Developing Wheat to Address Malnutrition: Graduate Student Scientist Profile
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Developing Wheat to Address Malnutrition: Graduate Student Scientist Profile

March 9, 2020

Since I was little I grew up in a plant science environment. Growing up in a family farm agriculture, looking at my dad working corn and rye. His passion for the plantation; that really inspired me to have a life always involved in plant research. I think the University of Nebraska is the perfect place to make your educational dreams come true. For me, the University of Nebraska always feel like home and that’s why I got a master’s degree in plant pathology at this University and now I’m finishing PhD here too. For my dissertation I am studying the effect of two specific genes in wheat. The idea is including these genes will create key nutrients in wheat kernel. My research tries to solve the malnutrition
problem that happens world wide in the developing
countries. Malnutrition is basically the lack of nutrients in food supply for poor people in developing countries. Around 60% of the world’s population is iron
deficient. 30% of the same population is (inaudible)
deficient. So these iron and nutrients are pretty important for poor populations. Specifically for the populations that don’t have access to food with high concentration of nutrients. Sharing my research with the public is very important because we make people that worry about malnutrition that happen around the world specifically in poor countries, but also we let them know that are using public funds to make research in order to help these areas in the world that have malnutrition. I would like to continue developing new varieties of crops no matter what. It could be wheat. It could be dry beans. It could be soy beans, could be corn. But in order to match the common objective that plant scientists have right now that are trying to feed the growing population. A scientist is not just a person who is in the laboratory like me or in the field doing research. A scientist is a person who is always trying
to find things to do and improve things for human kind. Mi nombre es Jorge Venegas, y soy un científico de plantas.

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