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August 31, 2019

Hey, guys! Welcome to my channel! Today, I’ll be reviewing a new product A lot of people use Vitamin C Serum these days But what are the effects of Vitamin C Serum to the skin, And is it really effective on people with acne-prone skin? I discovered a new product that I want to share with you! It’s the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum Vitamin C It’s a new Korean product that I discovered I have used this serum prior to filming this video I have tried other vitamin C serums before, Some of them feel warm and heavy on the face others I’ve tried feel too sticky while the others leave a stingy feel! When I used the Nacific serum, I did not feel any of those Plus, this smells really good! It does not smell like chemical at all, in fact it smells like freshly squeezed juice My skin is quite okay now. I do not have severe acne-breakout that I used to have before But my skin is oily and I have wrinkles, My pores are also visible and my skin complexion is dark and dull I haven’t applied any foundation or concealer on my face The first thing I liked about this product is it’s container It does not come in a pump bottle like the ones I’ve tried before This one is so easy to use as it comes in drop applicator So you could use it to directly apply product on your face So you could control how much product you want to use to prevent wasting of product If you notice, the liquid is submerged on the bottom while the oil stays on top. So be sure to shake the bottle well before using it to ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and anti-oxidants, oil and extracts content of the serum The color of the serum is similar to the color of freshly squeezed Calamansi juice I know because I often make Calamansi juice It smells so fresh! It smells like lemon candy! A little drop of the serum goes a long way! It went inside my mouth! To be honest, it doesn’t taste bad at all! I noticed that it’s not too oily unlike other Vitamin C serums this one comes in rather thin formula So you need to apply it right away once you drop it on your face If not, it will drip from your face It’s not warm, it’s not sticky nor it is stingy A little drop of it really goes a long way! So what are the benefits of using Vitamin C serum? First of all, it diminishes wrinkles It treats troubles It brightens your complexion And it minimizes the pores All of those are literally my skin problems I have visible wrinkles around my eyes I have open pores around my nose where I used to have acne-breakout I also have troubled spots where I have acne and pimples So on the left side of my face, I used the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum Just so we have something to compare it to, I will be using this BRAND X Vitamin C Serum BRAND X is more expensive than NACIFIC but brand x comes in smaller bottle Nacific Fresh Herb Serum comes in 50 ml bottle BRAND X only comes in a small 35 ml bottle Amazingly, Nacific Serum is more affordable compared to the brand x serum! Now I will show you how brand x works on the skin I’ve used this brand x serum before, It always gets warm once applied on the skin Even my fingers feel warm upon contact to the brand x serum It’s also too oily and too sticky On the other side is the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum, What I really like about this serum is it’s lightweight formula I use this at night and I notice that when I wake up in the morning my skin seems glowing I also noticed that it minimized the dullness of my face Stress and lack of sleep cause our complexion to appear darker Lighter complexion makes our overall “AURA” seem brighter, too When I apply this at night, I notice that my skin seems glowing I also notice that it appears brighter and my pores seem less visible Because it’s not sticky unlike other serums you could use it before your usual makeup routine and even under your favorite foundation Just wait for the serum to settle on your skin first before applying makeup I will apply Nacific Vitamin C on the right side of my face. I have already removed brand x prior to application A little drop is all you need You just have to blend it right away because it drips quickly that’s the only thing I don’t like about this product but other than that, this is a really nice product! Here are the other benefits of the serum, I will read it to be sure I give correct information It says it should tingle a bit but I really do not feel any stingy nor tingly feeling It just feels like I’m rubbing fresh juice on my skin So this is perfect for people like who want to try Vitamin C serum but are afraid it will irritate their skin or cause breakout This is the perfect product for you! Every time I use Vitamin C serum, I focus on the area under my eyes because that’s the area where I have visible pores I often get pimples on this area and it’s also where wrinkles are more visible So now I have applied the serum on my entire face This is a leave-on serum so you don’t have to wash it off But if you want to maximize the effect of the vitamin c it’s better to apply it at night So you wash your face first, apply the vitamin c and then leave it on as you sleep In the morning, you will see it work on your wrinkles, pores, dullness and on troubled areas of your face It works on acne, on pimples and on scars! So that’s the effect of Nacific Fresh Herb Vitamin C Serum It also used advanced technology and has aloe vera to help moisturize your skin So now we know the amazing benefits of using vitamin c on the face We also found out that it works well on acne-prone skin This product is available on KOCOSMARKET.COM KOCOSMARKET.COM This product came all the way from South Korea I was really impressed because I received the item in just 2 days after I ordered it! So I checked the box just to be sure This is the actual box they sent it in It says it’s from Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea Shipping was really smooth and fast! has an amazing offer to their shoppes! They are ready to ship within 1-2 business days if you are from Metro Manila If you are from the province, shipping will only take 2-4 business days It’s really impressive! You won’t have to wait for weeks for your parcel! You won’t even have to go to the post office as they will deliver it straight to your home What’s even more amazing is that they offer FREE SHIPPING! So even if you are buying this all the way from Korea, you won’t have to spend a lot of money just for shipping For the modes of payment You may choose between : Cash on delivery, Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer So that’s my review on Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum The link to the website will be in the description box If you have any questions, be sure to comment it below so I could respond to you!:) If this is your first time to watch me, please SUBSCRIBE to my channel And follow me on Instagram and Facebook, simply search for @RealAsianBeauty

