Caloric Restriction vs. Plant-Based Diets
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Caloric Restriction vs. Plant-Based Diets

October 29, 2019

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  1. A really good resource to look into is a book called The China Study by Dr. Campbell. There are some great videos on youtube of his lectures. It would help shed light on some questions that this video may have raised. Similar findings but Dr. Colin T. Campbell really goes in depth about the roles of plant protein vs. animal protein and its effect on cancer, tumours, and other diseases. Then, to find out where he came from and his motives for conducting this huge scientific study is mind blowing. Don't try to guess…because you won't guess it.

  2. Great video. There is however one correlation that I wish you would have put in with your findings. You said it may just be the lower protein consumption overall by the vegans. But, the thing you didn't 'put to the test' was whether it was not just lower protein, but whether it was plant protein VS the animal protein?
    Being a 5 foot 7 200lb vegan myself I consume 130 plus grams of protein per day. So, this would be of particular interest to me.
    Thank you very much for all that you do.

  3. Maybe the best strategy is to eat all the meat and eggs and dairy products you want during childhood (including late childhood/adolescence), but once you hit 18, you should go plant-based! 😀

  4. it's amazing how hard the vegan diets hits it out of the ballpark here. even if caloric intake were held constant, veganism would win, but it's not, so veganism wins by twice the margin!

  5. Everything is fine and dandy, but when i starting eating nuts, seeds and avocados, i start to get jiggly "downstairs". So…should i limit them? like 1 tbsp on flax or? what do i do? (i'm a really big volume eater, and do great on starches, vegetables and fruits)

  6. Vegans have the lowest levels of IGF 1. Let's start with the fact (or assumption) that a man is a vegan, and in that context, let's look at an experiment with caloric restriction on rodents. Do vegans, who are exposed to calorie restriction, have even lower levels of IGF 1 than vegans that eat normal amounts of food?
    And, what about the vegans who apply a water fasting, say 7-15 related days for every 3 months, or 4-5 related days each month, or 36h once a week? Does the water post make sense and benefit from the vegan?

  7. Low protein intake is protective? But what if I wanna build muscle AND live a long life? Is eating alot of protein from plants risky too?

  8. My cousin was skinny like a toothpick. He was having a barbecue every end of the week and heavy meat and olive oil eater being italian. He died on his sleep at just 50 years of age leaving 2 very young daughters and a shocked, devastated wife. He died of a coronary arterial blockage. Skinny people are not immune from heart and arterial disease.

  9. Plant based diets CAN be compatible with diet restrictions, but not if you pack your self full of starch plant foods

  10. The world is waking up! Raw Vegan/Fruitarianism brings us back to our natural, species specific, diet. It’s no wonder all of our modern, man made, ‘dis-eases’ fade so quickly when we adhere to the natural laws of this bountiful planet. Live in abundance my friends, and say goodbye to the ails of this age.

  11. Biased. Long distance runners have been shown to produce high levels of inflammatory cytokines as well as atrial fibrosis on account of extreme physical exertion.

  12. Great video, very well put together. However, I was left a little confused at the end of the video. Does the conclusion mean that less protein consumption (from any food source) could lower the risk of potential cancer disease or lowering the consumption of animal protein alone can potentially lower the risk of cancer disease?
    I don't know if it's just me, but I would love if someone clarifies that for me!
    Nonetheless, an amazing video. I love ya'll stuff!

  13. If you read the book of Genesis, mankind was ordered by God to be vegan, up until the Great Flood. And while mankind was vegan people lived extremely long lives, up to 900 years of age,

  14. I´ve been watching some of the My 600lb life show, and I know that doctor is trying to help, but… He´s putting these obese people who suffer from eating disorders on a 1200 cal no carb diet :(… And then wonders why they fail. I´m really shocked he doesn´t know any better.

  15. well so is it the plant based diet that reduces cancer risk, or reduced protein intake? because one can eat mostly animal foods, and not eat too much protein

  16. Same study shows, when they took some of the CR individuals and reduced their protein intake by 56%, they get to 152ng/ml of IGF1 just after a few weeks. That’s almost vegan levels. Cherry picking data 👎

  17. As I am pushing 70 I need my IGF1 levels to be higher. Low levels in older populations lead to muscle wasting and low bone density and brain shrinkage.

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