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Best diet to lose weight fast | Lose 7 kgs in 7 Days | Day 1 diet | San square weight loss

December 25, 2019

Hi friends, this is Ambika. Welcome back to San Square Today I am going to share super and effective weight loss diet with you If we follow this diet correctly, we will lose 7 Kgs in 7 Days easily. I am going to share, how to follow this diet and what all are the benefits while we follow this diet Also I am going to share, how to utilize this diet effectively to reduce our weight. [music] We are going to see GM diet plan in this video I will give an introduction about this Diet first. I am going to share, how effective this diet is going to be! So this GM diet is all about what we are going to take in the next 7 Days? Fully Vegetarians. Only Fruits & Vegetables and we are not going to take any non vegetarian foods I am also going to share, what all are the benefits from this diet This diet is going to eliminate unwanted toxins from our body easily and quickly. Some people said they can’t reduce their belly fat Some has arm fat some has hip fat even some has thigh fat for those, if they follow this diet, surely they can do weight lose as well and they will reduce their fat too You can see the results quickly, either from belly or fat from anywhere in your body during this diet we need to make sure we are drinking plenty of water. This diet will be effective, only if we take adequate water It is recommended to drink 8 glass of waters per day If you forget to drink water while follow this diet, you won’t get the desired results Same time if you don’t have time to do any workouts for office goes this diet not required to do any physical activity Only following this diet correctly will reduce weight This diet will suit for all kind of people for office goers or if you can’t prepare anything for you specially I am sharing how we are going to utilize this diet in a effective way(In the upcoming 7 days) Today I am going to share about my Day 1 Diet. I am also going to join with you for this diet. Why? We went to vacation about a week. There I got almost junk foods, likely deep fried chicken, deep fried fish etc and Pizza, Burger etc so I didn’t had any our kind of foods. All 5 days was with junk foods and gained extra pounds Appx 1.5Kg I gained So I am also planning to reduce my extra gained weight in this diet. Its been a long gap What food I am taking during this diet? How I am following this diet? What kind of activities we need to do in this diet? I am going to share those information day by day. I shared my experience and interesting information from my vacation Which places have we visited etc was in my another channel, “AMSU Tamil Vlog” That channel link was in description If you wish to watch, please watch in Amsu Tamil Vlog There are other interesting videos available in that channel I am going to share the Day 1 diet and what I had Morning as soon as wakeup, after brushing I drink 2 Cup of hot water If you didn’t watched hot water therapy, please watch I gave detailed instruction on how to drink water for effective and fast weight loss etc So I am going to utilize the same method for the next 7 days diet. 2 cup of warm / hot water in the empty stomach is what required Since I don’t have any issues, I used to drink hot water range of temperature based on your acceptable tolerance Benefit of drinking hot water will control your starving easily. We are not going to have any food in this diet Only Vegetables & Fruits we are going to consume So to avoid starving we need to drink this water in the morning. you too drink the water in same way 2 cup of hot water in the empty stomach Whoever is going to follow the diet, don’t forget to drink water. It’s going to be very useful to control starving and much more useful for weight loss Some people having issue and can’t able to drink hot water due to ulcer etc or under medication, in that case you can drink normal water as the same quantity – 2 Cups. You can drink normal water and not required to drink hot / warm water Or even warm water will be ok. Don’t forget to drink water during this diet It’s going to be very useful during this diet. What I had for my breakfast 1 Apple + 1 Guava for my breakfast In this diet we can take any vegetables and any fruits Day 1 is going to be with Fruit diet Only we can take Fruits Banana to be avoided during this fruit died You can take any fruit as you wish / favorite Mainly you need to consume water content fruits during diet. Orange, Graphes watermelon is going to be very effective in this diet. I will share, what fruit I took, you can take as you wish. Apple and Guava is my breakfast Next Snacks, there is no time limit for snacks, whenever you feel hungry you can take. No quantity for snacks. Since