Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS
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Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS

December 11, 2019

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  1. If anyone here curious about what diet you should try? Check out the Movie/Doco '' The game changers '' Might be use full too you or some one close too you. Rock on!

  2. How tall are you, like 6 and a half feet? How can a skinny lad like you be around my same weight when I look pregnant sometimes?

  3. I'm on a regular more veggies less sugar and carb with moderate exercise lifestyle change. I give myself one portion sized indulgence a day IF I want it. It's been somewhere around two weeks and I'm down 4 lbs 🤷‍♀️ My mom is doing the same with similar results 🙌

  4. Man, keto sent me to the hospital. Like Dr.Mike, I did it for roughly a month and a half. I was so constipated, I felt like I was dying. Maybe I did it wrong because I know it worked for a lot of people.

    The doctor I spoke to told me to just eat whole foods instead of processed foods and try to incorporate more fiber.

  5. This is actually one of the most realistic results from the Keto diet. Hats off for trying and doing great! Love your determination!

  6. Check out our Ketogenesis supplements.

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  7. Sorry to say.. but as a keto dietwr for several years on and off.. i feel like ur doing it wrong.. most of ur problems were signs of too many carb intake

  8. how is tall is this man that he is 202lbs with his abs showing. Must have been HGH in the water back in Russia while he was a kid.

  9. So he's single, a doctor, a very social person, goes to bars/clubs and concerts, works out and plays basketball with Bros…what in God's name am I doing with my life?!

  10. HOLD ON.. if you're a doctor, why didn't you critically appraise this trail and put down the fact that you're more tired at your workouts and stuff down to eating less calories? Keto correlation? Causation? This just seemed like a massive Thrive Ad.. and unhelpful! Any restrictive diet could unintentionally lead to weight loss.

  11. You’re so nice and I hope you have recovered from the breakup and getting down with some laaady’ssss 👏🏻👏🏻😄

  12. My mom lost over 100 pounds on Keto! She looks like a different person, and her health is so much better. She's off of all her medication, and her heart burn is gone too. She's gone down 10 sizes and I've also lost 20 pounds on Keto as well, and still going. Keto has helped me even when I got very little sleep, being the reason why I don't sleep in school. 😛

  13. He really needs to act a little dark and broody. That will add to his hotness. Seriously stop acting like you're in an overly cheerful cereal ad.

  14. When I started the keto I had muscle pain and very tired.But I have lost weight and it has brought my blood sugars to stay low.It has done wonders for my diabetes.I have hit a plateau and am not losing weight this week.If you want chips eat pork rinds no carbs.I cheated on Thanksgiving with grandmas stuffing.But back to keto.

  15. I tried keto but had no energy for 4 weeks straight. Than i had to stop because i entered a sportsevent where i walked 20km a day for 4 days. It starded on thursday. On monday was my last day of keto and was dead after 4 km walking. Stopped keto and added in a few carbs (max 70 g a day) Thursday 20km was not aproblem

  16. I'll throw this total anecdotal observation into the discussion. I have found that before going on Keto you would be well advised to go on a low carb diet for a month or two to get your system ready. Jumping from full normal carb to Keto is pretty extreme.

  17. A celebrity, one of the worlds famous sports scientists, Dr. Tim Noakes is a celebrated author and follower of KETOGENIC diet. Surprisingly and in fact, Noakes hasn’t even succeeded in curing his own diabetes—as he will tell you. He diagnosed himself, based on his blood-sugar levels and family history. Even after a year on the high-fat, low-carb regimen, his fasting glucose had barely budged; it was still hovering above 125. “Nothing happened,” he said. So he prescribed himself metformin, a common first-line diabetes drug. “He was on two grams a day, which is a massive dose.” When that didn’t work, he added supplements, including berberine, curcumin, and one called N-acetyl cysteine. That finally got his glucose and hemoglobin A1c (another marker of diabetes) under control. “So I’m cured,” he says. “But he not cured, because he still has to take the medicine.”

    It is about how many times you eat a day, it doesn't matter what you eat and how much you eat, of course processed foods are a big no and importance of macros cannot be underplayed, OMAD diet and TMAD diet will work and sustainable throughout life. The hormones and calories and carbs and proteins and oils and Keto and extended fasting (think about thin and non obese people) and other lines of discussions are meaningless and confusing. So many proponents for each of them with conflicting stands. Because the reason is not Glucose or Ketones, it is Excess Insulin. Please go through Dr. Joseph R Kraft's videos and his book "Diabetes Epidemic and you" Or go through

    The beauty is we can measure the insulin patterns and reverse diseases by following OMAD and TMAD diets. Almost all diseases, mental and physical are associated with excess insulin! KETOGENIC DIET supresses the Glucose levels in blood, but does not cure the dormant disease. WHAT is this dormant disease? The diabetes as we know is created by Pharma and almost all doctors, health professionals and people are misled, the truth is it is not glucose level that matters, it is Insulin!

