Carnivore Diet: 5 Weird and Healthy Meats You’ll Love
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Carnivore Diet: 5 Weird and Healthy Meats You’ll Love

October 17, 2019

these are the five most surprising
things that I found myself eating and enjoying on the carnivore diet
the first one is heart and this is the one that I’m most excited about if you
click down below I put my recipe up on my blog for how I made heart in the
instant pot so I’ve had this heart like a beef heart is huge
I had it lingering at the bottom of my freezer for probably six months I picked
it up on a sale at from one of our local ranches grass-fed beef like it was super
cheap I’m like oh yeah I’ll figure out how to do that. It’s high in coq10 which is
super important especially as people age it becomes even more important and it’s
really your body can make you Co Q 10 but it’s really important for a lot of
your body processes and so it’s really not going to it’s really a good thing to
supplement through eating as well so heart it tasted like lunch meat I was
expecting it to be super tough I put it in the instant pot put some salt on it
and did it for 75 minutes on high pressure with some water and then I
sliced it up and you can use it and lunch me it’s tender it doesn’t have a
strong flavor but it is flavorful it’s a little different the muscle meat it’s
just delicious our whole family has really loved heart which is great it’s
one of the few pre-made meats that I enjoy cold when I’m not putting sauce on
them or anything because on carnivore we’re we’re just doing meat and salt and
so that’s something that was really exciting for me to find I love that now
every time I see a heart that I can buy from a local rancher I’m gonna pick one
up because they’re so easy to prepare it makes a lot of meat and it has all those
really good nutrients like b12 folate and of course that Co Q 10
the second surprising thing that I have really enjoyed on the carnivore diet is
pork cracklins so you can get epic makes pork rinds but they’re baked and so
they’re a little bit lower in fat I don’t love them as much for I think it’s
for 4505- they have the sustainably raised pork which is like the good
healthy pork that’s raised how it should be raised but their pork rinds all have
different spices in it and I’m using carnivore as an elimination diet so I
didn’t want the spices in it right now but they have pork cracklins and those
are super good so if you’re eating dairy they’re good
like dipped in cream cheese like softened cream cheese up a little bit
those are super good and then I made liver pate to get some liver in with for
that folate, iron all sorts of good stuff in liver which is probably one of
my other weird things that I’m eating on the carnivore diet but just when you
hear limited to meat-eating nose-to-tail is definitely the way to go like liver
bone broth heart any other organ meat that you can find but those pork
cracklins are a great like chip alternative for dipping and stuff and
then also if you want to make fat head dough which is mozzarella egg and then
usually I was using almond flour you can crunch at pork rinds or pork cracklins
and use those instead salt and tallow it’s kind of a staple it’s not weird
except for like I’ve got my little jar of tallow that sort of goes with me
everywhere that is a little bit weird scallops
wild-caught scallops again not weird but they taste sweet they taste like
now after not having anything sweet scallops taste super sweet they’re super
like a dessert at the end of a meal and then this is my last one and this is
like definitely the weirdest but the most like awesome discovery that I’ve
had from the carnivore diet is smoked cod liver and so I’ve got these little
jars or these little cans and I ordered off Amazon of the wild cod liver in its
own oil smoked that’s all it is the only ingredient is cod liver and they’re
delicious they fall apart they’re soft and like I started my babies on liver
that was their first food because it has all the nutrients that they really need
for their brain health it has iron as b12 folate everything that little growing
babies need them so liver something that I’ve always been passionate about but it
kinda has a strong taste and while babies love it like it inherently or
like instinctually they love liver my kids have all grown out of loving liver
by around 3 or 4 but these cod livers that are smoked they’re really mild
tasting they have all those omega-3s in them and my kids don’t notice them so
I’ve just been stirring some of that into anything that’s a little bit fish
tasting and they’ve really enjoyed that and then I like them just plain and
they’re in a can so they’re super portable and easy to bring with us so
those are the five things that I have been surprised that I’ve really liked on
the carnivore diet and I probably wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t tried
this way of eating you want to check out other videos I
have on the carnivore diet how I tried it expecting to hate it and I ended up
loving it and then my update on it then you can go ahead and click I’ll put
those links below I’ll see you back it later
thanks so much bye

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  1. Nice video! I tried cod liver for the first time recently (different brand) and was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. I actually made a video about it. The brand you have looks nicer.

