30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT – Abs, Arms, Thighs & Legs! (Standing Exercises Only, No Mat Needed)

March 1, 2020

Welcome to this workout, but first a shout out to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video So today we’re on for another 30 minutes workout a lot of you have requested it after my first one You’re going to sweat a lot and it is going to give you a really good full-body burn and the best part is this whole workout has only standing exercises and it is especially Perfect to do it after a big cheat meal or like a long holiday of not working out like me right now about being just eating a lot of junk food so I really needed this today So I thought why not film it and share it with you guys if you’re ready. Let’s go! In this workout there will be five sets each set with five exercises working on a certain body part Each exercise is 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest and we’ll also rest for one whole minute in between and we’ll begin the first set–a full body burn to warm up our body and get it into fat-burning mode First exercise is windmill. Toes pointing out, spread your arms straight out to the side, legs and back straight rotate your torso as you engage your lower back to bend down to one side so that your lower arm touches your opposite foot The upper arm should be pointing to the sky Try to get as much rotation of your torso and shoulders as you can but make sure you’re keeping your back flat and your core nice and tight [15 seconds] Your breath should quicken a little bit. You are doing good! Alright 15 seconds rest until our second exercise Jumping jacks. Hop your legs out as you bring your hands overhead then back down as you jump back to standing. Simple, but it is going to get you out of breath and start sweating Go faster for more calories burned. Also use this time to remind yourself of your goals and how this workout can get you closer to those goals.
So no quitting Also use this time to remind yourself of your goals and how this workout can get you closer to those goals.
So no quitting [Thirty seconds] [Fifteen seconds] [Five] Great work and we’re moving on to the third exercise: Knee tap runner for more full body fat burn Start hopping with your feet apart then raise one knee up as you twist your torso So that opposite hand is tapping the raised knee. Hop back down with both feet and repeat the same on the other side So that opposite hand is tapping the raised knee. Hop back down with both feet and repeat the same on the other side But also training your side and lower abs.
You’re doing so amazing! [Fifteen seconds] That was definitely tiring, but it’s what we’re here for.
Get ready for the fourth exercise: butt kick Hands together in front. This is just like running but instead of running forward here we’re kicking our legs back as if your foot is trying to tap your butt every single rep. This is going to get you even more out of breath. So push it more for an intense fat burn. [Fifteen seconds] Don’t quit on me. Just get through this part. It’s going to get easier in the later exercises. I promise! That was definitely not easy, but we did it!
Final exercise in my first set is Skaters Core and back tight, leap to one side one foot front one foot back as you lean forward to try to reach your front foot with opposite hand
Alternate sides for 45 seconds That was definitely not easy, but we did it!
Final exercise in my first set is Skaters Core and back tight, leap to one side one foot front one foot back as you lean forward to try to reach your front foot with opposite hand
Alternate sides for 45 seconds This is our last exercise before the one-minute rest So challenge yourself to really push it and build up to a higher speed to increase the intensity and to get the most fun out of this Last few more seconds to go!
One-minute break really soon, push it! That set’s done!
As we enjoy our one-minute break I’m going to entertain you with some footages from my Fiji vlog Okay time flies and one minute is almost up get ready for our second set: Abs First exercise is standing ab bike.
Fingers laced behind your head Crunch your abs as you raise one knee up and twist your upper body to the opposite knee to try to touch it with your opposite elbow.
