Defne Yaprağının İnanılmaz Faydaları
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Defne Yaprağının İnanılmaz Faydaları

March 9, 2020

Today I will talk about such a beautiful plant that you throughout the history This beautiful bay leaf was crowned to the food scenes and tables of the gourmets who are more beautiful than each other. healed all herbalists, all cooks, all food gourmets have always dealt with this bay leaf from healers to doctors, physicians, to the pastors of time so great we do not appreciate your value we can’t plant this wonderful plant around us protecting us from everything from insects, ants outside from bad energy, synergy and at the same time ours is called aura or its famous name that positive energy gives us a spiritual feeling friends we cut the little leaves strengthens our immune system there is this age here now there is one that I will show here soon, it has a state of humor there is also a full dry state we have gardens too and in this nature I wanted to share this beautiful plant, laurel, benefits of bay leaf with you cholesterol heart diseases lung diseases respiratory tract to strengthen the immune system for cancer liver, to clean our internal organs precious friends there are many more benefits What; I want to go reading them too diabetes as I said for sugar do you have cholesterol? perfectly valued friends I got your notes because I don’t want to skip any of them I want you to benefit from this beautiful plant regulates glucose in the blood you know triglycerides are high ensures their order – Is it like a pill? dear friends nature a pharmacy Of course, we will fulfill the medicines given by our doctor. we will apply what the doctor wrote but we are also obliged to seek our healing we are obliged to find the right one it is so pleasant you are boiling hot water you get after a few beats After taking a few bay leaves into it linden if any, a little hibiscus you can add a few herbal teas that you love. Infuse for 10 minutes and strain terrific your respiratory tract internal diseases one to one intestinal worms if you put some thyme in it perfectly valued friends I definitely recommend this beautiful plant to you I wanted to tell I said to my uncle Kerem, stop, let’s explain this plant because we benefit people we talked about heart health See antioxidant valuable friends, there is a very good benefit here Valuable friends for vascular walls and vascular health and also caffeic acid lowers cholesterol for joint pain sycamore leaf at the same time along with you, you take valuable friends sycamore leaf. Arrange the sycamore leaf and bay leaf, if there is joint arthritis, joint pain, wrap with stretch film it will also be a healing you will see many benefits will strengthen your immune system a high rate of painkillers of course your head hurts, for, you will be very surprised You are going to say that I was not expecting so much C vitamin it also has digestive system, lung health, stomach and also skin care, insomnia, calming properties anxiety, depression a plant that is also used in behavioral disorders I will talk about another feature soon Dear friends, I will talk about the smell of smoke. Vitamin C and Vitamin A ratio is also very high antibacterial As I mentioned, it is perfect for intestinal health. Since sinol secretes primis, its smell is also wonderful You can burn with marshmallow flower at home, I want to show you how to do it soon if my brother also comes if he takes a shot of the detail these I want to show it like this our bay leaves these are the age of the laurel these buds these are seed states here is dry. yes there is a bit more dry here I stepped on it a little while we were shooting our video here it was a little bit dirty this is the semi-dry state of our laurels but I want to show you your age I’m taking these two I’m putting it here and dear friends, I will burn this to you now yes with the help of a paper I burn it like this It has a great smell. The brother of Kerem, who is currently recording the video, says that the brother smells great how beautiful Dear friends this beautiful plant If we burn it with salvia, it will provide a good synergy and health in our house. very very very very very useful for our anxiety, depression and mood investigate, you investigate, look, it is burning beautifully now sinor is also secreting plimisin sinor and plimisin make us feel good breathing again If it is burned with the marshmallow flower, it will be considered as a frankincense in a very sweet mystical consistency without sacrificing salvia at home. If the collar airways also prevent cough try a small leaf you will see the difference it will be very useful for your health. How do you get the aroma of the bay leaf when it is placed in the fish, the quality of the smell at home, I will never get into them you already know we wanted to talk about health and healing Do not neglect this bay leaf at some point in your life we also use this beautiful bay leaf in organic beekeeping some mites called varroa in some organic beekeeping are some parasites When we apply this to our hives by burning this with a blower, we also make a natural medicine application. Dear friends, I wanted to tell you about this beautiful flower, this beautiful plant, this beautiful tree. bay leaf benefits stay healthy, be entrusted to Allah

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  1. Merhaba Soner bey Bizde Azerbaycanda defne yapraĝi borş adli bir yemeyimiz var onda her zaman bulunur Yani defnesiz bir borş yemeyimiz düşünülemez Peki Soner bey defne yapraĝinin yaş olaninimi yoksa kuru yapraĝimi demlenir Hiç içmedim doĝrusu içmek isterdim

  2. Soner bey, sizi zevkle takip ediyorum.
    Yoğurt mayalarken 1/2 kiloluk kavonoza 3 defne yaprağı katarım. Yoğurdun tadı kokusu muhteşem olur.

  3. 3 harfleri evlerden uzaklaştıran Ayetel Kürsi den sonraki tek şey bu defne yaprağı dumanidir. Sanırım sinerji derken onun üstüne bastın reis. Eyvallah video için.

  4. İnsanlar a faydalı olabilmek çok güzel daha uzun çalışmalar için sağlıklı ömürler dilerim

  5. Soner bey bahçemde defne ağacı var ve her kovana üç beş defne yaprağı koyuyorum varoa ve güveye ne kadar faydası olur sizce?

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