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Blood Type Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

August 31, 2019

One of the most popular diets that doesn’t work is the blood type diet Now blood types evolved in Human beings for various reasons over the history of man but it has absolutely nothing to do with diet It’s important if you’re going for a blood transfusion that your blood be carefully mMatched for type A, B, O or O+ whatever it happens to be. But this has nothing to do with diet. Now what this diet author did, he sold millions and millions of books was to kind of say– well the diet you need is the one at the time a particular blood type evolved during the evolution of man Well that’s total bogus. These diets don’t work Why was it so successful? Because this was the first attempt at personalized diets. People know that they have their own blood type, so they think– “Oh , well if I follow that diet for my blood type, I’m going to lose weight.” Well the fact of the matter is it’s not based on science and this is definitely a diet myth

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  1. Has he even read the book? Has he tried the diet himself? I doubt it.
    The science of the blood type diet has to do with lectins (certain proteins found in many foods) and their selective reaction with antigens of the blood type. Depending on the specific food and the specific blood type, this reaction either slightly thickens (coagulates) the blood, slightly thins the blood, or has no effect on blood viscosity. This is not new. First noticed independently by William Boyd at the University of Boston and Karl O. Renkonen at the University of Finland, both of whom observed that extracts of certain plants coagulated one blood type but not another. Look it up.
    Dr. D'Adamo extended this research and tested various foods with various blood types. He carried on the research of his father, who observed in mountain spas that some people did not recover their health on a vegetarian diet. He asked why.
    Although the blood type diet does not work for everybody, it may work for as many as 75-80%, across all blood types. Amazon has more than 2500 reviews of "Eat Right 4 Your Type". More than 80% are four- and five-star. According to D'Adamo, of the people who self-reported their results to him, 77-80% used the blood type to advantage.
    Don't you think that the blood type has more significance than killing people with botched blood transfusions?
    "Dead doctors don't lie."
    Is this doc just ignorant, or was there another agenda?
    The real problem the blood type diet presents to some people is that it cannot be patented.

  2. Clearly no research was done by this guy. Lectin blood type specificity is littered throughout medical journals. The history of the blood groups has nothing to do with the specified foods for each blood group. Good god man. Is he a real doctor?

  3. What happens if your saliva is type o and your friend’s sakiva is type ab? Iand you ate the type ab candy, what will happen to the guy with type o?

  4. Thanks for the confirmation. That would explain why the Blood Type Diet doctor never delivered the research that he promised to do and share years ago.

  5. I call this bogus. He just down played it and didnt present a good argument. Definitely biased with no info

  6. For one I don't trust a man whom talk with his hand in excess. Two, I've been on the blood type diet since 2009 & I my wife & child are living proof of this amazing diet! Just check out Japan adaptation to it AMAZING

  7. If you have type O blood and eat beef, it’ll burn fast and make you aggressive and violent, if you have type B blood, it’ll give you basic nutrition, but if you have type A or AB blood, it’ll sit in your stomach like a lead weight and make you weak and tired.

  8. I eagerly tried the diet myself and it didn't do anything, later I felt better eating chicken than I do eating lamb (Type B-). the diet itself has no scientific basis and is only a theory as of 2019.

  9. And this is why people now avoid the establishment frat-boy doctors of the MD industry — because anything that deviates from their organized syndicate, they don't even bother to actually try, they just condemn on the basis of dogma.

  10. I discovered blood type diet 2 mts ago and tried it, so easy and it works. 5 lbs of belly fat I just could not get rid of. I regularly exercise yoga and spinn classes and I ate healthy, but my belly fat keep me looking a like I was pregnant. Inches and wet off in 2 mts and my weight is consistent not egg fluctuating like it did before 134 to 138, consistent thy Ky 132.6 past week. Unbelievable, benefits on my joints, back and neck injury. Cut out chicken and everything according to my blood type B. It works.

  11. Hey, I thought it was hooey when I tried this and was told I shouldn't eat chicken. I mean, really, CHICKEN? So I stopped eating chicken and two weeks later I could walk up stairs without pain in my knees. Something is going on that is working for me, and really it's basically a low carb lots of veg regimen.

  12. I disagree wholeheartedly. I swear by the blood type diets. Have proven it to myself and it makes total sense!!

  13. I just started with this blood type stuff and I feel great!! No indigestion, stomach aches, e.t.c… less than a week into it but optimistic… plus others I've known for a while SWEAR by it!!!

