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Ask An American: Obesity in USA

March 8, 2020

Hey everyone! Dana here and in today’s episode
of Ask An American, I’m going to be tackling the question of obesity in the United States.
Why does America top the charts when it comes to obesity? Now actually, this question is
one that nobody has ever asked me. No, instead they ask me, “Hey Dana, why are all Americans
so fat and ugly?” Yep, that’s the question that I actually get. And not just in the Youtube
comments to answer as an Ask An American video, but that’s the question that people ask me
in person. At parties. Like, I go out to a party, “Hi, I’m Dana. Nice to meet you.” “Oh,
nice to meet you, Dana. So Dana, why are all Americans fat and ugly?” That’s their small-talk
ice-breaker conversation that they think somehow it would be appropriate to ask me that. I
don’t know. Even after 7 years of living abroad, I still don’t know how to respond to this
question. You know, I don’t want to completely ruin the mood of the party and be like, uh
f*ck you. Um, so if you have an idea, what can I say as a response? Kind of a, a zinger,
you know. That gets the point across that that question is rude on many different levels.
But, you know, still kind of keeps me walking the high road there. Yeah, please let me know
if you have a suggestion. Okay, so starting off the video with a little
bit of personal experience, personal history from me, when I moved from the U.S. to Europe,
I did have a few extra pounds on me than what I have now. I weighed a little bit more. And
I can say from personal experience, in the U.S., I wouldn’t say that I struggled with
my weight, but my weight was constantly fluctuating, going up and down. I would gain weight and
then lose weight, gain weight and then lose weight. And a while ago, towards the beginning
of the Youtube channel, I made, um, a satirical video about the infomercials, those diet infomercials
that you often see, and I’ll link to that video that I made down below. But the things
that I mentioned in that video do actually have merit. I mean, it’s a joke video, but
there is definitely some truth behind the jokes. And so today I’m going to be looking in a
little bit more detail at some of those things that I mentioned in that video. Starting with free refills. So as I mentioned
in that video, in the U.S., if you order a fountain soda at a restaurant, a Coke, Pepsi,
Sprite, it’s got free refills. You can drink as much of it as you want. You paid, I don’t know, maybe three dollars
for it, and you can just slurp away the entire meal. And it’s kind of like it gets in your
head. You know, it’s like, well to more I actually drink of this, the more, kind of,
value I get for my money. So you just slurp and slurp and slurp the entire meal. And in
the U.S. servers are really quick to refill that soda. In general it’s a sign of a good
server if you don’t even finish your first soda before there’s just another one sitting
there on the table. So you basically just finish the one, and there’s already another
soda. You don’t have to go a second during your meal without having a soda right there
to slurp down. And then also at restaurants, you’ve got that
free bread on the table. In the U.S. it is super common, you come into a restaurant and
on the table you’ve got a basket of bread. And you know what happens when you finish
that basket of bread? Poof! It gets refilled. As many times as you want usually. At a lot
of Mexican restaurants instead of bread you have tortilla chips. Bottomless tortilla chips.
In the U.S. you’ve got a lot more all you can eat options. So the all you can eat buffet
is beloved in the U.S. Um, Chinese all you can eat buffets, American food all you can
eat buffets, breakfast all you can eat buffets. So, yeah, Americans have quite a lot of all
you can eat buffets. I very rarely see all you can eat buffets here in Germany. It just
doesn’t seem to be as popular. So in the U.S. you’ve just, and again, it’s like the refillable
soda — the more you eat at that buffet, the more you’ve gotten your “money’s worth” for
what you paid for it. And of course, how did you get to that restaurant
in the U.S.? Did you walk there? Did you ride your bike there? Nah, I’m guessing you drove
there. American cities are just made for cars. They were built for cars and so it’s really
hard to get around any other way. As far as walking goes, sometimes there aren’t even
sidewalks, or if there are sidewalks, they’re right up against a really busy street. Or
there could be a sidewalk, and you’re walking for a while, and then the sidewalk just ends.
Or you have to walk really far to get anywhere. The cities are so spread out, you really just
have to, I mean, it could be an hour walk to the restaurant. As far as biking goes,
cars don’t really watch out for the bikers. They just don’t think about it. Drivers don’t
really think about it. And so it’s not very safe to bike in the U.S. You often won’t have
a bike lane, sometimes you do, but a lot of times you don’t, you have to ride in traffic.
And if you have a bike lane, that’s the big if you have a bike lane, there’s a good chance
that that bike lane isn’t necessarily kept up all throughout the year. So if you live
somewhere where it snows, there’s a good chance that in the winter, that bike lane is gonna
be where the snowplows push all the snow. They push it out of the way for the cars and it
goes into the bike lane, and sits there until May. So really, driving is pretty much the
only option for really getting around in most places in the U.S. And where else do we drive
besides restaurants? Well, everywhere. But one place else is grocery stores. In America
you drive to the grocery store. You get in your car and you drive there and then you
can pretty much buy however much you want. Because you can just take it out of the grocery
store and pack it all into your car and drive it home. You don’t have to worry about carrying
it home on your bike or in your hands if you’re walking, on public transportation. You can