This is one rep. Alternate between sides for 45 seconds Here we’re working our lower abs and the side of our abs–our obliques. So really crunch them up every time you twist your body and raise the knee
Stay focused and keep breathing [Ten seconds] Second ab exercise is side elbow touch knee which gives even more burn to our side belly fat and really works on the muffin top. We’ll first work on the right side Hands behind your head, raise your right knee to the side as you bend your body also to the right to try to touch your right elbow with right knee. Squeeze your obliques hard in every single rep. Repeat for 22 seconds and we’ll switch side Keep the movement controlled and focused so you’re working the right muscles [Eight seconds] Third exercise is toes touch. Stay in starting position hands behind your head Crunch your abs as you raise one leg to 90 degrees up and at the same time touch your toes with your opposite hand Try to keep both your arms and leg straight if you can with a slight bend in your knees alternate between sides for 45 seconds Really be mindful here to work your core and crunch your lower abs every time you raise your leg up [Fifteen seconds] Good job guys! Fourth exercise is side drop which gives a slow burn for the obliques. This is very effective and I love it. Starting position, fingers behind your head. Right side first. Bend your body to the right as you slowly curl the right side of the abs Counting 2 to 3 seconds, then stand back up tall and this is one rep. Repeat for 22 seconds and switch sides. You don’t need to do this fast. Enjoy this break while working on the ABS and giving your muffin tops of slow burn. Last abs exercise in this workout: knee raise twist. Hands on your waist, work your core to maintain your balance as you raise right knee up to the front, then rotate it to the side for three reps before putting your foot back down Then repeat this on the other side for three reps and come back to this side again Here we’re really focusing on the inner core muscles Which hold the belly area tight together for a smaller waist And it also works the lower abs as we lift our knee up plus the muffin top as we rotate our leg, so it burns a lot more than it seems Keep it up guys almost there for a one-minute rest! And we’re done with our abs! More Fiji vlog for you during the one minute break.
Grab some water and enjoy! Okay, guys, we rest enough Let’s get on with our third set!
Upper body to work on arms shoulders and back First exercise is front and up reach Arms up in front, palms facing down, and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your elbows back Then point your elbows up and reach your arms up. Come back down and squeeze your shoulder blades down and back This is one rep. Repeat for 45 seconds. You should start feeling the burn in your shoulders, upper back, and arms [Fifteen seconds] First one down, four more to go. Second is air circles.
Trust me, it burns way more than it looks Arms straight out to the side, we’ll first rotate them in small circles to the front for 22 seconds before switching to rotate to the back Here we’re rotating our whole arm. So make sure you’re not just moving your forearms, but also your shoulders [30 seconds] Keep your arms about parallel level at all times. No dropping I know this feels harder than it looks, but that’s why it works. So keep going, almost there! Another one done.
Third exercise is jump in place punch. Jump lightly with your hands and feet at the front for every two-step punch one onto opposite side and Alternate between size for 45 seconds The faster you jump, the harder you punch, the more that you’re burning and the more burn you get in your arms So give it your all guys! You’re here to burn not to chill.
No pain, no gain Yes, only two more left for upper body.
Fourth exercise is wall pushup Don’t underestimate this because there’s a wall. It’s hard and it is going to give you the burn you need Hands in front of your shoulders, arms straight supporting your body while you walk your feet a few steps back Supporting your body with only toes on floor and hands on wall, bend your elbows so your body leans forward to the wall Remember to keep your elbows tucked close to your body head to toe in one straight line Engaging your core, push yourself back up to starting position Repeat for 45 seconds. If this feels too easy walk your feet a few more steps by [15 seconds] I know this burns guys but keep going. I know you can do it. I’m here suffering together with you We are almost done. [Five seconds] Finally the last upper exercise: wing fly Again, this is harder than it looks but an amazing burn, so let’s do it Feet wider than shoulder-width apart, bring your upper body down to almost parallel to the floor but with a slight bend in your knees, have your arms straight up to the back then squeeze your upper back and shoulder blades together as you lift your arms up as high as you can You can feel it in your back shoulders and arms are getting sore. It means it’s working. So make it count Come on This is painful. I know but it’s the reason we’re here.
I’m not giving up, so stay here together with me One minute rest really soon. Almost there. Keep it up.
[Five seconds] Almost there That was such a crazy burn, look at my face. Luckily, it’s time for a one-minute rest. Okay back to work.
Fourth set of this workout: legs. First, a sumo squat.
