CREAMY VEGAN MUSHROOM PASTA | Cooking with Almond Breeze | The Edgy Veg
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CREAMY VEGAN MUSHROOM PASTA | Cooking with Almond Breeze | The Edgy Veg

August 31, 2019

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  1. This looks so good! I'm obsessed with your big mac sauce and spicy honey mustard so I can't wait to give this a try!

  2. Just watching your intro, made me not want o watch or like the rest of your video. Please!, people don’t have time for stupidity

  3. So I’m sitting there having my afternoon snack. Watch you video. Look over. Realize I’m eating Blue Diamond brand whole natural almonds. 😂

  4. I don't use Factory made nut or seed milks. Whatever they use as a stabilizer beats up my digestive system.

  5. I might try this but without mushrooms. I’m trying to go vegetarian (baby steps, maybe I’ll end up vegan) but my issue is I don’t like mushrooms. It’s easy to substitute roasted cauliflower to recipes like this but some recipes are mushroom-based so that’s hard.

    Even though I’m not vegan, I drink almond milk because I don’t drink a lot of milk so regular milk expires before I can use it all. I like the vanilla one to drink but it makes recipes taste a little funny! Lol

  6. protip. add your pasta to the sauce 1 minute before it's done and mix them after taking the sauce off the stove. the remaining heat in the pasta and the sauce will finish cooking it so you won't end up with mushy pasta!

  7. Hey you were up toward my neck of the woods! I always look forward to the almond blossoms in spring (although they blossomed here in Modesto very early this year).

  8. I know this is a sponsored video but I assume any brand of unsweetened almond milk will work in this recipe? It looks so good.

  9. Hey Edgy Veg, since you are a vegan who personally went to their orchard, I am sure you were concerned about the following questions: How do they go about pollination? How are the bees treated? How do they use pesticides/which ones, are they organic? Would love to hear from a real person like you (anyway, you seem much more real than those customer service factory-reply-people….)

  10. Too bad almond plantations play a major roll in the reason why owned bee colonies are collapsing at an alarming rate; because beekeepers are pressured to move their bees out into the fields to make more money where said bees could be potentially infected with mites, viruses, and that the hives could even be stolen of the plantation land itself… but yeah, lets eat more almonds.

  11. I've gained a new appreciation for mushrooms since becoming vegan, and this recipe might put them at the top of the favorite honorary vegetables list.

  12. THAT'S WHERE CHANTELLE WENT!! CHANTELLE WHYYY!!!?? 😣 love your videos and I shall try this Almond Breeze… I havent found any milks I like.. they are all terrible 😝

  13. This honestly looks so good and I'm not even really the biggest mushroom fan but I'm still definitely gonna try to out. Where do you buy vegan parm??

  14. OMG YAASSSS….I finally found a vegan alfredo sauce and was so excited (I haven't had alfredo in like 2 yrs)….ANNNNNNDDDD I couldn't bring myself to use it….it smelled like PAINT. BLAHHHH LOL

  15. I LOVE your recipes. But i was recently diagnosed with celiacs disease.. can you do a few gluten free and vegan? Thank you ❤️

  16. I've been dairy free for a couple years but i took the plunge a week ago to go full vegan! This recipes will work its way into my arsenal!

  17. I tried it with fettuccine noodles, it was so good! I used whole wheat flour instead of almond flour but it still turned out wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

  18. “Who’s Chantel?!” 😂As a mushroom and almond beverage lover, this looks BOMB! Making it this weekend!

  19. Ok. Truthfully, I'm so full I just want to lay down and go to sleep but I had to leave a comment first. I had this for dinner tonight and it was absolutely amazing. It was so good that I ate a second helping even after I was full just because it tasted so good. It was wonderful. Creamy, cheesey, and delicious and so easy to make. I shared it with a non-vegan friend and she loved it as well. Thank you so much for this recipe. Ok. I've really got to sleep this off now. I'm stuffed!

  20. Your video was great. I knew Almonds grew on 🌲 because I am a horticulturist it's my job to know that. I have previously made mushroom pasta but I have also made a mushroom mixed bean smokey stew which is served with rice or pasta.

  21. Just made this for dinner tonight! My husband and I really enjoyed it! Followed the recipe exactly, used Banza Linguine for the pasta and it came out great! I'll definitely be making this again, might even become one of our staples!! Thanks EdgyVeg! 😘

  22. I do a 12 hour shift and as soon as I got off at 9 in the morning I rushed home to make just the sauce. Came out beautifully thanks so much

  23. This is one of my first vegan recipies. Sooo good.Almond breeze is great in a coconut chickpea curry and to make homemade soup creamier.

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