5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong
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5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

October 24, 2019

– God, I learn so much
from the internet. – Don’t fail me! AHH! Wow. I’m just really bad
at eating fruits the right way. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) The internet has discovered
that perhaps we have all been eating pineapple wrong
our entire lives. – Oh! Yes!
I saw that! Yes. – I did see that people were
tearing the pineapple pieces apart, but also, like, I don’t know,
there’s just something about having a nice…
spear of pineapple that’s just so good.
– (FBE) So, we want you to try this new way of eating pineapple…
– (gasps) – (FBE) …and some other foods you
may have been eating wrong as well. – Oh my goodness. There’s more?
– I’m excited. I love– anything that makes
eating food more efficient, that I can get it
into my stomach faster, I’m down. – (FBE) First up, let’s look
at a new way of eating pineapple. – Whoa. – (laughs) Yeah, okay.
I’ve been eating it wrong. – So, you’re basically just taking it
off from the pointy parts. – You just pull on the poky thing
a little bit and then you sliver it up.
That’s interesting. – I love it! When I first saw it,
I freaked out. I was like, “Are you serious right now?”
I’ve been– I’ve been… eating pineapple
the wrong way. (laughs) – (FBE) Let’s give it a try.
– Oh, we’re trying it? Okay! – Ooooh! Okay! You’re supposed to get it
just from the pointy parts. Go, go. (crunch)
Ooh! Okay, okay.
Okay, it’s working! See, my thing is,
I’m already sticky. – How do they do this? It’s hard to get through the skin.
– Who’s gonna sit in front of their television with this
big pineapple and be like, “I’m just gonna have
a little bite”? And then try to…
(laughs) I can’t even– This– now I’m mad. – I can sort of do it.
(laughs) I can sort of do it. But no, that’s not convenient.
My hands are all sticky now. – What the [bleep]?
Oh, there it is. Ah! I want a good piece!
Dammit. There we are. Yeah.
Look how messy this is. You wanna do this?
– This is impossible. I think I’d rather just use
those cutting equipments that the market has already
put out for us and just continue
eating pineapples that way. – (FBE) Let’s see if this is
a possibly smarter way to eat chicken wings.
– Oh, chicken wings. Okay. All right.
– (man) Find the bone. You wanna wiggle it. You wanna–
– Oh, I’ve seen these. Yeah, I’ve tried this actually.
– (man) Twist it. Wiggle.
Twist it some more until it comes smooth out.
You see that there’s… – That doesn’t look too hard.
– (man) …no meat left on the bone. – God, I learn so much
from the internet. – (man) Find the next one
and do the same. Twist till the bone
comes out again… – Okay.
– (man) ..free of meat. – I can see that.
– It’s like deboning by hand. – (man) …turn is a
straight piece of meat. – Now, I am a bone-in purist. Any boneless person
would tell you, “That’s why you get boneless wings.”
But that’s a lie, because boneless wings
are just glorified chicken nuggets. – This just makes it a boneless nug.
Save yourself the trouble and get a boneless wing.
(clang!) – (FBE) Okay, your turn.
– Thank you. So, you take the puppy here, right?
Twist a little bit, right? And then you just kind of spin
the thing right there. I’ve told you.
I’ve done this before. – I’m gonna twist.
Wow, actually. That was really easy.
Shut the front door. Wow. Mm. Satisfying.
I’ll absolutely use this. – (chuckles) I feel like
I’m destroying the entire chicken wing by doing this.
It kind of defeats the purpose. – I think I got one– no.
Nope, nope. I failed. I just ended up
tearing the wing apart. – I actually don’t eat
chicken wings normally because of the bone.
I’m like, “Ugh! It’s too much work.” This is a little bit
of a whole new world for me. – I think this one works
depending on the kind of wing that you have
and depending on the chicken to bone ratio,
’cause this one had bigger bones than I feel like
what the other guy had. But it’s fine. It’s a wing.
Just [bleep] eat it. (laughs) – (FBE) Now, let’s see
a different way of eating a cupcake. – Wait, what? ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ (buzzer)
– Oh, please. (laughs) – Yeah, I’ve seen this one before.
– Oh, wait. Is this the sandwich thing?
I think I’ve seen this before, and I thought, “What…
blasphemy is this?” – No way!! Cupcake sandwich!
– That makes a lot of sense. – But who’s gonna do that
at a party? – Yo, dude, I’m living
for this right now. That’s so smart!
– I’ve seen this one before, but I’ve never tried it.
So, I’m excited to be able to try this out for the first time
and see how well it actually works. Ooh, this is
a nice-looking cupcake. – All right.
And like so… smush. Oh, I’m getting a little cream
on the bottom. This isn’t working out.
Yeah, I’m still getting messy. (chuckles)
Let me try it, though. That’s satisfying.
It’s like when you eat something in sandwich form
that isn’t normally in sandwich form, you’re like, “Yeah.”
– The more I taste it, the more I think I really
like it this way, ’cause I love the cake part of it.
I’ve never been a huge frosting fan, but this is perfect
because you’re getting more cake with your frosting. – This actually is a way better
method to eat a cupcake. The icing is actually
spread more evenly, whereas when I’m eating it
from the little wrapper, I don’t know, you’re just either
getting the icing in your face or just something’s off.
– Oh, it’s– doesn’t work, guys. Look, it’s just
crumbling apart. Messy free, my butt.
– See? Look. That– no. No! And now, my fing– no.
By the time I got done cutting it in half
and doing it, I would’ve already eaten it
the regular way. – (FBE) Here is a new way
to eat strawberries. – Ooh. – Already too much work.
– I’m a little skeptical about this. – I think this is actually more work
than eating a strawberry normally. – I’ve seen this before,
and I still haven’t done it, and I love making
chocolate-covered strawberries, and this is perfect.
– I am shooketh. If you’re preparing it
for a party, it’d be kind of cool to not have–
just to bite size it. – Sick. I’m realizing that all
