Best Food to Counter the Effects of Air Pollution
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Best Food to Counter the Effects of Air Pollution

October 4, 2019

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  1. Which works better Doc …. cooked or raw broccoli. I double dare you to answer and confound all these Trumpsters who think cooked broccoli is more powerful than raw.

  2. Hey, everyone! I need your help, nutrition facts geeks !! Unfortunately, I am not a particularly savvy plant-based eater. I do eat a lot of plants and I make green smoothies, but I'd like to make sure I am not missing out on any "MUST-HAVE" plants.So…what are the top nutrient-dense health-promoting plant foods one absolutely has to have as staples on a weekly basis for optimal health and performance? I would love to know your top picks!

  3. Can I freeze Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables in the fridge without losing it's beneficial properties? I usually don't consume all of it at once (single household).

  4. While I'd prefer not to live in a large city, I'm lucky in that the city I currently live in has fairly good public transportation as well as bike lanes, keeping traffic in check. Also traffic is mostly kept to larger streets, making the smaller side streets a lot calmer, with less air and noise pollution. The pollution that does happen can also disperse fairly well, so it doesn't concentrate too much in the city area.
    The city is currently investing a lot into expanding and renovating the subway system, which is the fastest and most used of the public transport options, so I only expect it to get better. Though I won't stay around long enough to see the recently announced new subway line come into service while I still live here.

  5. Are brussel sprouts the same as Broccoli sprouts? I don't think I've ever seen a package in the grocery store labeled "Broccoli sprouts".?

  6. I tried eating it regularly but I can't stomach it. I get stomach pain and diarrhea from it every or every second time. Why? I thought it's so healthy.

  7. I love broccoli, but eating it makes me sick! Any advice/suggestions on what to eat with broccoli would be appreciated. As always, thank your Dr Greger for the great video.

  8. Can someone explain to me how broccoli suppresses inflammatory response but at the same time lets our body effectively fight off infections? And wouldnt inflammation be our body's defence against air pollution? Is it that our inflammatory response is usually overactive?

  9. Grow my own broccoli sprouts and add to my Kale/Parsley/Apple shake, but they taste horrible, so have found adding 4-6 Strawberries to the shake does wonders. And the Liver likes Strawberries.

  10. I use a cheese grater and grate my broccoli, let it sit for 45 minutes. And then I'll basically add it to my meal for dinner if I can work it in, or I will cook it or out it in a smoothie

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