Can Too Much Vitamin D Be Toxic?

November 10, 2019

– Vitamin D, known often
as the sunshine vitamin, not only is it key to your bone health, but having adequate amounts
may help reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 50%
and colon cancer by 80%, but now a health warning over
toxic levels of Vitamin D has people concerned. The National Health Service
of England found that many supplements sold online
can have almost a quarter more Vitamin D than listed on the label and of course, we’ve talked
many times on the show before that in the supplement
industry, it’s unregulated. You never really know for
certain what you’re getting unless you have a trusted
source or supplier. – Not all supplements are created equal, that’s for sure. – So, you’re a dermatologist and look, I personally,
as a non-dermatologist, I always say a little
bit of natural sunlight for me in my world is A-okay. I don’t know where your guys stance is. But, this causes a conundrum
for a lot of people out there ’cause a lot of folks
are low on Vitamin D. – Well let’s talk about how Vitamin D is not something your
body naturally makes. You largely have to get
it from dietary sources or supplements and 12
minutes of sunshine a day without sunscreen.
– Yeah, and your skin – does synthesize Vitamin
D and so that’s why dermatologists are always,
we have this conversation every day
– [Travis] Yeah, it’s tough. – with our patients because skin cancer is
the number one cancer in the United States and
so, there’s this conundrum, like you said, because
we do want people to have adequate vitamin D
levels and interestingly, the recommendation for people under 70 is only 600 IU per day. – In fact, with breast cancer patients, we always check their levels
and most people are deficient. They get 50,000 units weekly for six to eight weeks and
then two to 5,000 units daily. So, this 600 units is
far below what actually we’re prescribing, at least
in the breast cancer world.

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