Cash Diet: Could You Live On Only $60 A Week? | Episode 1 | CNBC Make It.

October 6, 2019

So I’m generally pretty good with my money December… Kind of went way overboard The only way I’m going to feel okay about my finances is if I really really really cut back specifically in January and Febuary. So I’m Cash Dieting Get it? Like Cash Dieting So the plan is… $60 $60 $60 a week All cash That’s all I have for the entire week. I’m going to leave all my credit cards at home. I can’t use food and other stuff that I’ve bought before hand but I will be able to use butter that I already have salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil. $60 goes towards everything that’s basically not a fixed cost. So the $60 will be for things like food transportation going out for dinner drinking, bars travel? I guess Not like I’ll be able to buy a plane ticket anywhere If I don’t use the $60 in one week it can roll over to the next week. This whole Cash Diet thing is culminating in a trip to Mardi Gras. I’m going to try and set aside $6-$8 a week in my Mardi Gras fund. Say hi to the camera Hey camera! How’s it going? This is my roommate, Monica. How’s your weekend? I live here with my one roommate who I went to school with. My roommate and I played tennis together at Williams College. Me and my roommate So we are in Chelsea, Manhattan We decided that we would rather have a great location as opposed to a ton of space. That was kind of one of the compromises we made. It’s a one bedroom that we converted into a two bedroom. I just wanted to pay the least amount that I could so I was like you could have the bedroom so I technically live in the living room. We are in a great location. We can both walk to work. There’s a lot of great things here and at the end of the day we like don’t mind not having a lot of space at all.

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