It’s the perfect burn for your inner thighs Take a big step to the side. So your feet are apart in wide stance toes turned out Hands together in front of your chest and squat down so your thighs are parallel to the floor, knees over the ankles This is one rep. Repeat for 45 seconds. No slacking guys. We’re so close to the end Let’s get this done and get those thighs a good burn. [Fifteen seconds] [Five seconds] Second is front lunge. Hands in front, keeping your upper body straight, shoulders back and relaxed Chin up. Step forward with one leg lowering your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle Keep the weight in your heels as you squeeze the booty to push back up to the starting position This is one rep. Alternate between sides. This is working your booty, your thighs, your calves, hamstrings, everything So keep it up! Keep moving! Second one done put a single leak that lives to target the bag booty and also hold legs Exercise send a new one one late keeping the knees slightly bent bend your hip and extend your feet like behind for balance Reach your arms in front to tap the floor until your upper body and your back make a parallel to the floor squeezing You’re good. And what can you lick muscles to stand back up to starting position? Switch side after twenty two seconds three two One sweet try to focus on using your booty muscles every time you stand up Yes, another one done forth a side lunge Exercise Stand with legs wide apart in sumo squat stance with your hands in front of your chest then ship your body weight to one leg bending the knee as you sit your butt back down until your leg reaches a 90 degree angle and the other leg is straight your Butt is pressing back behind you then push through your heel to return to Center standing position three two one sit You see me include this a lot in my workout because this is such a good burn for thighs and booty and it’s just one Of my personal favourite work it guys almost there for this thing Last one is some muscat hold So just like a fast exercise here feet wide apart sit up butt back so that thighs are parallel to the floor Exercise Stay there this time. We’re not sending back up until 45 seconds is up. I Know how bad this burns guys but I promise you it’s worth it 30 seconds. Oh Don’t stand back up don’t drop you’re not leaving me to do this alone. Stay strong almost to a one-minute rest 20 seconds You got to see like this ten seconds almost there almost there hold it baby That’s nice job four sets down only one last set to go but enjoy your rest I Got this so fail. Yeah, I Am a take-off on that. Good morning guys, yeah Oh, yeah that she went on to bachelor in paradise and went on a date with someone in kissed him First Okay guys last set of licks let’s get this done we have come too far to give up now first exercise a squat side kick Exercise Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart Not as wide as sumo squat stance just like how we do regular squat is fine Hence in front squat down and as we come up kick one leg to the side I’ll turn aside for 45 seconds. Kick harder Squat with more force the more work you’re willing to put in the more results. You see so make every rep worth your time Ten seconds All right second is Christie lunch pulses to keep the burn going especially for inner and outer thighs plus the booty Exercise Step your one lick back But to us the opposite side while the other leg is still facing front Both will expand just like a regular lunge except that the back leg here is crossed to the opposite side behind do two pulses here And stand back to central position repeat on the other side and alternate for 45 seconds Squeeze your booty every time you come up you’re doing so good. We’re almost done for the day. No quitting now Down to the five Yes Third is crap walk pants in front of your chest lower your bum to half squat position and squeeze your booty to lift one leg up to us aside and then the other up so You’re moving sideways Exercise after four steps on each leg. We’ll stand back up and squat down identical in the opposite direction Don’t stop guys. Once you stand up go back down immediately and keep moving to keep the intense burn going in the thighs and booty Almost there. Don’t think too much just look at me. Keep moving with me One what Rask last two exercises guys, push it forth It’s jump squats to the side Flicks together facing front jump up and lend facing right like support and squat then jump back to central position and repeat on the other side Exercise here. I challenge you to go as fast as you can while maintaining the right posture The ocean Push yourself to the max here. This is almost the end Grab some water and get yourself ready for the final exercise of this workout chair pulsus. I’m saving the best for last Exercise Feet hip-width apart arms extended out then sit your bum back and bend your knees almost parallel to the floor Start pulsing up and down again. The faster you pass the more distance you pass up and down the more open in the side 30 seconds Obviously, you’re not the only one who feel like you’re dying here Reach for the sky 20 seconds. This is hazy. But we’re not giving up surprise yourself to see what you can achieve Come on, baby pulse it pulse it work those thighs make them burn almost there 10 seconds Hold it don’t drop pulse it pulse it five you can do it. I know you can Yes, oh my god, we did it guys and now it’s time to stretch we got this 30 minute workout done together and we worked every single part of our body and I’m super proud of you it was Definitely not easy, but no pain. No gain we proved to ourselves that we can get this done even though there are time to want to give up so very Good job you can follow some of the simple stretches here or you can head over to my complete stretch video and to pick up where we Left off. 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