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  1. Wow parang naging mas blooming and ang laki ng pinag bago ng skin mo Miss Kristine. I will try this since parehas tayo ng skin problems. 😘

  2. This didn't work for me. Nag cause to ng cystic acne sa forehead ko at sobrang sakit pa nung acne. Hiyangan lang talaga. 🙁

  3. Bet q tong ganitong set up! So simple and walang qng ano ano sa back mo, so naka focus lng aq sa mga snsbe mo. Hehe.. Try q yan!

  4. Hi Miss Tin, I found this product sa Lazada po, under Lazmall Nacific flagship store po ang nakalagay. Authentic po ba yun? Thank you in advance 😘

  5. Miss Tin, Im planning to buy serum po. Acne prone din po ang skin ko. Ano po mas marecommend nyo po between Olay serum (the one you already reviewed before) or ito pong Nacific serum? I hope you can help me decide po. Thanks alot. Hugs from Iligan City Mindanao 😘

  6. Hi Tin!
    Thanks for this review but I’m really confused because your saying the best time to use Vit C is on night time but most of the Vit C that I’ve tried says the best time is MORNING can you explain this to me please!
    More power to your channel!!😘🥰😍

  7. Ate tine, may updated skincare routine po ba kayo? Ang laki na po ng improvement ng skin you 😊😊 Thank you sa video na to kasi naghahanap po talaga ako ng vitamin C lately kaso yung iba masyadong mahal.

  8. Hi tin! Thanks for the review.. may i know how is your acne scar condition now? Wala na ba yung mga malalim
    Na scars mo now after you did needling therapy? Ty

  9. Pumunta k kay Dr Chi Guzman sa Gilmore It Center. Super effective ng acne prone toner and tretinoin. Trust me balikan mko if hndi nawala

  10. Ate, ang mahal nman po dyan sa nrrecommend nyung link 1.2++.. Yung sa althea 780 lng.. Sayang nman nkkuha nko… 🙁

  11. Hi po, san niyo po siya nilalagay or tinatago?sa ref po or sa room mo lang po?delikado po ba pag nainitan yung product?

  12. Great review as always Ate 💕💕💕 Okay lang po ba gumamit ng Vit C Serum sa mga red acne marks/scars Ate? Thanks po & Lovelots always Ate Tine 💖💖💖


  14. Vit C fights free radicals and brightens complexion . For pore minimizer, vit b or niacin amide targets it. For overall anti aging , you can use retinol! :). By the way your skin looks sk healthy 🙂

  15. hello po.. mas effective po ba yan kaysa wishtrend? mabilis ksi magoxidize ang wishtrend and ung brand x mo po.. please help po.. acne prone and dry skin po skin type ko.. please response.. thank you

  16. Hi ate ask ko lang same tayo ng walang stingy factor nung first use pero sabi mismo sa Ads nila meron kang mararamdaman na stingy factors ganun ganun pero may nabasa ako na the more daw na damage skin more ang stingy factors. So meaning yung saatin parang di naman ganun na damage?

  17. ano po mas effective yan po nacific or yung dear klairs na mas mahal?? Hoping for your honest review pls.

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