  14. Amazing video and love this diet. It makes sense and it is effective. I wanted to share this amazing video with the world, so I decided to create a website. Please let me know what you think?

  15. I have had a diagnosed history of stomach ulceritis and IBS for many years. Went to multiple doctors whom recommended various drugs and treatments that only managed symptoms. After several years; I learned about the blood type diet and started implementing it. As type A, I cut out all red meat but continue to eat Chicken, salmon and tuna along with the recommended fruits and veggies. The change in my health has been nothing short of a miracle. For over 5 years now, I take no medications. I have no ulcers today and no indications of IBS!

    With all due respect; you are wrong and I am living proof that the blood type diet works!

  16. Not true, O from old the hunter, A from agrarian, B from balaced. All these groups were found an divided according to food and the reaction to human blood and body.

  17. It's no good just saying – it doesn't work. If you are a scientist you must be able to back up this statement with scientific reasons as to why it doesn't work surely?!

  18. You are completely wrong doc. It cleared my allergies, you physicians could only suppress. The blood type diet followed by me very strictly for over one year has desensitized me from many food allergies. I am no longer anemic and my liver enzymes are back to normal. I wonder what kind of studies do you have to support this claim. This is a PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC CLAIM.

  19. Where is your research, trials and evidence, where is your science to support your claims. You haven't presented anything other than your opinion. Who sponsors your presentations, education? Can you think for yourself?

  20. I lost 50 lbs doing the blood type diet without restricting my calories or really exercising. And i have no chronic pains ever. Even when i do something like stubbing my toe the pain goes away in like a minute. I feel great all the time and full of energy. Could be coincidence though. But I'm sticking with it.

  21. It's been working for me. I am B- and I have cut out poultry, wheat, nuts etc. Since I stopped eating any type of wheat I don't feel tired anymore. It could be just that wheat is not good for people but since following exact do's and dont's of my blood group I do feel better. Brain fog has faded too.

  22. You have no idea!!! This does work it’s not a diet it’s a life style! I’ve been following for 4 months I’m down 32 pounds and I eat!!! I eat the things that my body needs but let’s not just talk weight loss, let’s talk that I no longer get migraines (I would get at least 3 a week) my joints no longer hurt or inflamed, I dont have gas or heartburn anymore! I’m a blood type O we need to stay away from pork well there has been a couple times I’ve had pork in the last couple of months and each time my stomach swells I have gas and I feel so run down again! I only had to make a few changes so you can’t say that I lost weight because I started eating different! Try again and this time try it, you could stand to loose a few pounds!

  23. The blood type has to do with sensitivity to things like lectins…. which ARE a real thing, that cause real problems. Didja actually read the book or just the cover?
    Edit: join me in thumbing down this worthless, uninformative hit-piece.

  24. it actually works dickhead. Where's the trials you did? People arent ignorant. Putting a white coat on doesnt give your argument credibility. Show us some science, not an appeal to your 'authority'.

  25. Mic The Vegan makes a good case against the legitimacy of Blood Type Diets


  27. I have O+ blood and my Godmother recommended I did this. Makes sense, because I loved dairy yet I was hospitalized for an inflamed Ilium. I had constipation issues that I didn’t even know I had until I cut dairy. I’m gonna try this diet now, there may be some good truths to it.

  28. He’s full of cabbage! How come most of the foods I don’t like are listed in avoid food list? Like the avacado that people say is great for you but makes me nauseous. Or dairy that makes me bloat. I could go on. I’m type O and I love the food list because it’s mostly what I love. Could you give us Why?

