Do I Take Vitamin K2?
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Do I Take Vitamin K2?

October 8, 2019

As you get in deeper into the science
around K2, it’s got multiple roles what the scientists would call “pleiotropic,”
across multiple different roles which may seem unrelated. But once you dig into
the biological pathways, they are very much related or they appear to be. So I
do take it. Now what? So if I do, what do I take? You know these videos on K2 and
sometimes I forget the obvious. Somebody, a patient was asking me yesterday. “Well
yeah that’s interesting but do you take it?” And I forgot to say that yes I do.
Actually two years ago, I did not take vitamin k2 and that was based on the
randomized clinical trials. The Rotterdam study was the only one that showed any
evidence and I just didn’t think it was that significant. So why am I taking it
now? It’s not because the randomized clinical trials have changed or new ones
have come out which provide a whole lot of a solid evidence that it works. So if
you want that kind of solid evidence, it just doesn’t exist now. So why am I
taking it? It’s based on other evidence, things like a video that we released
recently that as you get in deeper into the science around K2, it’s got multiple
roles what the the scientists would call “pleiotropic,” across multiple different
roles which may seem unrelated. But once you dig into the biological pathways,
they are very much related or they appear to be. So I do take it now. What so
if I do, what do I take? Let me just say this. I’m not associated, no financial
association with either of these groups. The first one is this K2 plus D3 2-in-1
support made with coconut oil. And so this other one is natto powder. You may
remember I was the medical director for Toyota in North America for about a
decade and there I had the wonderful opportunity to set up… manage not only
docs but in clinics but pharmacies and set up full preventive services for over
a hundred thousand people. I enjoyed and was intrigued by the Japanese culture. I
even developed an ability and taste for eating. I remember one time in Japan,
I actually ate a raw fish eyeball and loved it. I’d had a little bit of sake
prior to that and that certainly helped. But I could never develop a taste for
natto. Natto’s fermented soybeans. It has K2 in
it and I actually am using natto now. It’s in this powder that again it’s in
Japanese and it still tastes bad. So what do I take? Again K2 D3 2-in-1 support
100 micrograms of K2 as in MK7 menaquinone and 125 micrograms of D3
that’s 5,000 IU. There’s plenty of research showing
you’re not going to get into trouble even if you’re not monitoring your D3
levels with a supplementation of 5,000 IU. Here’s
another couple of views of the box menaquinone-7. And again I don’t use Sports
Research all the time. I use other brands as well but that’s what I’m taking and
I’m putting the natto powder in my morning coffee and I won’t say it’s
terrible but it’s still not… I don’t look forward to ingesting that, I’ll tell you
that. But so why do I do all that? Again I just told you. We have made it this far,
thank you very much for your interest. So I’m very excited to announce we now have
a membership page. Now what is that? That’s the one place where you can go
and access all of our digital products. It starts off with a few free things
like a lot of infographics which help you understand the basics of insulin
resistance, cardiovascular inflammation, and other key concepts on how to prevent
heart attack and stroke. The next free item is the intro and first chapter of
the book that we’re writing on plaque and the standards of medicine just
aren’t doing very well right now in terms of the number one killer and
disabler – plaque. We don’t do a good job of measuring it, we don’t do a good job
of monitoring it, and there are better ways. So that’s what this book is all
about. Again, go in, get a free a look at the intro and the first chapter. And
if you’ve purchased the cardiovascular inflammation and IR courses,
thank you so much for doing that. You purchased those at a time before we
had them totally cleaned up and we’ve cleaned them up now and they’re
available for you right there on the membership page. Hit the link below
register and go in and take a look. Look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

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  1. DrBrewer good straight forward video. I happen to take the same amounts vitamin K2 and D3. Thank you. Video was helpful.

  2. Vitamin K2 seems to provide "a defense against fluoride calcification in soft tissue such as the arteries and brain." [] Supplements of Vitamin K2 are well worth the cost if K2 functions as an antagonist against artery plaque formation and atherosclerosis. I doubt if those centenarians in Okinawa who eat Natto foods drink fluoridated water.

  3. K2 needs a measurement method and labs need to part of a longevity regimen…stat! Westin Price' elusive activator x is vitamin K2 which will enable the natural process of healing teeth.

  4. I have something new in the last 2 weeks. Arrhythmia, PVC's! Checkout how many people are reporting the same thing from taking K2. Maybe it's just me, as I'm a T2D with an unmedicated A1C of 5.2. I have been exercising 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week for just under 2 years. Maybe it's not a good idea to strip all the calcium from arteries and your heart. I'm still researching K2's other impacts.

  5. Dr. Brewer said he takes Natto powder. Why not just eat Natto itself, rather than processed natto powder? Natto is readily available in Japanese groceries and I can even purchase it in a Korean grocery store I go to. It doesn't taste good, but Dr. Brewer said his natto powder doesn't taste good either.

  6. Great job on the video. I am a big fan of k2 for bone health- that it helps with vascular and blood sugar issues is a bonus.