buy as much as you want. And the cars in the U.S. are huge too. So you can really fit a
lot of food in there. The refrigerators are huge in the U.S., so you can just buy so much
food. And you know what else is big in the U.S.? The grocery stores. There are so many
options. Here in Germany, you’ve got like, a good size amount. Let’s talk about the ice
cream. A good size freezer section. You’ve got a good few ice creams in there. Yeah,
in the U.S. I don’t think I’m exaggerating at all to say that there are 100s of different
ice creams in the grocery store. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. You’ve got this huge
aisle of ice cream. A huge aisle of pizza, frozen pizza with so many options. I mean,
in Germany, I kind of go, I look at the ice cream. I’m like, well, okay, I kind of like
this one. In the U.S. there is something for everyone to love. There’s so many options,
there’s gotta be something there that you love. And because of all the options, I kind
of want to try them all, you know? Oh, I need the mint chocolate chip, and I need the, the coffee,
and I need the cookie dough. And, you know, I want, I want to try all the different options. It
just gets really exciting. It’s just, there’s too many different things that I wanna try. Okay, while we’re on ice cream, I mentioned
this in the magical European diet video: amount of ice cream that you get if you go out to
buy ice cream in a cone. So in the U.S. if you get an ice cream in a cone, you ask for
one scoop, you’re actually gonna get a lot more ice cream than you do here in Germany.
So in America, they take the cone and they take a bunch of ice cream and they press it
down into the cone first. Until there’s like a little bump sort of on the top of the cone.
And then they take the ice cream scooper and really dig it through the ice cream a few
times to make a big ball. And then they put that big ball on the top of the already filled
ice cream cone. And that, my friends, is one scoop of ice cream. In Germany, you go out to get ice cream, you
ask for a one scoop cone, they’re going to take the cone, they’re gonna take the ice
cream scooper, and they’re gonna run it one time through the ice cream, and plop that
on top. You’re gonna get a scoop, I don’t know, maybe that big. And that is in Germany
your one scoop of ice cream. They take it very literally. It is literally one scoop
of ice cream. So in general, you have bigger portions in
the U.S. Yes, I can think right off the top of my head of some things that come in large
sizes in Germany. You’ve got those one liter Mass beers that they serve here in Bavaria.
And those pretzels bigger than your head. But those are just a couple examples. Whereas
in the U.S., having the large portion sizes is kind of the norm, not the exception. And the kicker here with portion sizes is
the up-sell in America. So for example, um, you, you go to McDonald’s. And I don’t know
if they still do this. They might not do this anymore, but I at least remember from my childhood,
you would order whatever it was you wanted, and they would always ask you, “Would you
like to supersize that?” You know, for like a dollar more you can get triple the amount
of food. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, it wasn’t triple, but I think you know what I
mean. Same at the movie theaters. It’s a lot cheaper, um, by portion, by value to get the
bigger size than to get the smaller size. And my last point that I would like to make
is about commercials and advertising in general. In the U.S., things are really sold to you.
Here in Germany, um, yes there are ads, there are commercials. But I just don’t find it
quite the same. Um, in the U.S. the, the restaurants often have commercials advertising this glistening,
beautiful food. A basket of wings, advertising Friday nights at whatever restaurant: all
you can eat wings for $9.99. Dessert for free if you order at least two baskets, at least
two portions of all you can eat wings, or there’s always going on some sort of buy one,
get one free! Buy one portion of all you can eat wings and get the second portion free.
And you know, um, they’re really shimmering those delicious, glistening buffalo wings
right in your face on the TV screen. And I feel like often in Germany, restaurants kind
of let you come to them. Yeah, it just doesn’t seem to be the same. And I think a lot of
that has to do with that there are chain restaurants in the U.S. and so they
have these big, multi-state advertising campaigns going on, whereas in Germany a lot of the
restaurants, there’s just one of them! And that one restaurant is probably not going
to invest in some sort of a glistening food campaign. So when you see those commercials,
it’s really hard to resist going out and buying those amazing looking buffalo wings. So there’s
a lot more, seems like a lot more temptation, a lot more, in the U.S., stuff is being dangled
right in front of your face, and you just aaaah! You just gotta have it. So my question for you is: first of all, what
tips do you have for me, what suggestions, what should I do when I’m at a party and someone
comes to me with, “So Dana, why are all Americans so fat and ugly?” What should I say to that?
I don’t want to make a scene and I don’t want to be rude myself. But yeah, what little zinger
could I throw out there to get out of the situation gracefully? And also, what other
things would you bring to this conversation? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. Please don’t
forget to subscribe for more videos and hit that like button if you enjoyed this video.
Thank you! And also, to connect with me, see more photos, more video clips, behind the
scenes stuff, you can check me out over here on my Twitter and my Facebook page. Until
next time, auf Wiedersehen! Hey everyone! Dana here and on today’s episode
of Ask An American, I’m going to be talking about a topic that, yeah…mh There’s a good chance that that bike lane
is gonna be the place in the winter that accumulates all the snow, the snowplows…that was my
phone. Haha, it’s okay. What am I even saying?