  2. Thank you! Trying Carnivore has brought sardines and oysters into our diet, I’m glad to learn what new animal foods you are enjoying.

  3. My country is famous about weird animal recipes. Duck crackling, fried pork blood, pork aspic=kocsonya,meatcheese,dahi,beef marrow patè,beef lung with cheese,fried pork tail,fried brain marrow. If you want, i can send you the recipes! Great video👌

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. Today I picked tongue and plan to make lingue salmestrata, a lovely dish from northern Italy.

  5. Can somebody calculate the number of dead animal carcasses we need on a daily basis to feed all 8 billion fellow humans like this?

  6. Yay I’m happy to see someone else who loves cod liver as much as I do! And beef heart! I have some suggestions for you to try… Beef tendon (cook under pressure for about 1-2 hours) likes meat jelly and makes for the thickest of broths (pure collagen!), cod tongues (fatty and delicious and rich and just so beautiful tasting), cod roe (crazy rich in nutrients – special forms of DHA) which is fantastic pan seared in butter!

    Also! I highly recommend using a hand blender to turn the cod roe into a beautiful thick “mayonnaise” with some egg yolk and lemon. I made egg and tuna salads this way and also combine with butter and dill to make a sauce I serve with fish balls 🙂

  7. Maybe you could outline for which physiological states or diseases it is useful, so that people get a guidance if it is something for them or not. I tried it and got terrible arrytmias. So it was very dangerous for me. Others might benefit from it, but how can we know that?

  8. I could listen to you for hours, and even better that you talk sense. I saw the 3 carnivore diet vids, really enjoyed how you present. Will sure be trying the cod liver, thank you for bringing that to my attention. Hope to see more carnivore vids, I'm glad it's working so well for you ( carnivore)

  9. Thanks for your succinct yet informative video. It's great that you didn't ramble on (like some do to increase the length to add more ads)

  10. I have a big problem with cod. It's still very very much endangered. The big commercial fishing industry has blatantly refused to stop fishing cod and tuna. The fish are being harvested before they are mature enough to breed and populations are still dropping. All for the sake the of profit and the ignorant demand of consumers.

  11. This video and your "What I ate today" videos are some of the best I can find in my mission to figure out what to eat on carnivore and how to source high quality meats. This one video had 5 awesome suggestions on what to eat that I added to my list. Thank you so much for making these videos and please keep it up! ❤️

    I live in LA and I'm trying to figure out where to get some of these products since the typical health food grocery store here is limited on options. The only organ meat was calf liver, no salmon roe, and the grass-fed meats were expensive and also limited in type of cut. I plan to try some butchers and farmer's markets but I would appreciate any suggestions or a video dedicated to sourcing meats and fats. Where do you get your tallow? I am definitely going to try those cod livers, and if I can find one without a bunch of additives (corn starch, soybean oil, etc) I'll try liver paté too.

  12. This isn't a comment about this video per se, but just want to say as someone that is learning about the carnivore diet and seriously considering it, i love your videos.

    Not so much for the science, because there are 10000x blogs/videos on that. But rather your videos have a very practical step by step approach to the actual diet itself. Showing this is what you ate for breakfast lunch and dinner. Not getting hung up on the details of it must all be completely fresh meat with your cod liver snacks complete with tricking the kids(which I can't blame any mom for that lol). Also the use of the instant pot(I have one sitting there, taunting me, begging me to use it).

    So that kind of down to earth practical approach to it, which is good just to get started because looking at all the endless science blogs and it's both overwhelming and simple.

    Having seen a few of your videos I can safely say I now actually more or less know what to expect going into this. I just need to find the right meats. I'll go and check your how to do liver video as that will probably be a main stumbling block.

  13. @2:44 "If you want to make _______ (fat hen toe?)" plus a picture of a small slice of what looks like pizza. I don't know what "fat hen toe/phatentow" is. Here in my area of the country, pork rinds are also called chicharrones and are made locally by several businesses, often Mexican-oriented grocery stories. The ingredients are usually very simple and limited 🙂

  14. Cooking the heart in the pressure cooker is genius! I tried it today and it came out so soft and lovely, not chewy at all. Thank you so much for that advice!

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