  7. Hey Doc. A one person study – me. After moving up North, I, at age 63 got a surprise DEXA of osteopenia. I went on to take 200 of K2 , 5T D3, magnesium and 3 servings of dairy for biovailable calcium. My DEXA of few days ago showed a 2.7 increase in bone density. Not bad for a postmenopausal woman. Too soon to gloat, but I am hopeful. I do love being my own guinea pig. Keep up the good work. Mary 🎈

  8. I feel like I'm losing hope. Cant have carbs because they elevate blood sugar which leads to CV inflammation, cant have meat or fish, or eggs because of tmao, so the only macro left is fat. Wait cant just eat fat. That much would negatively affect triglycerides. So that leaves water and vegetables. Sorry for the rant but I can now add stress to the issue trying to eat right.

  9. Thank you! Currently taking Mercola D3 and K2. 5000 IU and 180 mcg.
    Trying to make up for years of warfarin damage. Had no idea how harmful that anti-K med was. Hoping Eliquis is less harmful. πŸ™πŸ»

  10. I love natto; we make it at home. We ferment other legumes as well (not just soy). For anyone who doesn’t like the taste of classic natto, you might try other legumes. Same starter culture will work.

  11. Excellent Podcast πŸ™‚πŸ‘.
    I am using natto powder for its convenience also taking the same supplement of k2 & D

  12. Hi, Dr. Brewer. Here is my recipe to help you enjoy natto. Fill up the natto container with apple cider vinegar and then add two teaspoons of "chren" (a mix of horseradish and beetroot). Stir it well and enjoy. I promise you that it is very tasty.

  13. @Dr Brewer:1. Some anecdotal info for your database:
    2.and some input on the LA cimt event
    (sorry for the long comment and grammar)


    Β I take currently take K-force by Ortho Molecular Products = vit D 5iu and vit k2 =180 mcg. I take this 1 to 3 times a week as I had issues with the vitamin D when I took greater amounts. My dr had me on 10iu's for a short period to get my D levels up from 20. but my tennis and golfers elbow (chronic tendinitis in my whole right arm) came back in a major way. I had to slow down. I bought a vitamin d light box to augment the supplementation. I do not know what my current d levels are.

    I used to take Super K by life extensions. This had to much k1 in it for me to get the 180 mcg of k2.

    I generally only take k2 when I am taking vitamin D. from my understanding vitamin D ramps up calcium activity and i want to make sure the calcium is going to the right places.

    I also only used to get my vitamin d and k2 supplement form Blue Ice royal (westin price…fermented cod liver with butter) and Kerry gold butter. But this gave me a vitamin d level of 20 at the end of summer as I said above.

    I generally follow Dr Carolyn deans supplement protocol (achieve radio on youtube.) She only uses blue ice royal for both vitamin d and k2. She does talk about having proper magnesium in your body though. The theory: if your body has enough magnesium you need less vitamin D (40-50 instead of 60+)… less vitamin d supplements leads to less need for vitamin k2.

    **********I have written you before… Please look into remag magnesium (rna A solid magnesium count will change all other heart related things you are looking at. She will send sample bottles to drs.


    On anther note:
    I did attend your LA cimt meeting. Overall the lecture was good and hit the major points. I will say that, as far I understand, I disagree with the supplement portion of the lecture.

    David meinz recommended 1500mcg of k2. he did not specify mq4 or 7. 5iu of vitamin d, and 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium a day. He also said you get enough magnesium in your food.

    Most people I follow recommend 0 calcium (unless you eat zero calcium.) If you are taking 5ius of vitamin d with that calcium you are going to be putting calcium in all kinds of places in your body. I dont think we really know if 180 or 1500mcg of k2 will protect you from that calcium overload.

    also: generally k2 mq7 is recommended at 180mcg not 1500. that comes from japan studies. mq4 is not talked about allot.

    as far as magnesium in food. that is completely false. Farm fields do not flood to give you the proper nutrients. If you take a good magnesium supplement like Re mag by dr dean (i have no affiliation) your body will go through significant, noticeable changes. I also agree with dr dean: most people, even ones that do supplement, do not have enough magnesium. Magnesium is the counterbalance to calcium. Therefore Davids suggestion to not supplement with magnesium and to supplement with calcium and vit d is major red flags, especially for the heart.


    David said "salt is salt is salt." I have to side with Dr Dean on this one as well. U.S. table salt is very different than mineral salt (Himalayan…) There is only about 2% minerals in mineral salt but that is huge. Your body will constantly crave food if you dont get those 80ish minerals. If you dont eat processed food, loaded with table salt, you will have to supplement iodine.

    Personally, I put .25 tps in a qrt of filtered water.(.5 my body weight in ounce) I have lowered my blood pressure from high to perfect with mineral/salt water alone.

    waist measurement:
    Dr berry(you tube) says measure from you belly button. David said your hips… under you bellybutton. This is about a 2 -3 inch difference in me. I think belly button makes more senses.. capturing belly fat.

    sugar is sugar is sugar
    in generally his point is right on.. avoid it all. There is allot of talk about high fructose acting differently though. Also local Honey raw from the cone has helped me with allergies.