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  1. Everyone that I talk to when they come to the US they always say "people are more fit then I expected." And I'm jut like duh

  2. People forget a) how poor the average US citizen is, and b) how cyclical starvation combined with poor nutrition in the cheap foods a lot of poor people can afford to buy really affects people. When you starve yourself, your body slows your metabolism, until you eat again, when you're more likely to binge and your body holds onto more calories.

  3. All-you-can-eat buffets & free refills. And the fact that a whole box of macaroni & cheese (30 cents) is cheaper than 1 fresh apple (50 cents).

  4. As you are not overweight I am sure it is not meant rude. And as you can talk about the topic for 13 minutes in an entertaining way I guess that is what people were hoping for. If you do not want to discuss it say something boring like: I feel uncomfortable discussing this. I really could only speculate why someone is overweight. I am sure there are individual reasons for every individual in the US or in Europe. (change subject)

  5. Every country in the world has its own big and small issues. For example: The French are slim, the German have bigger stomachs then them and Americans have bigger portions of food while Chinese are very thankful for each grain they can/may eat.

  6. You can not compare Big Companys, that only interrestet in Profit,
    when they make all you can eat or Supersize offer, with a Restaurants
    that make special Menues, in healthier Portions,where you had you dress-up
    and had a good time or celebration.
    Its salty ,its fat,its was make cheap and with Chemicals,
    but then, they try to sell you more and came often as you want.
    Did you not see the Dokumovie Supersize me?
    Give it real Icecreamshops, that makes the icecream fresh
    and you can sit like in a Cafe in America?
    A 8 year old Son of a American Senator dies,because he eat Hamburgers
    ,buyed at a normal store and cooked at Home,but had multi-resistand-Germs.
    And makes Big Cars, not big Smog,which makes a Jogging or other
    Sports, that makes you loose Weight, unhealthy at all?

  7. Why are all Germans/American/.. fat?! I'm German/American/… , thanks for letting me know I'm fat (and ugly ). Honesty is always a good start. Btw. I find you ugly, too. The answer is simple: I eat more than my body need in comparison to my psysical movement – Too much sugar, too much meat, too much everything. That was an easy question, do you want me to explain something else? Like: why is it dark in the night?

