Digestive histology 3- Submucosa

February 29, 2020

– Sometimes the names
of the structures in anatomy land are easy. Deep to the mucosa is a layer
called something fantastic. Are you ready?
Dude, it’s the submucosa. Hmm, I’m going to have to write
my submucosa this way. Submucosa. Most often the submucosa is made
of dense irregular connective tissue, most often. Holy–okay. Connective tissue mess,
dense, irregular, and I’m telling you right now,
when you see the dense irregular connective
tissue, it’s extremely obvious. I’m going to go back to that
picture that we looked at. There. Look I can’t draw
on this right now. Look at this. A thick layer. That is my mucosa.
That whole thing is my mucosa. From here, I can’t identify
whether I’m in submucosa, lamina propria. I mean, I know I’m not in
submucosa. My epithelial tissue. Look, I can’t help it.
Here we are. Does that look like
epithelial tissue? So what is deep to
the epithelium? That’s my lamina propria. And if we move deep to that,
you’ll see a very thin layer. Right there.
That’s smooth muscle. And then what? Holy mess of
madness. Really? Look at that mess of madness. There’s adipose tissue in there. There’s blood vessels running
through it. I mean we have all sorts of
craziness happening in there. That’s my submucosa.
Submucosa is a mess. Look at it.
And look at how huge it is. So mucosa, submucosa. And it’s not rocket science. Like it really–you just look at
it and you go, oh yeah. Mucosa, there it is. You can go in closer and you can
totally identify. I would expect to see muscularis
mucosae right here along this line. And you will. I would expect this
to then be submucosa. And it’s that simple.
There’s your submucosa. Now, the next layer we’re going
to–we’ve got one more section. Well, two more. But we’re going
to go deep to that. So we’re continuing to move away
from the lumen of our tube.

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