Diet Doctor VS Big Pharma – Plant Based Throwdown w/ Dr. Michael Greger
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Diet Doctor VS Big Pharma – Plant Based Throwdown w/ Dr. Michael Greger

October 4, 2019

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  1. I try & get the word out every day in every way. Ran into this anaesthetist the other day. He got quite angry with me & told me heart disease could not be reversed. When I said I would send him some information he said he wouldn’t read it & wasn’t interested in it.

  2. When he talks about how the system works and how it's not corrupt, he immediately this explains how they're corrupt. Is that on purpose?

  3. Great interview! I love the discussion of physicians being influenced by seeing results in their patients (anecdotal) while not being influenced by all of the studies/trials. It's so disheartening sometimes to know people personally who have health issues but simply won't make changes that could help them — or even worse, they'll make dubious changes that just happen to reinforce their junk-food preferences (e.g. butter in coffee) but will regard a plant-based diet as way too radical, too restrictive, too extreme. Like slopping butter in your coffee is not extreme?? And then you hear "well, I just love my cheeseburgers too much to give them up" from someone who's obese, with type-2 diabetes & other kinds of health problems, and will be lucky to survive to the age of 50. Habit, comfort and familiarity are such incredibly powerful forces.

  4. Greger looked bad then and he looks even worse now.

    His diet is killing him.

    He’s like 46, look at the keto/carnivore advocates as a comparison. Mark Sisson is 20 years his senior and is in far better shape.
    The vegan diet advocated by Greger is more akin to a wasting disease than a sustainable way of eating.

  5. I disagree with Dr Greger about whether the system is corrupt. Gaining profit at the expense of human health and causing unspeakable suffering in the name of profit is the very definition of corruption. He also downplays the relationship between food manufacturing, animal agriculture and pharmaceutical companies. They go hand in hand, scratching each other's backs and lining each other's pockets. Corruption is too kind a word for it. And the fact that these industries use their power to influence recommendations, to influence and infiltrate government bodies that were designed to protect the people is the very definition of conspiracy. (Groups of people that work together for an outcome and are doing it secretly, or at least trying to be secretive about it. That's conspiracy). They even influence and infiltrate the medical schools. This is the system. It's corrupt. How does the egg board get it's bogus articles published? Because the meat and dairy industries, and the pharmaceutical industry fund the media which in turn will only publish stories that benefit its benefactors. If this is not corruption, then what is?

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