  8. JEZUZ H CRIIIIIIIIIIIST! All the trolls who come on here for an insult contest. Dana, sorry you have to put up with an international set of trolls.

    As for your question, this is ony part of the equation, but not all of it. Much of American food is heavy on the carbs and sugars. Carbs and sugars are notorious for weight gain. I used to be over weight. I went on a low carb diet and lost much weight. I stay on it and the weight stays off. Also, you are correct about most places in the US being built for cars. Most of Europe was built up and developed around the horse and horse drawn vehichles. The US had most of it's developement centered around the automobile. And yes, everything is very spread out here. You virtually cannot get around without a car in most places in the US.

  9. Also the food industry has a large hand in the American diet. The national health standards and" food pyramid" in the US is much different in other countries. The food pyramid that is taught is schools is not very healthy.

    Many "diet" or "health" foods in the US are filled with sugar and salt to replace the flavor provided by trans fat etc.

    School lunches are extremely bad in the US. At my school we had pizza, hamburgers, or chicken wings every day with a side of fries and milk. Many low income families receive free or discounted lunches in America. Many kids are raised eating this food.

    I think it is really sad about these things. They are kind-of imbedded into American culture.

    However, that question will probably come off as rude to an American.

  10. I would wonder how many fat americans they see, and where they see them. They likely don't really see that many americans. Anyway, they likely just wanted to be smart asses.

  11. I feel really sorry for this offensive idiots that ask such questions. I think none of my friends would ask that, at least not in such a rude way.

  12. As a fat American guy who has also lived in Germany. You are right, we eat terribly and have no exercise. I lost 70 pounds once literally by cutting sodas and walking 20 minutes a day. I gained it back I changed jobs and made less time for working out and started drinking coke again. Now when I lived in Germany I lived in a small country village (kleines dorf) and it seemed as though a good portion of the people were overweight. Not fat, but definitely 20-50 pounds over. They mostly had to drive everywhere. There was a bus in to some of the neighboring larger towns, but definitely not the convenient transportation of a Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt etc… For the most part you weren't going to take the bus in to town for shopping and dinner. Had this town then had the American diet… Well I think they would have been just as fat, genetics aside, as America.

    What to say to people who ask that? Beats me. Maybe they never asked because I was fat or because many of them were chunky. Either way who cares. We know we have issues in this country. Just chalk it it up to the German Personality. It isn't like the brits who ask to actually be mean (plus they always seem to be fat themselves when they ask).

  13. Well, I'm guessing that you live in bavaria, but let me tell you, there are a lot of all-you-can-eat chinese restaurants in my area. I live in northrhine-westphalia and probably most of the restaurants I know are chinese all-you-can-eat. Also, the thing about biking in the U.S sounds crazy, now I'm actually kinda glad about our bike ways, even though I used to complain about them a lot. About the grocery stores, most people in my area shop for groceries by car and buy a lot of food, or at least enough for one or two weeks and my parents e.g. love to buy stuff in bulk when it's cheap and pack or car to the maximum (hence our basement is filled with food). Same goes for serving prices, large servings are cheaper than small ones, going by price vs. quantity.
    So, a couple of your points seem kinda off to me, since they are not U.S exclusive but you talk about them as if they were.
    That brings us back to another question: What are really the causes of high obesity rates in the U.S. when the availability of food is similiar to other countries with smaller obesity rates?

  14. you could just point out that most people in the us aren't fat and ugly because most aren't and that's a fact!

  15. You missed an important one, sports. The US is big on youth sports through out grade and High School. Because of this kids tend to learn to eat more because they need those extra calories. After they graduate from High School they keep those eating habits.

  16. well … not being rude at that question is out the window before hand. I think best reaction is … give m the eye and … excuse me? give them a way the refrase that. and of course not help them when they do struggle to.

  17. It could possibly be the GMO foods in the U.S. that's leading to the obesity epidemic in America as GMOs are banned in many EU countries. Another possibility is the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFSC) to sweeten the sodas in the U.S. by soft drink manufacturers whereas in the EU they mostly use sugar. HFCS packs so much more calories compared to sugar. At least the reasons mentioned above sound more scientific and shift the blame to big agriculture and big soda companies.

