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  1. Thank you so much for these videoes! They have helped me a lot! But I was wondering if you could make a video about what happens to the fat particles after they have been in the liver? (Covering VLDL, LDL, HDL, Cholesterol and so on)

  2. very, very helpful. Exactly like what I had in class today, but easier to understand and clearly explained. Thank you very much 🙂

  3. I found these videos very helpful and easy to follow! Thank you for uploading this!
    However I do have two minor details I'd like to point out.
    I would have found it immensely helpful if you'd talked a bit more about the structure of the chylomicron and its synthesis within the epithelial cell. (Maybe this is covered in another video?)
    And the little character you depict as the lipase is called Pacman, not Macman.

    Thanks a lot for this, I'll share this with my class.

  4. American pronunciation of capillary is so different! In England, we say cap-ill-er-ry!! But thank you very much! Great teaching!

  5. After a meal the insulin decreases? It should be increase because of the increase in blood [glucose]….. Obviously post-insulin release glucagon hormone secretion will increase because the body has enough energy….

  6. so free fatty acids from adipose can float around the blood stream cause they're small, but cholemycrons, and other lipoprotein can't. So lipoprotein lipase cuts them into fatty acids so they can. Then do lipoprotein never enter capillary circulation due to size?

  7. Obviously shes never played the game before so id assume she'd ask someone before hand that the character's name is correct. I guess when you are a Harvard graduate, you dont feel the need to ask for help.

  8. These videos are excellent! I only wish I had them years ago when I was in med school! Thanks Jasmine!
    p.s. you have a lovely voice, ignore the haters

  9. did she say Mac Man instead of Pac Man in both first and second part? what on earth? did you even have a childhood, Miss? Great content though, thanky ou very much!

  10. Great Video, How does the chylomicron get through the first layer of the holes are smaller? I’m having trouble picturing it

  11. Hmmm… so is there a glucagon pill I can take? Or is starving the key to mobilizing fatty acids out of adipose tissue?

  12. Im a software engineer also a health enthusiast, feels so excited to finally learn about how your machine, the body, works! Thanks cant wait to learn more

  13. Thank you for the video..very helpful! However, I believe the lipoproteins are not covered in a protein shell. Rather, the lipoprotein is covered in a phospholipid layer with some cholesterol, with some proteins (Apolipoproteins) embedded/attached to the phospholipid shell. They act more as ligands and enzymes, not as an amphipathic molecule to shield the lipids as this video suggests. The phospholipid layer does that.

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