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October 4, 2019

– I can’t believe this. Like you have to try this. (upbeat music) Hey, guys. Funny story. I filmed this video yesterday, and something happened
between yesterday and today. We don’t have an intro. So I’m going to reshoot this now. I’m super excited for today’s video, guys. I’ve done an amazing thing. I made the best fried chicken ever. I was inspired by Julien Solomita, Zacchary Bird, and Sauce Stache to create the best fried chicken ever. So all three gentlemen have their own way of making this chicken. So I saw first Julien do it,
then I saw Sauce Stache do it, and the whole method here
is to take jackfruit, you infuse it with a
no-chicken chicken broth, so it’s a vegetable broth that’s meant to taste like chicken. Now Julien used the same
recipe as Zacchary Bird, where the bone of the chicken
is made of cauliflower. And for me, I just kind of was like, cauliflower is expensive. You’re not even gonna eat the bone. Yeah, you can use the
florets for other things, but like, eh. It’s pretty big, and I
wanted to make them smaller. And then he breaded it and deep-fried it. Whereas Sauce Stache
took it one step further and added a skin using soy. So boiling soy milk, creating a skin, and then following the rest of the recipe the way that it was. So I looked at those two and
I was like, can we do better? And I thought, well, what
if we used rice paper? Right? All right, guys. I’m Candice, The Edgy Veg. If you’re new here, welcome, bonjour, welcome to my living room, my
little home in the internet. Hit that Subscribe button
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Tuesdays and Thursdays. And if you’re excited about this video, give this video a big thumbs-up. “Hacked” is a series on my channel where I take things from the
internet that people are doing and testing them out
to see if it’s worth it for you to try at home. But I’m super pumped for this one. I can’t wait for you guys
to see how this turned out. The first thing I did
was prep my jackfruit. So what I did this time
is remove the seeds. So I just squished the jackfruit. I cut off the hard
part, removed the seeds, and kind of splayed it out,
so it was very fibrous, and threw it into a bowl. I have just no-chicken chicken broth. Bouillon. Like Better than Bouillon is
a really, really good one, but also Edward & Sons makes a great one. I’m mixing nutritional
yeast into the broth, poultry seasoning, onion
powder, liquid smoke, and mixing that all together
and bringing it up a boil. Then I took the jackfruit and added that to the brothy, poultry-seasoned mixture and cooked it for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I lowered
the heat a little bit, covered it, and then let it
cook for another five to 10 until all of the liquid’s gone. Now what that’s doing is it’s creating almost like a steamer,
so all of that flavor, instead of escaping into the
air, is going into the food. When all the water is evaporated, your jackfruit is ready to go. The original recipe by Zacchary
Bird that Julien tested out, you have to kind of shape everything, wrap it in plastic wrap, and
throw it into the freezer in order for it to stick together. And I was like, there’s gotta
be better ways to do this. So what I decided to do, which is also what Mark
from Sauce Stache did was combine some silken tofu for that moisture and binding
experience and also a starch. He used mung bean starch. I have tapioca starch. So that’s what I decided to use. So I just mixed a little bit with water, mixed the tofu together, and mixed that into the
pot with the jackfruit. And what that’s going to do is just really create a nice binder. It helps it stick together. It also kind of acts like
the fat that you would have with all of the ligaments and
everything in real chicken. So hopefully that’s what it’s doing. It’s kind of like filling in the gaps. All right, now that
that’s all ready to go, I had my couple different things that I’m going to test
out for like a bone, on the sides, spoons,
and then also a skewer. But none of this is gonna come together without the rice paper skin
that we’re going to make. Okay, what I think I’m going to do is take the rice paper,
put it in the water, cut it in half, lay it out, add the bone, add the chicken, whichever
scooper makes sense, and then wrap it up. So this is just warm water. It doesn’t really matter. I just used warm water