  18. 🍦🍮🍩🍞🎂🍪🍭 value for money in America which is great. As for the question refer them to your video.

  19. And don't be fooled by weight alone. I have seen some people who are really thin, but then when they get to the beach or pool and are wearing their bikini's and swim shorts they make the chubbier crowd look more pleasing do to the strange shape their bodies take from their serious abuse. Yes, they may eat less, but they don't look any better, and some look worse and even sickly. I'm not defending the US by any means, but lately there seems to be serious health issues regarding PCOS, a huge rise in Thyroid Cancers that cause normal sized people with normal healthy lifestyles to suddenly gain a lot of weight.

    Sadly all that fast food and soda is pure poison in the end. It also doesn't help that walking and biking in a lot of areas is either impractical or extremely dangerous, and those all you can eat places are actually gross. I only go there once a year for my dad's birthday and that is all. Not because of the people, but because the food is terrible. Its not even good nor is it as cheap as it seems because they pack it with so much bad stuff that you don't really get your moneys worth.

    Its not offensive so much as its startling of a question. But, instead of getting too offensive you could educate them, and maybe they will spread it to their friends/families the truth rather than media stereotypes because while there ARE a lot of unhealthy overweight people, assumptions on their food and activity is a bad assumption, and these days I've actually been seeing a lot of people taking real steps to try and control themselves and better their lives. Instead of negativity, US needs positivity, but that's kind of hard to come by these days isn't it?

  20. One scoop of ice cream in America is literally 4 scoops in Germany. Not kidding! Even one scoop is too much for me, I wished to order a half a scoop but they would probably think I'm insane lol

    Also the portion sizes of meals in America are insanely huge. And your stomach will slowly get used to way more and more until you are able to finish the meal in one sitting.

  21. this video is old but I would just laugh and go .. someone believes made up stories.. or give a giggle and say you believe that? That's so cute.. a little patronizing but also you COULD have been sincere lol

  22. I have a really fat friend, that I love dearly. I never have seen her eating a huge amount of food, she rarely eats fastfood And loves to play footbal ( soccer). I was concernd about her health. So I asked her "Warum bist du so extrem fett, wenn du kaum was isst?" (Why are you so extrem fat, when you barely eat anything?) She gave me a very long explanation about a desease she ist suffering from since childhood. I didn't understand all she was saying, but I understood it was a desease. That's the way it is between FRIENDS in germany. BUT If a stranger would ask me a question in that way I would have probably answered something like " If you had phrased the question in a more respectful way, I would have at least though about answering that question.
    That beeing said, it is true, that in germany we are more direkt, and don't have patience for false pleasanties. But beeing disrespectful is Not beeing direkt. My überaus german Mother allways says "You can tell someone you don't like them, but be respectful about it."

  23. After listing to your examples of US eating and shopping habits, and your value system, my short answer to that "rude" question would contain adjectives also considered rude, adjectives pertaining to cognitive ability, depth of insight and so on.
    Your clip answers the question, and it's not painting a likeable picture.

  24. Funny: At the grocery store you have tons of options. But if it comes to transportations, you just have one option … . Both ways seems not environmental friendly at my eyes …

  25. Just respond in a serious tone:"Did u just call me fat and ugly?" … wait a few seconds and stare them down – then just laugh and change the topic

    But a nice 'F**k you!' Isn't a bad idea🙃

  26. It's not really about the scoop, in Germany we have "kugeln", meaning balls. So if you order one "kugel" of ice cream you jsut get a ball of ice cream. So when looking just at the word it self, the German way makes sense actually :D. Although the American seems better. But then one scoop of ice cream must be really epensive..

  27. Turn it back to them and say, “Oh, you think I’m fat and ugly?” Then they can see what you got out of the question and maybe they’ll understand why it’s rude.

  28. How about "why do you think all germans are so thin and healthy? It's kind of passive aggressive but it brings the idiocy of the question across. At least in my mind :D.