of this feels more like this is for the kids who liked
their crusts cut off. This just feels
a little bit extra. Like, just [bleep] eat it. – (sighs) This is a waste
of my time. I mean, seriously, come on.
Now, I’m still doing this. I’m still gonna get a knife.
– Don’t fail me! AHH! Wow. I am just really bad
at eating fruits the right way. – Think about your life,
and then push! Okay. Yeah.
This is kinda cool. – Nope. (chuckles) It definitely takes out the middle,
but the leaves are still on it. – Woooop! Oh, nice.
And then– oh, there’s no pit. But also, what’s difficult
about eating a strawberry like this? You know what I’m saying?
Like, it’s not that hard. – This one feels
a little bit more extra to me. Like you could– literally,
here’s my method. You just…
no straw needed. (laughs) – (FBE) And now, let’s see if
this is a better way to eat Toblerone. – Oh! I’ve been waiting
for that one, because I always hurt my mouth when I eat
those candies. – (woman) Normally, what you would do
is break the piece off that way. – Right. – (woman) Wrong.
– Oh, wrong. (laughs) – (woman) …break it off that way.
– I just stuff it in my mouth. – Yup. I can see that. – Okay. But how is that different
from doing it the other way? – (woman) Ta-da!
– Ohh. I’ve just been taking
the giant Toblerone stick, and I just bite it off
with my mouth. – (FBE) Give it a try.
– Ooh, Toblerone. Okay, so, fine.
And then if you go i– If you go in… What’s the difference?!
It’s all gonna go in your mouth. – Uh-oh. Oh. I mean,
I’m okay with this portion, but… Okay, let’s try it again.
Okay, so I just want one. Just one little piece.
Oh! Look at that. – Usually, you take one
of these babies and you start to break off this way,
but then you’re holding it and you’re– see, you ended up
breaking off more than you need, and your fingers get all chocolatey,
and then you do this. But if you just take
the Toblerone bar and go… (chocolate clicks)
See– you hear that? It’s good. – Ohh! That’s delightful.
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me try another one.
Wait, let me try the [bleep]– the normal way.
Yeah, that’s not effective. The strange woman’s way?
(chocolate clicks) Way better!
– (gasps) Wow, it just comes off
like a charm. This has totally changed my life.
Thank you for sharing this with me. I will never have to break it off
with my mouth again. (chuckles) – This is something that I would do.
I’ve done it both ways, inward and outward.
So, if ever I feel like having this again,
I’ll definitely do the thumb thing and I will think
of this moment right here. – (FBE) If you had to pick
one of these to include in your life on the daily
or whenever you eat it, which one would you choose?
– This one, hands down. – Maybe I would do the strawberry one.
– I would do the Toblerone. – I’d probably use
the Toblerone one, ’cause it’s the easiest one to do.
– The chicken wing one is the one I’ll probably use the most,
’cause I love me some chicken wings. – I think it’s gonna be
the chicken wing, because of the fact
that I won’t eat them, because they’re too much
of a pain in the butt to eat around the bone
and deal with that nonsense. That guy made it
so much easier. – Out of all of them,
I did really like the cupcake one the most.
But some of these other ones felt a little bit dumb,
because they require utensils or just something extra
that is not really necessary if you just eat it
the normal way. – (FBE) And finally, what do you think
of all these so-called “right ways” of eating food?
– I think a lot of them are kind of silly.
It is cool to be able to test them out and see for yourself
whether or not they work. – I like anything
that makes life easier. But the problem is
is sometimes these videos are not– they make you believe
that it’s easier, and then you do it–
like that pineapple. That was the joke.
I don’t even know what the heck that– I don’t even know how they did that.
– Any of the hacks that require you to use extra instruments, no need.
I’m glad I got to try the pineapple hack,
because I was curious as to if it worked,
and it kinda doesn’t. Kinda doesn’t, so…
I’m glad I know now, though. – Thanks for watching us try
new ways to eat food on the React Channel.
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– Bye! – Hey, guys. I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Do you wanna be a reactor
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  2. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the hacks that require use of hands typically fail (or are harder) for those with done-up nails cause they can’t use like the point of their fingers as ‘leverage’ to exert force

  3. The strawberry hack is more for prep work as in when u aren’t immediately just eating the strawberries but preparing them to go on cakes or for chocolate-dipping etc etc where the leaves get in the way

  4. The pineapple used in the video is a special kind of pineapple that lets you take apart the pineapple like that. In brasil that kind of pineapple is called "gomo de mel"

  5. I use the “cupcake trick” when I eat cream puffs 🥰 you open it up and eat each half like an open cup. That way the custard doesn’t smoosh out of the puff and drip down your chin~

  6. guys 😀 the pineapple wasn't fair… because you did buy the wrong sort of pinapple the " trick" just works with specific pinapples 😀

  7. I don’t get it you don’t order bone in wings and then take it out then it’s not a chicken it’s a chicken nugget!

  8. The easy to eat pineaple is a brazilian variety called " Favo de mel " (Honeycomb) that was developed by researches of a university (UNICAMP). Sadly it wasn't that resistant as the normal one and ended up being affected by a plague. They are now developing a second and more resistant version of the honeycomb pineaple.

  9. everyone was freaking out about the cupcake one, but i have been eating my cucakes like that since i was in kindergarten. where have y'all beEn

  10. How did people get messy with the cupcake? I do it because it's mess free and easy. You don't need to use a knife lol

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