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October 1, 2019

Hello friends how are you? Our topic today: Limit carbohydrates: effective to reduce the waist? Welcome to my channel Ana CONTIGO No, pasta, for example, is not a good strategy to reduce your waist; Excess carbohydrate intake is not a way effective to normalize weight and reduce risk of heart disease, risk of syndrome metabolic and many other chronic diseases. It is important to clarify that I am referring to the amount of net carbohydrates. The net carbohydrates are calculated by subtracting from carbohydrates total in grams, the amount of the net fiber in grams present in the food. This It is mainly interesting to determine in the case of legumes and whole grains that according to what appears in the nutritional table of the packages seem a lot but you have to do this calculation to know exactly the amount of net carbohydrates that are absorbed. Our body needs carbohydrates with fiber to feed the good bacteria of our intestine, of our microbiome intestinal and make it stronger since fiber acts as a prebiotic. However, the body does not need refined carbohydrates, breads and pasta because on the contrary they produce reactions in our body that promote the development of diseases Chronicles. We can eat pasta as part of a diet healthy and balanced using it as a small accompaniment instead of pasta as the main meal. In fact, it can be part of a plan to lose weight and not interfere in progress. But there is another aspect that also has to be take into account and that is to have a weight within the range of normality for our stature It does not mean that we are healthy. Although many consider keeping a weight normal is healthy, our body needs something more than not being overweight to function optimally It is true that obesity is related with a significant number of chronic diseases and cancer, but maintain a weight normal will not reduce the risk of those conditions unless you maintain the weight in a healthy way. If a large part of your diet is based on carbohydrates, you are at risk of suffering from diseases that are normally associated with obesity. To maintain optimal health, it is just as necessary to maintain the weight in a normal range as a low-carbohydrate diet in such a way as to reduce the risk of becoming resistant to insulin. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise can be an important tool to help improve and optimize health in general but the most important thing is still a good diet, well balanced either to lose excess weight and not recover it or to maintain normal weight healthy way More than 700 weight loss studies have confirmed that consuming a healthier diet promotes a greater weight loss than the exercise alone but obviously the combination of both will potentiate your results. Tea I recommend that if your goal is to reduce weight do not perform high intensity exercises because they could make you very hungry, rather prefer moderate exercises in the first phase, you could for example take walks at a good pace, take your dog for a walk more times a day from the usual, get off at one or two stops before your destination to you walk more, do not use the elevator to get to your house … in order according to your physical condition you will increase the intensity with common sense; I said with common sense not with laziness! The sedentary lifestyle is strongly associated with cardiovascular disease and this means that our health does not depend solely on the circumference of our waist, this is why it is important complement both factors: diet and exercises to the extent of the possibilities. All calories are not the same. They have different metabolic effects depending from its source, so just counting calories is useless for a healthy weight loss. As we said before, obesity is not achieved simply by increasing the exercise, since is rooted in metabolic dysfunction and eating foods high in carbohydrates Net, such as pasta, contributes to metabolic dysfunction. The metabolism of carbohydrates, including breads, grains and pasta, begins in the small intestine, where the monosaccharides, which are sugars, are absorbed in the torrent blood But when the concentration of glucose in the blood is too high, the body secretes insulin, which stimulates the transfer of sugar to the cells. If glucose is not needed immediately, that energy is stored in the liver and muscles until a later time and and the accumulation can occur of fat. On the contrary fats and fibers coming from of food, they are digested differently since they do not turn into glucose. Although fiber does not add calories to the diet, it helps us to delay digestion, to feel sated for longer, to improve the absorption of nutrients and to feed our intestinal microbiome to keep you healthy. The body can use both carbohydrates and fats as a form of fuel, however, they are not equal in terms of value and benefit. In fact, fat is a much more suitable fuel for the body, improves your metabolic health and reduces resistance to insulin. Once the body releases insulin and the Blood glucose reaches your cells, suddenly you find yourself hungry again, sometimes just a couple of hours after the last meal. Some people do a snack high in carbohydrates in the afternoon and go back to repeat carbohydrates in dinner, that is, they maintain a cycle of: high levels of blood sugar, liberation of insulin, the drop in blood sugar and the search for another snack and so on perpetuates the cycle. Although this vicious circle makes healthy eating and increases the risk of weight gain, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, these blood sugar levels chronically Elevated also have a profoundly negative influence on the brain. The researchers found that negative cognitive