’cause it moves faster. And you want to soften the rice paper just so that it’s not so soft that it’s going to tear super easily, but there should be quite a bit of give and it shouldn’t be too hard to work with. So jackfruit, then added
the little bamboo spoon, added more jackfruit on top,
and then wrapped that guy up. It’s almost like a meat
lollipop, which is weird. Then I did that with all of the jackfruit until it was gone, then
divided them in half. And here’s the reason why. I wanted to test out a couple
of different bone methods and a couple of different cooking methods. The first method that
I’m going to test out is just tossing it in a sauce and throwing it in the air fryer. I took half the drumsticks, and mixed together just a
really quick wing sauce. I used equal parts barbecue sauce and equal parts Frank’s Hot Sauce. And then I just had this
dry rub laying around, so I used that as like a rib dry rub. So I tossed the drumsticks in that, coated it in the dry rub, and
threw it in the air fryer. While that was happening,
I mixed together aquafaba and Frank’s Red Hot in a separate bowl because the second wings or drumsticks that we’re going to make, we’re going to batter them
and then deep-fry them. So for that, I just used my
typical like fry anything. Usually, this is what I
use for cauliflower wings. Like it’s just like a typical
breaded seasoned flour. And I went from the flour
into the aquafaba mixture back to the flour and then
threw it into the deep fryer. After the wings in the air fryer are done, you’ll notice that they’re kind of crispy, so you can toss them into
sauce again if you want or serve them as is. – [Man] I’m honestly a little shook because the rice paper really
does look like chicken skin. – So I’d tell you now what
I think of this recipe and whether it was a fail or a success, but I really think that you guys will get the best experience watching my reaction from yesterday, because it tells just the best story. (funky music) All right, we have our
sauce and dry-rubbed, We have the breaded and sauce, and then we just have the dry. And I think for this taste test, you guys need to come closer, because this is like,
what did I just make? I’m so confused. I’m shocked. These look exactly like wings. Come closer. Let’s try these together. Should we try it on its own first? – [Man] Yeah, why not? ‘Cause it doesn’t have the sauce. – Okay, I’m gonna try this one. Bye. What the fuck? I don’t know what to say. It’s chicken. We just made chicken. I can’t handle this. I have not had chicken in nine years. But this is what I remember. What the actual hell? I can’t believe this. Like, you have to try this. Like look at this. I’ll show you on this one
’cause it’s not as smushed. Like… It’s chicken. I’ve done it. I’ve done it. – Okay, I’m gonna try the
sauceless, boneless first. Yo, that’s so weird but so good. The rice paper tastes like chicken skin. I’m like actually a little
creeped out right now. – [Candice] I know, it’s really weird. It feels, it’s like almost too meaty. Like I definitely was like,
wait, this feels like skin. – That might be the
single best piece of like non-chicken I’ve ever eaten in my life. – [Candice] I just tripped. – [Man] Yeah, you can retire. – [Candice] Like, how do
we sell this to someone? – I don’t what to say. Like– – [Candice] You also have no words. – But it’s like more than that. This is the best single piece of “chicken” that I’ve ever had. This is like a turkey leg. You have to make this. You have to try this if you’re watching. – [Candice] So next we have
to make vegan KFC with this. – Mm-hmm, yeah. Could you imagine the KFC skin like this? That would be game-changing. – I’m so creeped out, but like in the best way possible. Like, that is chicken skin. And you know what? If you were to not fry them, just like do them in the
air fryer like I did these, just like toss them in some sauce, it’s kind of like a
lower, reduced-fat recipe, but it tastes just as good. I’m so confused. Anyway, I’m gonna eat these. If you are as blown away by these as I am, give this video a big thumbs-up. Let me know in the comments section below what you want me to try out next. And Julien, I think you need to try this. You need to do-over with this recipe, so you guys, send this to Julien. I challenge Julien to do a
do-over with the chicken skin. I’m gonna go now. And pat myself on the back. Bye! What the fuck?

