A Day in My Life: Nutrition Science with Charlotte | Monash University
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A Day in My Life: Nutrition Science with Charlotte | Monash University

December 27, 2019

– Hi everyone, my name is Charlotte. I am in my first year of
studying nutrition science, and I am originally from
Wellington in New Zealand. So, I’m really excited
to be taking you through the next few days of my life. (upbeat music) So I thought I’d give a bit
of a tour of Farrer Hall, so that’s where I live. It’s one of the residential colleges in the residential village at Monash. (upbeat music) So this is our hallway, and this is our floor kitchen. So here are some of my floor mates. – Hi.
– Hello. – It’s our kitchen. So this is my room here. My desk. (upbeat music) We have two tutorials. We have a tute for evaluating evidence and another one for human
biology and a lecture. So, it’s going to be a big day, but I’m sure we will learn
a lot, won’t we Sarah? – Yes. (upbeat music) – So we just finished our
evaluating evidence tutorial and now I’m heading to my
human biology tutorial, so that’s in the learning
and teaching building. So, let’s head there now. (upbeat music) we just had a two hour break, where we worked on our prac report, and now we’re heading into our lecture so another two hours and
then we’re done for the day. (upbeat music) (speaker drowned out by music) I decided to study nutrition science because I’ve always been
interested in health and how we can improve our
health through what we eat. I just really liked all
the different facets that you can also bring into nutrition, so the idea of you
know, population health, mental health, the environment, all those different
aspects that contribute to a persons health and wellbeing. And, I hope to one day, I hope to go on to complete
my Masters in Dietetics, hopefully work in a clinical setting, but I love the possibility
of working as a dietician because obviously everyone
eats in the world, and everyone needs that, to be armed with that nutrition knowledge so that’s why I decided to
study nutrition science. Well it was a big day, so I’m thinking I might just
go and talk to my friends, catch up with them, I might do a little bit of study before another big day tomorrow, so I’ll see you on Thursday. Hi everyone, it is Thursday and it’s very exciting
because it’s actually my last kitchen practical
of the year today, so we’re going to be looking at colors, and I’m going to take
you to the base kitchen which is just outside of campus. And you can come and cook with me, so it will be very exciting. Then I might come back, do a bit of study, have some lunch. I’ll just take you with
me, whatever happens. (upbeat music) so we did four activities today, which you’ll see in the videos. So I worked on the, looking at how the
effect of pH and acidity and extended cooking on vegetables. So I looked at broccoli. What else did we do? We looked at some paper chromatography which was quite interesting, looking at kind of how colors can separate and what were the other two? We made bread, and, – [Female Friend] Oh, the legumes. – Oh, the legumes, yeah, so looking at again
the effect of acidity. So just looking at
colors and color changes. It was super interesting. And that’s our last kitchen
practical for the year. So, yeah. (upbeat music) it’s time to wrap up. Thank you so much for watching
a few days of my life, I hope you found it interesting, or just giving you a
bit of an idea of what a few days in the life of
a nutrition science student looks like at Monash. But again, thank you so much for watching, and see you later. (upbeat music)

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