5 Simple And Healthy Ways To Cut Calories

December 26, 2019

13 Easy Ways To Reduce Daily Calorie Intake Cutting calories sounds like a lot of work. Afterall losing weight isn’t an easy thing
to do, and dieting can be a challenge of both time management and will power. When you’re really busy things like meal
prepping and getting in an extra walk can seem almost impossible day to day. Well, we here at Bestie want to make your
life a little easier, and your weight loss goals attainable. Before we talk about how to lose those calories,
let’s talk about all the knowledge you’ll gain by clicking the subscribe button and
ringing the notification bell, too. First we want to say that all diets should
be paired with a good amount of exercise. Remember you want to lose weight the healthy
way, and not hurt your body in the process. Alright, let’s get started with some super
easy ways you can cut the calories. The first and one of the most important… STAY AWAY FROM “LOW FAT” FOODS
Although it may seem to be exactly what you’re looking for what you really want is to avoid
low fat and go for real, whole foods. They’re better for you and you’ll feel
fuller for longer. Plus with the idea that this food doesn’t
contain many calories, you’ll probably end up eating more than you normally would thereby
not actually cutting any calories at all. FIDGET
This is one way you can burn a few extra calories in a day. Sitting all day long isn’t doing your body
any favours, so getting up and walking around, tapping your foot or just making an effort
to move more often during the day will have a surprising effect on your calorie totals. Plus it’s good for your headspace to get
your body moving during the day. You might find you’ll boost the number of
calories you burn, and your productivity at the same time. SKIP THE EXTRA LUMPS
You’re probably sweet enough, you don’t need the extra sugar! Sugar pops up unexpectedly in food all the
time, so whenever you can avoid adding to your daily intake of sugar the better. This is a big one if you like your coffee
or tea with a little sweetness. It’s really only a few small calories per
cup, however those add up. You could be looking at 100 less calories
by the end of the week with all that extra sugar. Speaking of the hot beverage department, do
you get whipped cream on your coffee when out with your pals? You’ll want to avoid any of those sugar
additions if you’re trying to cut the calories. Speaking of cutting out sugar… SWAP THE SODA
Skipping the soda pop is a really easy way to save almost 200 calories per can. If you’re a soda drinker this might be hard
at first but if you swap out the sugar fizzy drink for some carbonated water instead, you’ll
still get the satisfaction of a bubbly drink without the calories. Just make sure it’s fizzy water that has
no added flavours or sugar added. If you’re unsure, best to stick with regular
H20. Not only will you save a ton of calories each
day, but your body will thank you for the extra hydration. CALORIE COUNT
This is a sure fire way to eat less calories and also keep track of your progress! It may seem daunting in the beginning, but
once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s actually pretty simple. Start with a food journal and just jot down
what you’re eating in a day. It’s a great way to check in with your body
too, as you can actually take stock of what you’re putting into it each day. Who knows it may even inspire you to eat healthier. You can also use this journal to keep track
of how certain foods make you feel. For example; if you ate a handful of nuts
did they give you an energy boost? Maybe some of the food you ate today made
you feel really full, some left you feeling hungry. The more information you have the better you
can plan your calorie tracking journey. GET ENOUGH SLEEP
This is just a good rule to live by in general. Getting enough sleep can really help you in
your day to day routine. You’ll feel good, be more motivated to tackle
that to-do list and you’ll be happier overall. Stress is a big factor when it comes to getting
enough sleep at night so making time and implementing a proper sleep schedule can help you to battle
this problem. Setting a regular bedtime, cutting down on
caffeine and creating a bedroom that you’ll love going to sleep in. Once you’ve got that sleep routine down… START YOUR MORNING OFF STRONG
Getting a proper sleep will really help with this next point. If you’re well rested you’ll be bright
eyed and bushy tailed the next day. This will make it easier to really start the
morning off strong, with a little bit of exercise. Studies have shown that women who exercise
first thing in the morning had positive results with reducing their appetite and they wanted
to work out more! Keep in mind, working out will only subdue
your hunger for a short while, but if you eat proper, healthy food after a workout your
body is more likely to use those nutrients to grow muscle rather than store it as fat. Speaking of eating… CLEAN OUT YOUR KITCHEN
Sometimes all you wanna do is curl up on the couch and eat junk food. However, if you don’t actually have junk
food at home…it’s much harder to eat it. Avoiding processed, sugary foods at the grocery
store can have a huge impact on what you eat at home. Out of sight out of mind, right? It may be hard to cut these foods from your
diet in the beginning, but soon your body will adjust and you’ll no longer crave those
foods that offer no real nutritional value. Since you’re cutting calories anyway, you
need food that’s going to give your body energy, not just upping your calories with
no benefits. Now that your kitchen is full of yummy whole
This one might be tricky if you’re not a master in the kitchen, but hopefully your
new diet will inspire you to get in the kitchen. Not only will you reduce the amount of calories
by using less oils, fats and salts that restaurants use, but you’ll save money too! Plus cooking can be a wonderful pastime and
stress reducer. Now once you’ve cooked yourself a delicious
and healthy meal… EAT WITH THE WRONG HAND
Sounds silly, we know but according to research eating with the wrong hand can disrupt the
regular flow of your eating routine. Therefore making you more aware of how much
you’re eating. It’ll also slow you down, which allows your
stomach to take stock of how much food you’ve actual eaten. It might make for a funny dinner activity
to eat with the wrong hand, but you can also try using chopsticks or eating in a different
room than you normally do. Switch it up a bit. KEEP YOUR HOUSE COOL
Studies have shown that keeping your house anywhere between 62 and 77 degrees fahrenheit
(16 – 25 degrees celsius) can help your body burn more calories naturally. Your body will have to work that much harder
to keep its average temperature up, therefore burning off a few extra calories. It may not be much, but every little bit helps. Drinking chilled water right after a workout
can also give the number of calories you’ll burn a boost. Speaking of drinking water… CHUG WATER BEFORE EACH MEAL
Drinking water before any meal will help you feel fuller and more satisfied before you
even start eating! Water is something we need constantly so you’re
basically giving your body what it craves anyway. Healthline says drinking about 2 cups of water
before any meal could lower your calorie intake by up to 13%. USE YOUR SENSE OF SMELL
One of the downsides to cutting calories, at least in the beginning, is that you’re
probably going to get a bit hungry from time to time. This is where your nose can really help you
out. You know how the smell of fresh baked cookies
or a nice home cooked meal can really send your hunger through the roof? Well it turns out it can actually work both
ways. Smelling certain foods can help suppress your
hunger. It’s a strange phenomenon that scientists
don’t fully understand yet. So what are these magical foods who’s scents
make us less hungry? Bananas, green apples, vanilla and peppermint
are some of the main ones. And that’s our list on easy, helpful ways
to cut calories. We hope this helps you on your weight loss
journey and will inspire you to stick to a healthy routine. It takes real comminement and a balance of
exercise but sticking to the plan will help you see results before you know it. Did you find this video helpful? Were there any tips that really surprised
you? Do you have some of your own tried and true
methods for cutting calories that you’d like to share? Why not let us know in the comments section
below your favourite ways to cut calories.

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