this is fruits day, you can take any fruit and avoid Banana. consume as much as fruit and any fruit. as and when you feel hungry take only fruits and drink plenty of water. For snacks I took Orange Since it is small orange(Tangerine) I took around 8 pieces. For lunch I took 2 apples. after lunch, I took again Orange while I feel hungry For dinner, I took again 2 apples. In between I took weight loss powder. you can watch from my recent video If you didn’t watch, please check Its going to be very effective During this diet, we can take one time I drink during evening, instead coffee / tea. Even you can drink before bed at least 30 minutes before your bed time. Evening you can drink green tea in the condition if you can’t control tea / coffee. But you need to avoid white sugar and take with brown sugar. one time allowed during this diet. I drink this during evening time. First two days will be slightly difficult. since we are doing this suddenly but after two days it will be easy and you won’t feel much hunger. not even feel of hungry or tired in the next two days. You have to tolerate for the first two days This diet is not recommended for Pregnancy people, trying for pregnancy & feeding mothers Other than that anyone can try this diet. Try for first two days, if you can’t continue, you can stop without proceeding. I posted lot of videos about weight loss, you can choose which one can work for you If you have some other issues, please consult your doctor you may be prescribed with multi vitamins / minerals tables, you can continue based on their advise Other than its suitable for everyone Suitable for PCOD, Thyroid As you know which food to be avoided and should be avoided. These all the fruits I had Incase if you feel too hungry, either during night or for lunch, you can take Oats I already shared Oats roti, please refer that video. Or take Oats Upma If you take that Oats recipe you can easily reduce weight same time your stomach will be filled. Oats roti / Upma can be taken during lunch or dinner. Its recommended to have only once in a day. In the rest of the day, you need to take only fruits, as you wish no limits on the quantity. Then I drink weight loss powder drink You must drink weight loss drink once in a day If not try fat cutter drink, garlic drink flat belly drink etc, lot of weight loss drink available from my videos All the drink links available in the description Choose any one of the drink which fits for you you can drink that before bed or during evening. Then only weight loss will be much effective. These all the things I did today & shared with you I completed my Day 1 diet successfully and I am going to have my dinner with 2 apples. Today Sunday and I shared all my diet plan Please follow this diet plan tomorrow from morning to night You can easily lose your weights Hope you got the whole diet plan You know who can take this diet and who cannot. Whose going to follow this diet, please comment in this section. If you have any doubts from this diet, please ask. Will try to reply as soon as possible for your questions Same time, you can also share what you had during this diet and after this diet how much you reduced your weight in the comment section Its going to be much motivation to all the viewers. I will also share my results. I am going to complete this 1 day diet successfully Please start your diet tomorrow we can easily lose our unwanted weight. Received lot of feedback that, I can’t able to reduce my weight This diet is going be a good initiator to burn your fats. beginners can start from this diet Easily we can see the results day by day. I lost 12 kgs from this diet, with little modification and I shared that in my previous video. Please watch that if you didn’t watched before. Start your diet along with me. We can easily reduce 7 Kg in a week easily from this diet We need to follow this diet, if not surely we can reduce 4 to 5 Kg Start your diet with me and comment whose is following Tomorrow I will share Day 2 diet with you Bye bye

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  1. Hi mam, enaku age31 weight73, na weightloss pannanum, but na pregnancy Ku try panren, na follow pannalama? Marriage agi1 yr aguthu but baby ila,

  2. Iam ready maam but antha powder drink illama veara eathavathu drinkda link anupunga mam iam srilanka neenga sonna powder ellam enga edukurathunnu theriyala

  3. I am ready to wight loss challenge mam. Wight 2 glass wome water.
    Bf – 1gova
    Eve -10green grapes and 1peace papay
    D- 1 Gova and 1apple
    Bed drink- 1 glass ginger tea
    1/2 waking today over mam.

  4. mam enakku age 40 ahuthu delivery opram back pain athihama irukku tea kudikkalama ennakku adikkadi pasikkum intha diat nan follow pannalama pls reply mam

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