Charity Helping To Save The Life Of Obese Baby
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Charity Helping To Save The Life Of Obese Baby

March 9, 2020

COMM: At just ten months old morbidly obese baby Juanita Valentina Hernandez weighs the
same as an average five-year-old due to an unknown condition. 00:36
COMM: Despite being less than one-year-old Juanita faces a bleak future is her rapid
weight gain cannot be controlled. 00:43
COMM: At an age when most babies should be trying their first steps Juanita is facing
much bigger obstacles. 01:14
COMM: It’s crucial to intervene before the age of one in order to prevent illnesses associated
with obesity, becoming a critical health risk. 01:24
COMM: Juanita’s mother Sandra Franco from Libano Tomlina, Colombia, was unable to handle
her daughter’s rapid weight gain. 01:41
COMM: Desperate she made an emotional video appeal for help. 02:10
COMM: Sandra’s appeal was successful and last month charity Gorditos de Corazon brought
Juanita to the capital, Bogota where a team of specialists including founder Salvador
Palacio Gonzalez began treatment. 02:27
COMM: She is now undergoing tests to determine the cause of her weight gain. 02:52
COMM: And Sandra hopes the charity’s intervention will save Juanita’s life, and her story will
inspire others to get help.

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  1. So many stupid ignorant people in the comment section. She OBVIOUSLY has a medical condition as the mother says she was gaining a lot of weight at 15 days old. If you stupid fucks would bother to read instead of jumping to conclusions you would know that. No baby could consume that many calories and be that fat normally. The mother is concerned so I doubt she's shoveling piles of lard into her baby's mouth you idiots.

  2. Jesus christ how about stop fucking feeding your kid so much.  It's not rocket science.  These people should be charged with child abuse.  It's fucking sickening.  You wouldn't starve your child to death so why would you feed him to death?

    Fucking disgusting animals shouldn't be allowed to breed. 

    Oh, and spare me she has some sort of condition.  We all know that's total horse shit.  Fat doesn't come out of nothing.  You don't magically create fat from sort of magical condition, it's not biologically possible. 

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  4. So this baby has a medical condition that makes it fat without eating anything?

    Mass that creates itself! This is an amazing scientific discovery! Forget 3D printers, we'll harness whatever is making this girl fat to create things out of thin air!

  5. Thumbs up if this is the cutest baby you have ever seen! I know it's a condition and it's bad but dayum she's so cute!

  6. How about to stop feedings junk foods to the baby… And feedings them lots fruits and vegetables … And stop to called charity for this kind of things … Blame the parents!

  7. how is this overfeeding how?
    15 days she noticed her daughter gaining weight
    it's called a medical condition, idiots.
    NOT a pampered baby.

  8. all who comment ad i curse ur children for life may the worst happen to ur offsprings and the lord wont come to ur asistance for condeming his angel

  9. She could be a celiac. I know when I was little I gained a lot of weight from foods with gluten. When I went gluten free I started to finally grow and stop gaining

  10. Good for this mother getting this child help before it is too late! Such a pretty baby! You just have to love her all to pieces even as chunky as she is, but it's just not healthy and fortunately this mom cares. 

  11. If the mother or father was fat I would maybe blame the eating habits on top of the condition but both if her parents are fit so they obviously know how to eat right

  12. it's not a medical condition you morons…

    doctors put the kid on a diet last week, and it's losing weight.

    the idiot mother was feeding the kid every time it cried.

  13. Where are all of the fat shamers at? Surprised they're not complaining why the fat ass baby keeps shoving burgers in her mouth, or why she doesn't run the treadmill or exercise. Oh, that's right, ITS A BABY. With a medical condition. Not every obese human can control their weight

  14. She's super cute she looks like the daughter of the Michelin man omg 😆. But it's super unhealthy sorry that, that poor little girl has this condition I hope she is okay in the end 😊.

  15. Such a cute baby – when I saw this I just thought an innocent baby, someone better help her as that would be testament to humanity going down hill if no one  came through for her.  Any baby in that position should be helped – all smiles, I could just kiss that baby all over as like a human puppy.  If there is any slight fault perhaps with the parents in that seeing this condition come on yet perhaps might have fed hery unhealthy food (biscuites at snack times) then education is the key in order for that baby to have a bright future.  This must be included in the help no area must be left uncovered otherwise the program will fail as one must look beyond now into the babies distant future and well being.  I pray the baby gets the right and just help it deserves – what a start to life aye!

  16. their is a very rare condition affecting only 5 or 6 children is momo syndrome and the main symptom is severe weight gain in infants.i sincerely hope they can help this little girl. <3

  17. I googled for 10 min and guess they havent announced her dianosis. Fyi overfeeding an infant breastmilk or fomula doesnt cause kids to turn into giant babies. She has no chewing teeth yet either ! Hormones are complicated and can cause unusual metabolic responses. Even the mothers milk could be affected by phytoestregens in her food .

  18. If that baby can gain weight, which is stored energy, while eating nothing or less than the weight it puts on, then we should study it for breaking the laws of conservation of energy. Might be the key to a perpetual motion machine! Or, Maybe it's a delusional irresponsible parent dodging the responsibility of her child with a metabolism problem. Which seems more likely?

  19. I let my kids eat untill there full at that age. I always thought if there full they will just be sick. Had no idea this could happen.

  20. Poor baby girl I hope that she can fight it and they can lose weight soon I love u lil baby have a nice and beautiful and a healthy happy life good luck

  21. The sad thing about this is some people fatten up their baby’s because it’s “cute” I guess but then they criticize them once their older about their weight

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