effects occur even in people without type 2 diabetes, so, for the health of our brain, it is even suggested to keep blood sugar levels lower than what is normally considered as a range normal This supports independent investigations they find that insulin resistance and diabetes are associated with a 56 by a hundred percent higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease and a 127 percent higher risk of dementia vascular and cognitive risks. Other studies have also suggested that levels Higher blood sugars are detrimental to your neurological and cognitive health including no altered response to insulin. Each of these factors is related with the consumption of simple carbohydrates, which include pasta and breads, and are related with the increasing rate of obesity Simple carbohydrates found in grains, breads and pasta feed the sugar addiction as food they are metabolized into glucose. A meal rich in carbohydrates often it is followed by a low level of blood sugar which causes hunger and cravings of sugar; the vicious cycle that we just talked about. Fiber and fat, on the other hand, help reduce cravings, increase satiety and therefore are great allies to control the weight. When your body has the opportunity of burning fat as fuel, the liver creates water-soluble fats called ketones. These soluble fats burn much more efficiently than carbohydrates and create much less metabolic damage from reactive oxygen residues and secondary free radicals, that damage cell and mitochondrial membranes, proteins and DNA. It can even improve our chances of living longer, as the process of Fat burning has many benefits similar to those of fasting, including a better metabolism of glucose and a reduction of inflammation. But the body’s ability to burn fat It is inhibited with a high carbohydrate diet, since when both fats and carbohydrates are available, the body first uses carbohydrates. If your diet is high in fructose refined, this activates an enzyme that causes cells to accumulate fat. This helps to understand why it is so difficult to lose weight while we continue to eat carbohydrates, especially if you include them several times a day; even if you exercise, you do not avoid the storage of fat as a consequence of eating with a diet high in carbohydrates. So the way to avoid this unhealthy cycle is to eat healthier fats and limit net carbohydrates. If you also incorporate intermittent fasting in the process, your liver’s ability to burn fat and improve your general metabolic profile The calories of healthy fats, you can Obtain from sources such as: Olives and olive oil, please check the label that is an oil that is not mixed with other vegetable oils for guarantee its quality. Coconuts and coconut oil, highly recommended for cook as it can withstand higher temperatures without rusting Omega-3 fats of animal origin such as krill oil and small fatty fish such as sardines and anchovies Butter made from organic milk from animals fed with raw grass. Ghee that is the clarified butter Raw cocoa butter Raw nuts like macadamia, almonds and Nuts Seeds like sesame, cumin, pumpkin and hemp, chia, linseed Avocados. Meats from animals fed with grass Organic egg yolks If you are one of those who, like me, can not live without eating pasta, there are substitutes to deceive like those made with spaghetti squash or with zucchini. If you want a single pasta dish, another way is to combine a small amount of pasta, always prefer whole or gluten-free in any case, with another part of zucchini and even with peas for example. Another option, which is now fashionable, are the Shirataki noodles sometimes called Konjac or miraculous noodles because they do not have calories, they are 97 percent water and 3 percent fiber however you must be Pending that they are also exempt from nutrients. These noodles move through the digestive system very slowly, which helps you feel full and its viscous fiber works like a prebiotic that nourishes good bacteria that live in our colon ie the intestinal flora or microbiome. These strategies will help you feel more satisfied and keep under control the total amount of net carbohydrates in the dish. And what to say about white bread: Unfortunately nowadays wheat is no longer It can be considered a healthy food. Although it is ecological or integral, modern wheat It’s too hybrid. It contains a high amount of gluten, a protein that tends to irritate the intestinal walls, and much less minerals and vitamins. It is a product almost without fiber and with hardly any vitamins or minerals, a product that the bottom is nothing but starch; simply calories without essential nutrients with a high glycemic index that immediately raises the level of blood sugar affecting the pancreas over time, promotes a rapid insulin response and in the future you can develop the dreaded insulin resistance, previous step to diabetes, obesity and diseases Cardiovascular also has too much gluten whose intolerance produces leaky gut, autoimmune reactions, inflammation, fatigue, abdominal pains, diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux, joint problems, eczema and even neurological disorders. The same goes for breakfast cereals, zero nutritious. Friends the way is clear, if you are looking for a healthy weight, the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, especially refined ones with very little or no nutritional degree , of course it includes the sugars in general, thus you will avoid the wear of your pancreas, you will have a healthier liver and you will avoid suffering from diseases related to excess glucose in the blood or related to gluten intolerances. I hope these tips have been useful and do not forget to share them, I hope in the next video, a big hug, ciao!

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