  29. "So, you think I am fat and ugly?", would be a good response. Yes, obesity is a problem in the US, I think it is because of the over abundance of HFCS (corn syrup made in a lab) in products. Its cheaper than natural sugar and it is sweeter so you can use a lot less to get the same sweetness. Portion sizes have also gone up. It is not rare to see someone drinking a super Big Gulp, if you dont know what a Super Gig Gulp is, picture a bucket full of soda. There you go.

  30. There are a lot of Americans Germany would only cover one of our state's so you choose what you see Americans come in all shapes and sizes

  31. What to answer? Just what you explained: "In the USA esp. food is going to be sold and bought in large quantities, mostly because of commercial reasons, to make profit – and people got used to this more and more. So finally, many people just eat much more than would be good for them." Easy to answer, or? 😉

  32. The default sorting order ist OFF – is makes no sense to sort by default by number of commentaries. That will get some static thing then!

  33. Germans are confronted with almost the same question all around american culture: the fat and ugly german (brutal, naughty and unpolite in the wake of it)

  34. Say this (with a smile!! I find you can say anything if you say it with a smile): "Americans actually are NOT all fat and ugly. I'm American; are you saying I'm fat and ugly?" I mean, answer their question honestly. It's the truth that not all Americans are fat and ugly, and you should ask them that question because it should be obvious to them that they're talking about you and all your friends and family back home.

  35. Speaking as a person of low income and an American, I can say that healthy food options are much harder to afford. When a salad is $7 and a burger, fries, and a drink only costs $3 or so, you're going to choose the more unhealthy option if you're on an extremely tight budget. I only have $150 a month to spend on groceries. A gallon of milk is $4, but I can get TWO CASES of Ramen for the same price. For me, the issue is simply the cost of healthier foods. I don't even mean extravagant and unusual food items. Some staple food items such as meat and dairy are so high-priced that I often can't get them at all.

  36. I have celiac disease and it is the common symptom to being underweight with improper food options.
    After watching this video, I remember that more and more food companies are catering to those with celiac disease which can be a culprit of weight gain*…😆
    Same thing with veganism. There are fat vegans out there and more options.

    *actually, weight fluctuation and celiac disease are a matter of ones personal metabolism which arguably can be more environmentally influenced than geneticallyBUT…I mean, I got 4 kinds of gluten free Oreo-like cookies I can buy now… 7 years ago, it was not like that…😉

  37. Everyone I know who went to the USA for a year or half a year gained a lot of weight… :-/
    I guess all of your reasonings are a part of the?

  38. Du kannst Bayern nicht mit dem Rest von Deutschland vergleichen es ist eigentlich genauso wie in den usa. Man fährt auch in Deutschland überall mit dem Auto hin

  39. We also have to remember our grandparents, who raised baby boomers, went through the great depression and world war 2 where there wasn't much food. When food was readily available in the 50's and 60's they pushed their children to clean their plate, and patted kids on the back for being "a good eater". Boys were told, "oh wow, your so big… Look how much you can eat", etc.

    So, there are many reasons for Americans being obese.

  40. I know frank and directly answering is not easy for English speakers but as you answer to a German I think it is appropriate to be direct and frank: "Excuse me, the way you are asking this question sounds actually kind of rude to me."
    Dear Dana, I am so sorry to hear about those awkward experiences you make on parties over and over again. I wonder really what's going on in their heads… I hope it is the alcohol and not their actual manners…. I can only speak for myself because of my experiences living as a German girl in England that I really needed this directness in order to really understand what I did wrong and consequently what to do better next time. 🙂 Wir Deutschen brauchen häufig Klartext, das ist eine große Hilfe.

  41. Now I know this video is pretty old, but I do want to offer my type of solution for a question like that. My face would go really innocently sad and I'd ask "You think I'm ugly?" in a really sad voice, kinda like a chld asking "Santa isn't real?". The person would probably answer something like: "No, not you, just like…Americans" And then I'd go in the same kind of hurt tone: "I don't understand, my mom isn't ugly" and by that point the person would probably let it go.

  42. How about "are you calling me fat and ugly?" Now if you are feeling somewhat devilish, may I suggest calling Stefan over and saying " Stefan, so and so thinks I am fat and ugly…I'll leave you two to discuss." I don't think finesse wins this. Blunt honesty will end the rude display. I come from a family with Bavarians on one side and Prussians on the other. Oh….and enough Hungarian to make us all crazy. I would never think to break the ice by insult disguised as a question.