  29. well thanx for telling us that DAVE ? what a fucking know it all twat? He does look like a puffed up type of guy? such pride just blinds these people, a title and some money and pats on the back and they become the supreme authority like a bunch of fanatical christian preachers! our way is the only way! our knowledge is the only knowledge, meanwhile in the real world science is full of bigotry, racism, cheating, theft, stigmatization, and has a knowledge filter just like the Christians and Muslims also, like if anything contradicts Mohammad or Jesus its out! and if anything doesn't fit with the current scientific visionaries its out also? science is simple another institution for zombies to progress their careers, egos and aspirations in, unlimited little cults all over the world filling peoples heads with mental concoctions, speculative day dreams and helping the media induce a population to willingly partake in a mass consensual trance! These parrots repeat what they are told and see only what they are authorized as servants of the medical industry to see, their bound by these medical industries and by their greed and the sales of medication, actually most doctors prescribe medications in return for rewards from these drug companies, prescribing kids medications that ruin them, and many other cancerous products, in fact the same people that own the medical industries own the pesticide chemical industries and the food industries so they are expert at curing cancer etc and all our other sickness, As most of it comes from the food we eat contaminated with the pesticides created by the same scientists? they distribute narcotics through these lovely noble doctors? such a cheating industry but we trust them! we trust them because of their bright long hallways and shiny expensive machines and highly payed staff! they perform miracles of surgery and save so many lives but instead of being happy just helping the suffering? they became a mass profit parasite institution working to create patients rather than decrease them? like the leftwing government purposely increasing the welfare state to increase their own voting population, these people similarly help increase the Prozac taking population? the medical world is similarly crooked and this guys smile and white coat? white like the crooked preist? doesnt fool anyone, He's a glorified drug dealer who only adheres to the parasites framework and is here trying to get merit points? maybe win a holiday from the Prozac people .)

  30. Merely preaching and asserting.
    Provide Data sources supporting your claim. Otherwise, you’re just a jealous hater wearing a lab coat.

  31. Dr. Peter D'Adamo is not claiming his "diet" is a weight loss program. One still needs to find the balance between exercise and calories. Just because a food is listed as beneficial for one blood type, doesn't mean one should eat thousands of calories of it. D'Adamo's diet is more about reducing inflammation. Had I known about the blood type diet, I could have eliminated decades of migraine headaches, rashes, and joint aches. This UCLA bozo does not know what he is talking about.

  32. And still so many people feel much better doing this diet. "Science.." It's a bullcrap when you just don't have the budget given to REALLY research all possible aspects or whatever might be these reason…. LOBBIES? Oh I could imagine… ! (Diff. content) Welcome to my Youtubechannel, Michèlle D.& Social Media Presence (Card R
    eadings in Design, Music and Voice)

  33. These comments are littered with idiots who clearly are scientifically illiterate. Have you tried any of the other diets morons to even anecdotally test it out or you're just going with your assigned diet and proclaiming, it works!

    You fools are why other countries are surpassing us

  34. Well doc I am the blood type diet and have dropped 20 pounds easy, have more energy and most of my arthritic pain is gone.

  35. "UCLA blah blah blah"

    He didnt even explained how they measured it and what they looked for. They have college students to research these crap. Lul. Those are scientists. Omegalul

  36. I used to roll my eyes at this diet but after suffering with so many ailments doing keto, high protein etc I felt weighed down, depressed and bed ridden. Docs wanted to put me on antidepressants and blood pressure meds. My friend thrived with keto and was building muscles so I felt confused. Eventually it came out I was blood type A and she was O. I then switched to the A diet and my body responded immediately. Lost weight, I'm energetic, I have my life back, blood pressure normal. When my type O friend tries my diet, she can't function at all. She hates it and I hate her diet. Seems like those with European descent must follow an agrarian diet. I was unfortunately born in a hot country but I thrive in cooler weather. There must be something to this!

  37. the way i understand blood type diet is that it has nothing to do with weight loss its just eating the right food that caters to you because of your blood type and by doing that it keeps certain diseases away and brings your body back into better alignment. if you lose a ton of weight while doing it even better.. im O+ and suffer from really bad gastric but ive not used the gastric medication for almost two weeks now since ive stopped eating foods that have inflammatory properties… cutting out wheat, corn, melons and such, looks innocent but it works for me… and you cant say it doesn't work when there are millions of people testifying that it does and it has.. its just not a quick fix because it can take up to a year for your body to get in the right state, that 12 months of you eating the right foods before you are 100%… not two weeks or 1 month…

  38. You give no evidence, examples, or information backing up your opinion. Your opinion is not based on science – it’s embarrassing to call yourself a doctor when you are putting out disinformation.

  39. "It's not based on Science" What Science?, the one that is controlled by the pharmaco-mafia to ensure their profits by placing lies in purpose to distract people from healthy habits?! That Science is ROTTEN and will collapse soon, taking with it all hollow clowns like you.

  40. Hes a Puppet being use by System to get people not believing in Blodd type diet which is based on foods thats Highly BENEFICIAL NEUTRAL OR AVOIDS TO YOUR RED BLOOD CELLS, DONT BELIEVE THIS MAN VIDEO SMH!

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