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  1. I really liked how procedural your explanation was. Please consider doing more of this, telling us what you did and why, punctuated with video clips demonstrating the steps, before going to the main body of the video where you're in the kitchen. You are good at this–you're good at the in-the-kitchen part, too, of course–and it was an interesting departure. TFP : )

  2. i am immensely amused by the spoon in the sticking out of all the fibers. Gonna definitely make this. I haven't had chicken since i was 3, so I have no memory. Always up for good vegan food tho. ;D

  3. Love your channel. I make a vegan egg on my channel that has a runny yoke and egg like taste,AND it is spherified. I would LOVE if you review it . Think you veiwers would enjoy it too.

  4. Okay Candice what type of jackfruit did you use did you use fresh or did you use can. And I am thoroughly impressed.

  5. You should check out Korean Rachelle, she has some interesting techniques for different faux meats. It would be interesting for you to try some of them out.

  6. Hi Candice. Fantastic video! But you just HAVE to see this video – Those girls are fantastic. They veganize those junk foods that we love. They made the best vegan KFC chicken I have ever had. It's also really easy to make. Before you try your version of KFC, just give this recipe a try. You'll not regret it. If you like a translated version of the recipe, just hit me up. VEGAN LOVE! 💚

  7. Question for anyone who preferred white meat to dark……do you think titanium dioxide would whiten the jackfruit? There are chik’n recipes in a seitan group I’m in using titanium dioxide, to keep the chik’n/seitan white. I’m getting titanium dioxide anyway, for some recipes I want to try, so next time I make this recipe, I’ll see what effect the titanium dioxide has on the jackfruit.

  8. I use shredded king oyster mushrooms with mine but never managed to get the rice paper to work well… probably doing something wrong… I shall give it another go! I'm so hungry now 🤤

  9. I really want to try this, but what could I replace the silken tofu with? I got really excited when the ‘skin’ was rice paper, but then the tofu was used as a binder 😔

  10. Wow i made the same thing a couple weeks back after seeing sauce stache’s video! I only had medium tofu and flax eggs on hand. But I’m going to remake with tapioca starch which was my first instinct too. Great vid

  11. Love your recipes! And a whay you talk about all the process. This helps to understand it better <3 Keep going! 🙂

  12. I watch a lot of vegan cooking videos but very rarely do I actually make the food from them…
    I'm mentally planning my grocery list right now so I can make these tomorrow omg they look fucking INCREDIBLE

  13. I'm so sad right now because in Russia they don't sell jackfruit and I can't try this recipe :(( It looks REALLY good

  14. Your expressions and hand gestures are just the best. I have decided to go veg/vegan at 59 because of you. I am trying your recipes for the things I will miss most. The first was your Nacho Cheese and it was great. This is the game changer. If it works for me, I'm never going back as fried chicken is my favorite food and was the last meat meal I ate. Also I loved your Edgy Veg book. I borrowed it from the Library but am planning on buying it now. Autographed copy?

  15. How can humans go on causing unnecessary harm when we are doing things like this so simply!? You need an extra pat on the back. I'll be trying this one.💛💚👏👏😘✌✊🌱

  16. this is amazing. i think i'm gonna try it with Tofurkey chicken. that's even more realistic than jackfruit. i use that to make chicken salad and chicken/yellow rice. love your videos!! peace, love

  17. I was in Nice recently and went to a vegan restaurant where they did a chicken dish with shiitake mushrooms and some kind of Tao sauce.. It was the bestI’ve had

  18. I did something similar but with banana blossom and I baked it to dry it out first, and then marinaded it in the no chicken broth so it soaked up more.

  19. This looks incredible! I want to try those so badly because I haven't been able to make jackfruit taste good at home yet!

  20. Love this video and the "chicken" looks great! sidenote: could you (if possible) edit the mouth/chewing noises down in the future? My misophonia was going craaaaazy.

  21. I have all the stuff except smoke but a but if paprika may do. Was this canned jack fruit?
    Well done. Saved vlog and will do. It looks freezable as well.

  22. When I saw this video from julien i was thinking rice paper would work amazingly! I just haven’t had chance to get any but after this I need to!’

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