Avocado and Vitamin C | Vlog 10
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Avocado and Vitamin C | Vlog 10

October 4, 2019

Yeah! You know I was just, I was looking
to haggard people kept coming up and they’re like: hey! Who’s this homeless dude? So I had to trim up my beard. We are
headed up to see Natalie Jill, longtime friend. Hello Natalie! This a Jansen, my assistant and
this is David. Let’s make me a show runner for the blog and..cool! Include me, my team they’ll be back in here. I’m here with the one and only Natalie Jill. She’s been an inspiration to
millions of people all across the world. So, right here? Good! You don’t want to take.. Sorry about that
guys. I was trying to do too much I want trying to find our, the place where we’re
going to be filming today. So it’s going to get like having you do your accents on there.
Hey my man, we’re here to see Natalie Jill and Brooks holland for here. Let’s do this! Yeah! Tucker, come down. My what? Your debit card. My debit card. Ahh.. Come on Tucker! Go Tucker! Come on Tucker! Go Tucker! Come on! Don’t forget to my name. Make sure Tuck can go in first. You made one mistake. Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Tucker? Get on. Say Hi Beans! My Russian accent is coming along fitness pro. She is an amazing person; has
a community online where she helps primarily women. I’m getting shaped her at home workouts. Having an active workout over there? Hi! Got the whole team here. I love it! We want to hear her wide entity why did
she do what she does every single day. So this is the baby. So talk to us about
the inspiration behind creating this. Yeah! That’s why when… they are in the cool kids club. You are in the cool kids club then you got the book. You got to get the book. Get through all that information overload and all the
millions of diets and plans out there. I do it on my own and figured out a way
that would work for anybody. Yeah! So we’ll talk to about that what
separates this book from a lot of the other books that are out there. Mmm… avocado pudding. You can’t, you can’t
tell mom about avocado pudding beacause they go ewww but they had to taste it first. You just
ate chocolate pudding. It’s really good! Yeah! Especially the busy mom that
doesn’t have a lot of money or resources or knowledge about nutrition. Yeah! I figured it out and I was able to
share that with others that transform their lives too. Do you know one avocado
has as much fibers as three bowls of oatmeal? It’s a big problem in America today
and then immediately after that we’re gonna go see my good friend and soul sister Dr. Lauren Noel. Oh just her! …man you
smell… and really that was her now. Should we tell them the truth behind nutrient deficiencies? Mhm.. Let’s do it! Yeah! The reality is is
that our food is not as healthy as it once was. You can easily transform your health by
changing your diet and at the same time the soil in our country is not as
nutrient rich is it used to be. What’s happened to the soil? Right?
Herbicides, fungicides, pesticides round up all of this stuff is like basically
made a lot of it worthless. She’s a podcast online Dr. Lau radio.
Every time I hang out with Lau and get them belly belly ache. I just laughed the whole time. She’s
actually a naturopath. So there may be an opportunity to get some of my veins at blood flow. You good at blood flow, good at blood
flow. The blood flow inspires me and some
really cool stuff from her today. Just be careful because Dr. Lau will
sell you whatever she has in that place. Sounds really wanted a diet with the vitamin C. She’s very charismatic. And then Dr. Lau, she’s speaking at a live
event plus and a shot you’re getting about three milliliters at the most an IV we’re getting 250-plus, so a lot
more nutrients in there. Let’s talk about the nutrient-rich foods
that people need to be eating. The main nutrients I see that are low for most people: magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, iron and
also calcium and I’m she’s just such a light in the world. We love Dr. Lau
and he loves naturopathic medicine and want to make a difference for people. That’s that! So I have a candidate right now. You can’t run away! You didn’t run away! So Tucker has managed many offices. So he’s my new hired. Then you want to email [email protected] ..that was going to be
[email protected] Make a one minute with your cell phone telling
Dr. Lau why you’re that person. Yeah! Like one thing that you get from
Brooks Natalie’s husband on video. Yeah! Drew just come out the same day
when I met him at the gym. Mmm..who is be like hey… you were with drew
when he first started Fitlife. And that’s what we were set up as kinda
duo and we start and we had the idea of that Fitlife.TV. Number one – we bought 70 pounds. Yeah! We..
probably like a hundred pounds. We were like we were walking downtown. It’s a
room full of vegetables in this alley in the middle of nowhere and then the next
day we walked in that was gone. Yeah! It was like it just manifested from
the sky. So he just pulled out his phone and bought the domain right then and
there was that like that video going Costco. We would buy a bunch of
stuff and then we would award people money and we started you know doing
stuff and if they could guess how much was in it like the amount and then also
like what chemicals were in certain types of. Yeah! We ask them questions
about artificial sweeteners and whatever. Now it’s totally blown off. Maybe amaze me just give them 5, 10, 20
bucks. You know the ecstatic. She has basically been my wife because of Drew. Bro, when did you get this? I ordered it and I waited like six
months for it. You got your license? What’s inside the engine underneath of it?
It’s a 430 horsepower… A rocket ship dude. So bad ass.. So thanks for that. That’s how the legend
begins folks.

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  1. COLLAGEN Please help me what kind of collagen should i take? Biosil, pills, ? its trud that our stomach acid destroys collagen?

  2. Your video is all over the place! Back and forth and choppy filming. I like the Porsche, I have one, but this is a fitness video right?

  3. I've been eating 2 avocados a day for the past few months as part of my vegetarian diet and it has done loads for my energy in the gym and I can definitely tell Im getting more fiber. Good stuff! #coachMP

  4. I have been watching your chanel for a couple of weeks now and I am loving it very much. I am now juicing every day. Honestly, I am enjoying every new juice recipe you put out. I am also trying out my own ideas. please give some dose and don'ts of juicing. vegetables that are not your be mix or something like that. Thanks a lot.

  5. I came for info about Avocado and Vitamin C and ended up feeling like I am hanging out with a really cool and successful group of friends.
    Thanks guys!

    Maybe post some info for people to skip to the few moments you are actually talking about health and nutrition for the people who came here for that information rather than to fill a social void in their lives.

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