Creme De Skin Nutritions Hyaluronic Acid 1% + Vitamin C Serum
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Creme De Skin Nutritions Hyaluronic Acid 1% + Vitamin C Serum

October 6, 2019

hello thank you so much for coming back
and joining me for this week’s dollar tree gold it is a kind of a second part
it is on the creme de skin nutrition’s hyaluronic acid 1% plus vitamin C serum
so I a little while ago I did the retinol serum and a lot of people love
it so I’m gonna go ahead and show you what this looks like and give you my
little review of this so if you’d like to see if this as good as the retinol
serum then please keep on watching also make sure that you subscribe to my
channel hit that notification bell bookmark my page I’m a little video
every single day of the week plus I also do live streams every Sunday night at
9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I would love for you to be able to come back and
watch whatever you would like so the skin nutritions
brand from Dollar Tree it will actually you can actually find it also at Family
Dollar so I didn’t know this but Family Dollar and Dollar Tree or care like
sister companies so some stuff that you can find at the Dollar Tree you can also
find it Family Dollar and vice versa so anyway I bought the retinol serum and it
is amazing and a ton of you really love that product on a ton of you have picked
up that retinol serum it’s just on point it’s a buck and it’s actually really
really good so this is the filer our hyaluronic acid 1% and also has vitamin
C it’s supposed to give you hydration and make you look radiant has
antioxidant so what’s really really nice about the skin nutrition’s formula is
not only is it really affordable but it’s actually got some it’s kind of
pretty clean so it’s oil-free there’s no silicone fragrance free paraben free and
fail AIDS free so I think that is absolutely amazing so this is supposed
to help prevent anti it has anti-aging benefits it diminish the look of fine
lines and wrinkles and it relieves the skin of dryness and roughness my skin is
combination skin but yeah this I just I’m gonna kind of give it away here this
is as good as the retinol serum so once again it comes in a very nice
glass bottle its glass okay you get one ounce it’s supposed to help with skin
brightness and yeah this stuff is amazing it’s for all skin types it looks
I mean if you just have this in on your bathroom counter or wherever you do your
you know your skincare routine no one’s gonna look at this and think it cost a
buck beautiful beautiful packaging looks very
very classy this stuff is absolutely amazing I just can’t get over it
so yeah okay so it does have a little screw off okay and it has a glass
dropper okay it is a little bit thick okay I mean it’s not super thick I want
to show you okay so it will kind of run down the hand okay but as serums go it’s
a little bit thicker it really is fragrance free there’s
absolutely no scent to it at all which is really really nice I’m not personally
sensitive to fragrance but I know there are a lot of people that are this stuff
soaks in pretty much right away it is crazy doesn’t inspect like
accentuate and kind of oiliness or texture I’ve tried some serums some very
pricy serums I’m talking like over $90 for a vitamin C serum and it broke me
out it was too moisturizing and it really accentuated pores and kind of
like skin texture vitamin C is supposed to be kind of almost like a resurfacing
agent it’s it’s it’s an acid and it helps with brightness but also helps
with skin unevenness and my texture issues I guess in some ways it’s meant
to you know sometimes things get worse than they get better but this stuff is
amazing this is beautiful underneath makeup okay
I have absolutely no problem I’ve tried it with every foundation that I own and
use and this stuff is gorgeous underneath liquid foundation I’m not a
huge powder foundation we’re but this is gorgeous underneath liquid foundation
you can use it during the day and also at night but yeah this stuff is amazing
absolutely love it and hyaluronic hyaluronic acid is very pricey it’s a
very pricey ingredient and it is known to help kind of nourish and moisturize
the skin it kind of helps to absorb water into the skin to make everything
look more plump so over time the vitamin C is going to help to brighten and help
with skin unevenness and tone and texture and stuff like that but the
hyaluronic acid is going to help right now it really does help to kind of plump
those forehead lines any kind of fine lines that you have where it’s drawing
water into the system kind of into the cells and stuff and the skin it really
does help to make everything look more plump and just hydrated once again I
don’t like looking overly hydrated because a lot of times it just kind of
reads as oily but this stuff is just amazing I also like to add a few drops
to like my moisturizer if you don’t want to put it on directly which once again I
have combination skin as you can see it just did like a nice kind of natural
kind of just glow it just looks like healthy skin it’s not it doesn’t look
greasy it doesn’t look shimmery or shiny there’s no shimmer in this at all it’s a
skin care product so yes the skin nutrition’s
hyaluronic acid 1% and the vitamin C serum is just as good as the retinol
serum yeah I definitely recommend this product it is beautiful once again love
the packaging once you do open it it is good for a year which i think is really
really nice but yeah you can use an ampm like I said void eye and lip area but
it’s gorgeous I haven’t noticed any kind of skin
irritation with this vitamin C can be a little harsh for sons some skin types
but once again if you’ve been wanting to try a vitamin C serum but you don’t want
to drop 80 or 90 bucks on one go pick up the skin nutritious one from the Dollar
Tree or Family Dollar if you have it and see if your skin can handle a vitamin C
serum maybe do a little patch test or something but once again if your skin
can’t handle it you’re out a dollar instead of 80 or 90 dollars even like
drugstore vitamin C serums they can be upwards of 20 25 30 bucks which for a
lot of people including myself that is a lot of money to kind of throw away on a
maybe yes you can always usually return stuff but you know you could always pass
on this dollar product to a friend or family member and you’re at a dollar if
I’m out of a dollar it’s not going to affect me as much as me having to get
back on the bus or get in the car and drive to the store to return it or go
drop it off at the post office if I bought it online you know what I mean
so yeah this stuff is amazing I definitely definitely recommend it once
again it’s just everything is about it’s a winner it works it makes the skin look
beautiful don’t I don’t have any adverse effects to it doesn’t make me greasy
breakout nothing like that plus the packaging I don’t like being a kind of a
packaging snob but once again for a dollar that surprised me of something
that I would purchase online from a very well-known until online retailer that
does have they’re very affordable products but you know this was a buck
instead of seven or eight bucks which once again is still very affordable but
this is even more affordable just beautiful absolutely recommend it so
there we go I hope you did enjoy this week’s dollar
true gold if you did please go ahead and give it a thumbs up also make sure you
share the video I know a lot of people really were wondering about the retinol
serum maybe just so many people are wondering about the how the hyaluronic
acid 1% the vitamin C serum so there we go I
don’t know why hyaluronic acid is so hard for me to say but it is there we go
anyway okay if you let me know down below in the comments if you have tried
this skin nutritions hyaluronic acid plus vitamin C serum so yes let me know
down below in the comments and let me know if you have seen at your local
Dollar Tree so yeah just so you know you’re always
welcome to follow me on my other social media twitter facebook instagram it’s
all a budget glam babe but let’s go ahead and hang out a little bit longer i
should have another video that should start auto-playing very very shortly or
you can always click on one of the ones that is popping up around me so yeah
I’ll see you in just a sec

