19. Thank you for this video! I'm always trying to find new vegan recipes that are easy and cheap so I loved this one.
    Also, I love how spunky and funny you are. I'm sure I've said it before, but you always bring a smile to my face when I watch your videos. ;D

  20. to everyone saying ramen isn't vegan… shin noddles have a vegan flavor it's in a green package and they should sell them at your local Asian market and if not I'm sure you can order them online! I'm not vegan but I get the vegan flavor a lot they're very good. 🙂

  21. pro tip: top ramen oriental is entirely vegan!! koyo has a lot of vegan flavors, too, but is a bit harder to find

  22. instant "ramen" noodles have rather unsafe chemicals in them…. as an asian i recommend normal dried noodles instead of these instant packaged ones

  23. OMG! You're super cute. I've forwarded a few of your vids to my daughter in college. She and her roommates are all vegan and struggle with what to make. Thank you for these videos. Will definitely be checking out your cookbook.

  24. BUT IS IT HEALTHY THO?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!?????????!!!!??!?

  25. how was sharing how you like to eat ramen cultural appropriation??? kylie was sharing her recipe, you are sharing recipes, yall are doing the same thing.

  26. Oh my gosh this is the most perfect video. It's hard to go out and buy expensive vegan and vegetarian ingredients so the fact that all I need is normal butter/cheese that's vegan I love this 🙂

  27. I know this isn't what she was promoting but for new vegans you have to remember that if you buy ramen packets with animal products and then just don't use the animal portion you're still contributing to animal suffering which isn't vegan


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