Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay
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Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

October 8, 2019

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  1. I could never switch diets with my best friend

    She’s Chinese and her family makes cultural food that I’ve tried and just don’t like and I’m a super picky American soo..

    She’d probably be fine eating mine but I wouldn’t be ok eating hers

  2. I eat cereal in a cup so I can carry it around while I get ready instead of like brushing my hair then going to the kitchen and taking a bite and then getting dressed and going to the kitchen and taking a bite and by like the 2nd bite it's wayyyyyy too soggy

  3. 5:24 she basically said that just because lindsay is skinny doesn’t mean she’s healthy and just because she herself is fat doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy – honestly that’s messed up and wrong, she shouldn’t have said that. both of their diets are unhealthy.

  4. In the matter of a year a student posted a fake Easter egg hunt at the school on twitter he was gonna use as an opportunity to do a mass shooting. Luckily, students and parents worked together sharing info to get him caught. A teacher slept w/student & a week before graduation a senior committed suicide.

  5. I think you can usually tell a lot about someone’s diet from the way they look, but there are exceptions. from a health perspective you shouldn’t blame your metabolism and proceed to order two take out meals for lunch.

  6. Lindsey’s the type of skinny legend that is skinny because she doesn’t eat that much but still eats quite a bit, but I eat the whole fridge through the day and lose a pound lol

  7. I love their friendship so much. Omg Jazz just casually roasting Lindsay while she's right there is friendship goals.

    "[…] watching One Tree Hill[…]"

  8. could Lindsey speak more about her nauseousness in the morning because i have the same thing and its good to know im not the only one!

  9. i seriously need a storytime of jazzmynes eating disorder journey. i think it would really help me be as confident in my own skin as she is

  10. 0:03 sameee!! I thought I was the only one who gets nauseous after eating breakfast in the morning that’s why I don’t eat breakfast

  11. I eat supper that’s it. I’m a huge snacker during the day but never really a “meal”.
    I know it’s supper unhealthy but I do it 😂

  12. Don’t worry Lindsey 😂 i also get nauseous in the morning. I also don’t like breakfast foods so i don’t eat breakfast overall, besides a granola bar.

  13. This is literally only the second video I've watched of jazz but the moment she mentioned past ed I decided that I would die for her.

  14. If she thinks eating cereal in a bowl is too many calories then why doesn’t she think that eating Panda Express wouldn’t be too many calories. Totally illogical

  15. Omg.
    This would literally be me and my besite. I eat like a normal human being being a normal weight, then there’s my friend who is the same age but 30 lbs lighter and sometimes eats lunch, sometimes eats breakfast, and only eats dinner but sometimes completely skips a whole day of food.
    We need to teach our unhealthily skinny friends to eat more food.
    The end.

  16. I'm Italian and I'm sorry but in my opinion food in the USA looks fake.It's not yummy but maybe I'll eventually try it and change my mind.

  17. My best friend and I are so different too! I only drink water, a piece of toast for breakfast, and salad for lunch and dinner. My best friend is the exact opposite. 😂😂

  18. omg lindsay is ME, one or two meals a day, sometimes just one and the other one is just snacks? no breakfast? not wanting the cupcake? SHES ME LMAOOOO

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