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  1. TFS! My DT had these a few months back. I only bought 1 each and sorry I didn’t but more! DT GOLD!!! 👍👍👍👍👍☮️❤️🇺🇸

  2. Sounds like a awesome product.I havent tried it yet.Hopefully our store will have it.Im keeping the look out.

  3. Thank you for all of your support. If you are interested in becoming a Patron, checking out my merch or following me on my other social medias, all links are in the description.

  4. Really good review..I'm on my 2nd bottle of both …I got worried when I couldn't find any more at DT..thanks for telling us Family Dollar has it as well…going today to stock up..👍🏻Have a great day…!!!❤

  5. I LOVE this serum! I've been using it for five months and can't go without it under my moisturizer anymore. I recently bought my DT's last bottle and plan on picking up five more the next time they're in stock. Great pick👍🏽

  6. Been dying to try finally found and bought 3 gonna go back and get more! need to find the retinol now!

  7. I saw the product on DT and decided to buy it since retinol is expensive but It gave me side thoughts because was one dollar.. so I came to YouTube and watched your video… so far one week using it and I dont know if I have any differences but I'm liking my skin how it looks lol … I usually have breakouts with heavy makeup and I did used liquid tick heavy makeup and I was ready for the breakout next day well so far nothing … anyways I need more guidance… The retinol is recommended to use at night after cleaning my face … my question is .. can I use moisturizer after the retinol ? Or just leave it like that ( I wouldn't mind but dont want to miss a step) … also before of apply the retinol can I use a toner? ( I use neutrogena.. pore reducer toner)

    With this vitamin c one … Is it first this then the sunscreen? Then moisturizer? Then primer .. then foundation? Gosh so hard lol please help !

  8. I just picked this up today, I have been using burt's bees rose hip face oil but don't have the extra to repurchase atm so I'm going to give this a go and see how it works for me. The packaging is truly what caught my eye lol

  9. I went out right after the retinol video and went to buy this serum! I got 3 of each. The girls at check out just looked at me. Also, you're right it feels good !! Doesn't burn, its thick, no scent. I'm a retin A user and this stuff just feels good. Thank you!

    Also I wanted to mention I just bought the Peach and Lily glass skin serum at Ulta during 21 days of Beauty and this makes my skin look more like glass skin than the expensive one.

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