DIY Vitamin C Serum for Face | Homemade Skin Care Tips | How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home
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DIY Vitamin C Serum for Face | Homemade Skin Care Tips | How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home

October 25, 2019

What’s up you guys welcome back to my channel. My name is Danny. If you’ve never been here before, do make
sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you like this video. Today’s video is going to be a DIY Vitamin
C Serum for your skin. I love skin care products and making my own
skin care products especially, because I like to make things that don’t have a lot of chemicals
and that are highly natural because they end up being much, much better for your skin. The main ingredient is really going to be
Vitamin C powder and you can get this at the Vitamin Shoppe if you have one around your
city or you can also get it on Amazon it’s fairly inexpensive. If you enjoy this type of video do subscribe
because I’m going to be posting a lot more like it in the near future. So without further do, let’s get to this DIY
Vitamin C serum video. That way. Let’s start by adding half a cup of water
into a small bowl. Now let’s take our Vitamin C powder and we’re
going to add about 3 teaspoons of this into the water. And just so you know this is going to make
a lot of product. You are going to have enough for about 2 small
bottles of product. Just mix it really well with a spoon. It’s going to take a little bit of time to
dissolve. If it doesn’t dissolve right away, you can
also put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and the heat of the water will make
the Vitamin C powder dissolve really quickly. Now just take the container that you’re going
to use and we’re going to put the product inside. It’s up to you how to pour it in. I decided to go with the suction thingie of
the bottle. I have no idea what that’s called. And I just suctioned out the product and then
put it inside the bottle. So here we have it, the final product. It’s so simple and quick to make as you guys
saw. And I’m going to link my other video here. My skin care routine video where I show you
exactly when to apply it. But it’s best to apply it during the night
and even during the day if you want to. Thank you so much for sticking around and
watching my video. I really hope you enjoyed this simple DIY
Vitamin C serum. It’s so good for your skin you guys, using
this is going to make a big difference, especially around your eyes where you tend to have crow’s
feet and a little bit of a wrinkly skin area. This is going to be amazing for that so apply
it every night. I also linked another video that I made where
I showed you how to make DIY skin care products as well. I was using a store bought Vitamin C serum
there, which is amazing, it’s called 40 Carrots and it’s really good, but I wanted to make
one of my own so I made this video. But if you want to see those other ones that
I made definitely click on the link that I am going to leave down below. So you can see my entire morning and night
routine. You can follow that if you want to, if you
don’t have a specific morning and night routine which you should because you need to take
care of your skin. It’s really important. Thank you so much for watching. If you did like it please give it a thumbs
up and subscribe down below for more videos like this in the very near future. I post every Wednesday and Saturday so I hope
to see you back soon and wherever you are watching from, whether it’s sunrise or sunset,
I want to tell you that you are amazing, gorgeous and beautiful and I hope to see you on the
next video. Bye!

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