  43. In America unhealthy food is cheap…man made take food is cheap but real food or natural organic food is expensive

  44. I would say yes some Americans are heaver set but there quiet a few people how are skinny and I would also say the leading problem is that they are stressed which makes our body retain more calories

  45. Why would it be a rude question? It’ s the truth. And you are neither responsable for the obesity epidemic, nor are you obese, so I don’t see why you would take it personally.

  46. OMG! Im' ashamed (beeing a german) that this is a 1st question. My (rude) answer would be: "why in in world do people quote
    germans as "Nazis" anymore?
    This does not solve this problem in any way. But it brings the stereotype up to the surface.
    To talk about it from that on.
    And I could explain the obesity. But that is not really the point, here.

  47. Surely they can't STILL be asking you that. The world now knows Meghan Markle and she is anything BUT fat and ugly. And she's an American.

  48. "Oh wow, have you met all Americans?" I get tired of "American" stereotypes because the US is a HUGE place.

    I think a large part of the obesity problem is that there is little to no food education. Kids don't learn about making healthy choices. In general, I'd say the average American grows up paying very little attention to what they eat and then when they start to care, they are introduced to fad diets and don't necessarily understand how to handle their food.

  49. Es scheint so, als wärest Du einem taktlosen Trampel begegnet. Die gibt es ja leider überall, genauso wie es Vorurteile und Klischees überall gibt. Nun gut, Du fragst wie Du auf solch eine Frage antworten solltest. Wie wäre es, mit einem verschmitzten Lächeln zu sagen:“Well, ….they are all german Immigrants.“
    😁👊🏼😁 Ich kann nicht beurteilen ob das zu Dir passt, ich allerdings brächte das eiskalt. Vielleicht können ja beide drüber lachen, und ein anderes Thema wählen.
    Dana, auch wenn Du US Amerikanerin bist, bist Du ja nicht verantwortlich für alles was in den USA geschieht. Du hast nicht zu rechtfertigen und entschuldigen ein „Ami“ zu sein.
    Btw , warst Du schon auf der deutschen „Route 66“ unterwegs?

  50. Hey Dana, why are all americans fat and ugly? Answer: Hey (insert name), why all germans are wearing Lederhosen? Ok, this comment is a little late.

  51. Why not answer with "and why are Germans so rude about other countries problems when they have some big ones themselves?" – sorry but sometimes they tend to beg for a fight 🤦🏼‍♀️ fremdschämen for me

  52. Do people really ask you why Americans are fat and ugly? First, that's really a rude thing to ask, especially as a first question of a conversation! And second, I always thought American women aren't ugly at all! A lot of them are very pretty and look definitely more spruced up that a lot of German women. I've always wanted to know why Americans seem to have perfect hair, nails, make-up and so on all the time. How do they do it?

  53. Sugestion: All english speaking coutries have more obesety (that is true)….so it must be the language. Then smile say it's a joke and change the subject.
    After seeing this i can't help but wonder: you just told everyone why americans are so big… so why the question?

  54. I am Dutch but I don't think that all Americans are fat and ugly, you are already the example. In my country we have also the overweight problem but I am sure that if I should be born and raised in the USA then I also would be extremely obese because I am a very food lover, thinking a lot of all kind of delicious food what I like to prepare. It has to do with life style indeed. I think it would be difficult to implement my current lifestyle in the USA. I mean, I do all my transportation in my town by bike, all the shoppings, I have a big bike bag. So almost everybody is doing that. Also it is a kind of " not done" here to feed your child fast food. Only by special occasions people take their child to fast food restaurants. I think it has to do with the society. For instance, my family would find it very weird if I should give my children sodadrinks by their dinner or don't cook at home on a normal week day. Water is the standard. Many things are odd or strange here because of unspoken rules. Like eating chips ( crisps) on a week day is weird. I think here are a lot of unspoken rules about food.

  55. I get asked this question as an American abroad all the time, but it's not rude or offensive, it's true. I just tell them why, it's not rocket science or a secret.

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