9,000+ Calorie Fitgirl Cheat Day (Eating Everything I Want) 中
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9,000+ Calorie Fitgirl Cheat Day (Eating Everything I Want) 中

December 24, 2019

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  1. Back with another Cheat Day!!I know I always say this, but this was probably my favorite cheat day to date! I had soo much fun and ate the most INCREDIBLE food! Also My Women's Specialization Program is 50% off for Mother's Day until 5/15! Link is in the description box!
    儭AND…FIRST person to list the amount of time Cheeseball Tub appears, gets a shoutout in my next Cheat Day video!! (Make sure you watch TO THE LAST SECOND ) I love you guys so much and stay tuned for my next video on Amenorrhea

  2. The amount of sugar she eats in one sitting is insaneeeee! I have sweet tooth but hers is crazy…how did she do that without breaking out the day after?

    I enjoy watching her eating tho, somehow its satisfying. I feel full for her lol

  3. So, a sincere question. How are you able to eat so much in one day and remain fit and lean? Do you starve yourself the next few days? Or do hours and hours of cardio? I just cant comprehend!

  4. how can she just sit and not offer him more than one bite. I cant let someone watch me eat food like that and be like mhhhh ahhhh so nice.

  5. Anyone else just here because they can somehow taste the food through the screen, and at the moment theyre feeling hungry?
    Just me? Okay then… (haha nope people end with that so many times its getting super annoying)
    Yep, I see you.

  6. I used to be able to eat a whole dozen now if I eat more than 3 Im so sick拎 but the reaction to the food. Thats me and my man always 不不

  7. I can't believe you could eat all the amount of food ,and I was thinking my cheat days are bad haha I don't even have a specific cheat day at all , I just eat something if I want to but in general I can't eat much as I suffer from IBS . Last time I ate Pizza gluten free I vomited for two hours not on purpose .

  8. if I ever did this I would be fat af cuz I would be eating chips all day and sour candy..im not really a sweet person I'm salty lol I like my chips

  9. For a Woman who's own mother has had a STROKE, I find this incredibly irresponsible. To show this sickness to young kids. You wouldn't have to "cheat" if you just ate balanced everyday. It just shows how sick our world has become. And you need therapy for trying to justify this shyt!

  10. You could be covert quality control for Krispy Kreme. Most unlikely judge on the panel, but most serious absolutely.
    Very fun video x

  11. i love watching these videos when i have cravings, don't know why but watching other people eat what i want to has its own satisfaction lol

  12. Come on, cheat day only every 2 months? I cheat all the time!
    Where is she from, Thailand?
    I eat donuts all the time too!

    This is insane and pathologic
    It is called BINGE EATING
    It may seems not so unhealty for your body since the next day you go back to your scheduled healty meals
    But this surely affects YOUR BRAIN (your limbic system, the reward circuit) and not all people are able to limit themselves at the end of the day, as you do
    Please stop sharing this with tons of people

  14. Feel bad she feels the need to do such an intense cheat day. Check out a book called How to Eat Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek. Changes lives. Sending love.

  15. I haven't got a cheat day, and it's been 2 months of diet.. I'm not considering to have one too. I might just do a cheat day at Christmas's eve仄

  16. I only have a cheat day every 4 weeks,then I do some 15 minutes of cardio along with 20 minutes of abs and 10 minutes of leg workout.finally,I eat my healthy meal and after 2 hours I do another 15 minute cardio.
    adding to that,I also dance to some songs for about 30 minutes.
    It is a hard routine after a cheat day,specially when you are 13 years old!
    do not kill yourself from hunger,and if you are about to make a mistake you you are gonna regret,just think about how all that work that you did is gonna flush down the toilet.

  17. Im watching this after your ,,all in, and I must say, you look sooo much better now! Im so so proud of you that you gained weight, and that booty tho 弘

  18. This is clearly a binge after restriction and being under weight. Check out her all-in she is so beautiful and honest. Im all in with her all-ins

  19. If you ever happen to be in Texas and if you love donuts I recommend going to Pound Rock Donuts that specific shop is only in Austin Texas and there is only one shop but their glaze if piping hot and so soft and so chewy and they have massive donuts bigger than your head and the quality is just phenomenal

  20. This is the absolute new definition of a cheat day. How you ate all that food is beyond me, but you are officially the girl of dreams. lol.

    All the best.

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