    The general conclusion of the lecture was spot on. limit your eating window and cut down your carbs and moderately exercise. Focus on inflammation not lipid panels. Lifestyle,some statins, gi health(probiotics) testing… all good. I feel the supplement recommendation is dangerous though.

    The major thing that David and most lectures miss: You dont have as much control of your lifestyle as you think. Meaning we are constantly bombarded with bad lifestyle inputs that influence us. advertisements, smells, people around us, isolation, stress….

    We need to activly seek out healthy lifestyle inputs ? Similar to going to church every week you need to tune into something healthy every week/day… Listening to this channel for example. Watching a keto cooking channel every week… wearing an glucose meter, . Without that constant positive input a person will fall back on old bad habits. Sadly, today with nobody home making home made food and generations of "grandmas" knowledge lost, most influences are designed to take your money with no regard for you health.

    I understand it hard to make content for a broad unknown audience. I would say the lecture was well underneath at least half the audience. For example: I have probably listened to 1000 hrs on health on you tube. For example the fat emperor just had a geeky 1.5+ hr interview breaking down inflammation. But there were probably people at the lecture that still eat 300 g of carbs a day. very tuff to juggle. I do hope that in the future I can go back and get a follow up cimt for a lower price without the lecture price included.

  14. Thank you for this excellent explanation on Natto. My neighbor was born and raised at the foot of Mt. Fugi and when I asked him about Natto he plugged his nose,laughed and said good luck. I will stick with my K-2 pills. I found your career with Toyota very interesting.

  15. My wife and I eat natto everyday. We started eating it everyday last May when we were in Malaysia. We found it in a Japanese grocery store there. Later this year we found natto in Tampa (close to where live), Minneapolis, Tucson, and Miami. When we are home, we make our own. The ingredients are soybeans and water plus natto starter. For starter we use Japanese natto bought at the Tampa store. We like it.

  16. For those that say they will get their K2 MK7 from capsules instead of natto. You missing all the other benefits of natto. Some of these are nattokinase(breaks apart fibrin and blood clots), PQQ, and the probiotic nature of natto. You should research natto for more details.

  17. I think K2 is still being understood because it is relatively new to the nutrician community.

    As we know, our RDA's are effected and dependent on our Macro Nutrient composition. While not communicated to the masses we know it is so. The Zero Carbers & Whole Food Animal Based communities are not getting scurvy despite low to no vitamin C.

    The devoted Red Meat eating Carnivore tribe has Corinary calcium scores improve or not exist. So, there is a form of K2 or enough of the known K2 in red meat on a low to zero carb diet to clear arteries. The mechanism is not known. But the height, stature & health of Plains Indians that lived on American bison and had no Fermented Soybeans, Goose Liver, etc is known.

    I really think the incredible, edible egg is natures perfect food. It has many vitamins and the fat, cholesterol and protein for your body to use them. The importance of protein for bone health is always left out of the discussion of nutrition. It simply does not fit the dogma of Nutrition's Guidelines for 50+ years despite the science saying so.

    I suspect one of K2 forms is like Vitamin D in that it is a hormone more than a vitamin. It also interacts with protein not just calcium. With adequate protein utilization your bones can use the
    calcium in your blood & arteries.

    Plenty of future subjects for you to review as you go into the Rabbit Hole of K2.

  18. Thanks Dr. Brewer. I eat natto, the actual beans, maybe 1 ounce per week. I agree, it's awful. I usually chew it up and wash it down with some juice. There is no way I will sacrifice my coffee to natto!

  19. Hello Doc. I have some questions regarding k2 mk7. Some ppl have experienced Palpitations. These pills are always combined with magnesium stearate and stearic acid. Magnesium stearate and stearic acid are major T-cell suppressors and creators of a biofilm in the gut. Biofilm acts as an effective barrier to the absorption of not only that particular supplement that contains magnesium stearate, but ALL the nutrients you'd normally get from food sources as well. So is it safe for ppl to consume it? Also what about the fillers and bulking agents in a capsule, all this may cause harm rather than good. Am 32 and healthy but my d3 levels are too low. Can i too take this d3+k2 combo? Kindly revert if possible. Thanks & Regards.

  20. I eat Natto every morning!. I actually like the taste. It is the best food source of Vitamin K2, it also has nattokinase, which helps dissolve clots and fibrin in the bloodstream. It is also a source of PPQ which has vital role in MG ATP. Natto is a true super food.

  21. Another awesome video. I'm following in your footsteps regarding arterial health. Waiting for my CIMT results from Cardio Risk.

  22. Dr. Brewer, you appear and sound unmistakably healthier than in your earlier videos.
    Whatever you’re doing keep doing it.πŸ˜†
    And thank you for all you do for us. πŸ‘

  23. And you never said WHY you take it!!!!!! Aaaarrrgghhh!!!! πŸ€―πŸ˜‚ Why now when you didn’t before?

  24. How many capsules do you take each day? Just one? I was taking K2 / D3 and each capsule was 90mcg / 5000iu and I was taking 4, then sometimes 2. Don't know what would be best? Thanks

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