Digestive Juices OR Enzymes in Stomach that helps digest your foods

March 7, 2020

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video on digestive juices or Enzymes how your digestive system works through these
digestive juices/enzymes the digestive system includes many organs that contribute to
the secretion of digestive juices/enzymes these organs contain the liver pancreas
salivary glands stomach and small intestine liver live or creates bile enzyme
that is liable for the emulsification of fat separates fat globules to improve
lipase activity bile created in the liver is usually stored in the
gallbladder until discharged pancreas pancreas secretes bicarbonate ions into
the duodenum to neutralize stomach acids and testing pH is normally 7 to 8
additionally secretes lipase for fat digestion amylase for carbohydrate
digestion and protease for protein digestion pancreatic proteases are
activated by enzymes but not by acid conditions and durell kinase transforms
trypsinogen to trypsin salivary glands initiate chemical digestion when food is
still being physically chewed within the mouth secretes salivary amylase which
facilitates the breakdown of glucose polymers for example starch stomach
create stomach acids which help in the chemical breakdown of foodstuff
materials secretes proteases to work as the initial site of protein digestion
stomach protease is usually neat acid conditions for activation for example
pepsinogen pepsin small intestine intestinal juices/enzymes are secreted from pits
named crypts of lubricant found between intestinal villi digestive enzymes in
the small intestine are normally immobilized on the epithelial membrane
for example mall days this avoids the enzymes from getting flushed out of the
body as part of the regular digestive cycle this also concentrates the
digestive products at sites where membrane proteins are present to
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