Beat Obesity Malaysia S1 E1: Intro
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Beat Obesity Malaysia S1 E1: Intro

March 8, 2020

What image comes to your mind when you think
of an obese person? Do me a favour, I want you to imagine an obese
person right now. Do you have an image in your head yet? Good. Now look at me ladies and gentlemen, I am
going to strip for you. Ok fine maybe not strip, but I am going to take
my t-shirt off so you can see what I am hiding beneath this. What you are looking at is what medical professionals
would call a class 1 obese male. Yes, I am obese. If the image that you had in your head moments
ago was anything bigger than I am right now, then you were imagining
what would have most likely been a class 2 or 3 obese individual. On August 2018, The reported that
Malaysia is Asia’s fattest country with approximately HALF of the population overweight
or obese. Now let me put a number to that, we as a country
are 32 million strong. That makes more than a ridiculous 15 million
Malaysians overweight or obese. Which is why I decided to take my t-shirt off for
you I mean, I never thought that this
was obese Did you? And if you didn’t, that’s exactly what I think is our problem we need this wake up call, Malaysia. and I didn’t see any other way as to how I could deliver This wake up call more accurately to you You see, I’m a vain guy alright, I like looking
good and you have no idea how difficult this is for me. And that in no way means I generally look
good but I usually tend to hide my fats. But my insecurities aside, I think the image
of obesity in our minds are terribly skewed by what we see or learn on tv. You see every time somebody speaks of obesity;
they usually show you a photo or a video of a class 3 obese individual. Most of us see that image, look at ourselves
and think – ehhhh I think I’m still alright lah – AND THAT
is the problem. Because if you, just like me, managed to eat
all the way up to stage 1 of obesity, then stage 2 and stage 3 is just a piece of cake. No pun intended. In March this year, our Health Minister,
Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said about 3.6 million Malaysians were suffering
from diabetes. You think that’s bad? Datuk Dr Mustaffa Embong, the Executive Chairman
of the National Diabetes Institute or better known as NADI,
said that the institute has data that suggests almost half the number of diabetic Malaysians don’t even know that they have diabetes. Most of the time, type 2 diabetes does not
have any symptoms whatsoever until you develop a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or go blind. Ok, I am going to chill with the statistics
right now – because quite frankly it’s scaring the hell out of me. I want you to stop and take some time to watch
this video all the way to the end because by the end of it,
you will know the best practices that you need to follow if you want to lose weight
and be healthy. If you have been struggling with weight loss,
still are struggling or have just given up all together when it comes to losing weight,
then this video my friend, is for you. Let me make you this guarantee now. I am not selling you anything. There will be no slimming creams or pills
or shakes for you to kill yourself with. Everything I share with you will be absolutely
FREE. Let me take it a step further, some of you
don’t even have access to gyms and I don’t want that to stop you from getting healthier
– we will address that part too but in another video. We don’t have time for that today and I don’t want to overload you guys with information. Ok, so by now I know exactly what you are thinking If this fella if he himself is obese, how is he
going to help me? He clearly can’t even help himself! Look, I know that talk is cheap and I know
you have watched other ‘lose weight fast’ videos and nothing has come out of it. You see, for the past 9 or so years I have
been in been in your shoes, I have been fighting one enemy OBESITY It has been a never-ending war
and I have been, for those whole 9 years, the loser in that war. I used to be in the category of class 2 obese with my heaviest at 115KGs Every diet I went on, every single workout
plan I followed, it always ended with me getting demotivated
and giving up halfway. My weight always fluctuated – it would look
like I was losing weight one day and making good progress and before you know it, EVERYTHING would be reset and I’ll be back to being obese. So, for the past 2 years, I have been studying religiously weight loss because I just wanted to understand one simple thing,
why is it so damn difficult to lose weight and get healthy? The way things were, it seemed like if I couldn’t
afford an expensive gym membership, don’t have extra 2 hours in a day to work
out and don’t have enough money to buy expensive food that can get you ‘healthier’
that meant that I was destined to live life as a fat boi. It made no sense to me that the journey to
just be healthy was that difficult. Why does our body require so much work just
to be healthy? Does that mean that the human body by default is unhealthy? It makes absolutely no sense. For 2 years, I researched, read and tested
so many different methods and when I finally found the answer and applied it to my own daily life, I started losing weight at a steady pace. It wasn’t fast but it was consistent
and more importantly, it didn’t take too much effort on my end. Which was one of my greatest goals cos I’m
quite a lazy fella as well Halfway through my weight loss journey, about
6 or 7 months ago, is when I realised that I needed to share this with everybody. And I know, my Malaysians, yen makkaley, wo
de tongbao, rakyat malaysiaku, I knew that none of you would believe nor
listen to me so I stopped in my tracks and went back to my old ways to put all of
this weight back on just so I could lead you by example. But I have to apologise though, I could not allow myself to go back to being a class 2 obese just for that reason So I stopped here, class 1.
I think this will set a good enough example Cos I really don’t want to die young so I will do this as a class 1 but to my class 2 and 3 brothers and sisters, it works all the same. So before we move on, let’s give you my
numbers. So, what is THE answer to the best way to lose weight? Before I answer that question, Let me throw a t-shirt back on so I don’t continuously torture you I am no genius and neither am I the first
one to reach this conclusion. The answer has been out there all this while,
for years and years now and the only reason why you don’t hear about it is because it’s
all about the money, money, moneyyy! And also drugs…. Yes, our country has fallen victim to a very
popular drug that increases the rate of obesity, diabetes and a bunch of other diseases and
nobody is doing anything about it. The drug lord behind this is the food and
beverage industry that is shoving millions and millions into marketing campaigns to get
you hooked. Yes, I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now,
the white demon, the white paradise, Have you guessed it yet? What’s that? Cocaine? Is that cocaine I hear? Nope, this drug is 8 times more addictive
than cocaine. It’s sugar. But don’t get me wrong though, this video
is not a war against sugar but it will be one of the topics you and I
will touch on soon enough. For now, I will share with you the simple
secret. Losing weight and staying healthy all within 3 simple steps 1.Eliminate sugar from your diet 2.Cook your own food 3.Work out for 20 to 30 minutes,
every 2 to 3 days This, ladies and gentlemen, is the minimum
of what you need to do to help yourself. And once again, I know talk is cheap Now I know there are going to be a lot of non-believers out there Which is why for the next 3 months, I am going to document exactly what I do and
how I do it so you can watch and understand that getting healthier is not
rocket science. Getting healthier is not as difficult as you think This will be a journey going from obese to
fit to show that it’s not impossible, as a matter of fact it’s a piece of cake. Now here’s the best part, you don’t have
to spend thousands getting there. Along the course of these coming months,
I will be focusing my efforts on putting out a video once every 2 weeks to share some of
what I have learnt the past two years mainly on key aspects that are fundamental for you to understand Now look, I know and I understand that this is the age of body positivity
and all that jazz but this has got nothing to do with that. I am just striving for a healthier nation. I promise you Malaysia, by the end of 3 months
and beyond, we would have taken a huge step towards a healthier nation, together. Ladies and gentlemen thank you for the time
you spent watching this video, if you like it, give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below
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