    Animal PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are actually never cured of diabetes, it is only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed. KETO followers are happy with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends!

    Dr. Kraft addresses the true disease simply and practically and it is equated with Hyperinsulinemia and measurable. Not only millions of (great) doctors and scientists are mislead, they are looking at plasma glucose levels to determine if you are diabetic, which is totally wrong, they talk of low carb diet/ketogenic or fasting to keep away from glucose. No doubt, a great doctor, Dr. Jason Fung’s 24 hour fasting is nothing but OMAD diet, who is closest to the truth and helps in reducing the chronic high insulin levels in the blood.

    In KETO, PROTEIN has a high insulin response. The reason they are never cured of diabetes, only their symptoms of diabetes are supressed, with lower glucose levels or lower readings of HbA1C. Wake up friends!

    Dr. Kraft has clinical data on 14,000 + people collected over 25 years, as proof on what constitutes TRUE/REAL DIABETES. Obesity, diabetes mellitus, dementia, etc are all symptoms of “Diabetes” as defined by Dr. Kraft, which manifest after 7 to 12 years being hyperinsulinemic. Only One meal a day or two meals a day will solve the problem. It works for non obese persons as well, they get CURED of Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc., and most of the mental and chronic physical ailments.

  18. You’re not eating enough. I stop eating about 8pm, don’t go to bed until at least 1am and don’t usually eat until noon the next day, I’m just not hungry. There are some great keto prep meals on YouTube that you can do to take to work. Pinterest is your best friend. You can find a keto version of about anything. Search Keto Fat Bombs on pinterest and youtube. Omg, so good! Great to grab when your hungry or just bored hungry. I started Oct 29th, down 12lbs. Loving it and I never feel deprived. I’m doing strict keto 99% of the time. Watch Dr Berry keto 101, Dr Berg and Dr Nally.

  19. I'm on keto and I eat 1 meal a day. I work as a maintenance tech. Went from 190 to 160 in a couple of months. Before keto people who knew me would say I was the king of junk food and candy. My xmas gifts was boxes of candy. I'll tell you I feel so much better.

  20. Hello guys, I've seen this page talking about Keto Diet and I'd like to start a plan. What do you think about their product? Is it reliable in your opinion? Thanksss

  21. i am keto for a vary long time (because of medical problems) and the workouts (around 1-2 hours) will make you vary tired. thats because carbs is for short 'burst' of energy. keto (ketone) does not have that short burst.

  22. Dr. Berg has a "Healthy Keto Diet" that my son has been promoting to me. I would not want to do the "Regular Keto Diet", but bought Dr. Bergs book. Can you try this diet for us and see what you think, or at least check out his book or youtube videos and address this diet please? It doesn't let you eat certain foods like fruit. What do you think of this diet? What diet is really the best one? There is a lot of confusing information all over the internet, and if you look on amazon, there are a ton of different books that contradict each diet. I want to start a new way of eating starting New Years day. Hopefully you can do a video before then.

  23. Wrong! Keto is not High fat it is moderate fat. FAT IS NOT A GOAL BUT A LEVER! Overweight ppl should take in less fat cuz the point is for your body to breakdown its own fat for energy but if u consume too much then the dietary fat will be used first. When u felt tired you should of increased salt like that pink Himalayan salt, u NEED TO KEEP UP YOUR ELECTROLYTES!! The first few weeks you lose water weight from inflammation in the body so you probably will be voiding a lot so u NEED to be drinking Lots of waters cuz when the electrolytes get low then u feel the Keto flu which I never did. Eat only when you’re hungry, and EAT LOTS OF GREENS! U need the Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium. Eat as many greens as u like. Stay away from processed foods like Atkins bars and things like that.
    Make keto bread like 90sec bread or cloud bread and use that for wraps and breads and plan ahead by making egg bites for breakfast or whatever. Planning ahead is important.

    I lost 35lbs in 3 months but more importantly inches!!! My energy went through the roof, I never new what brain fog was till I felt the mental clarity I experienced, my appetite decreased dramatically so I only ate when I was hungry cuz I also realized im eating out of boredom and that I had a lot of fat that my body is utilizing for energy. I knew when I was in Ketosis cuz I get a metal kind a taste in my mouth. I have never ever felt like i did on low fat, low calorie diets before because I felt so satisfied with eating a yummy juicy steak with the fat on it, and salad with full fat dressing it was AMAZING!! Low cal and low fat diets made me feel weak and down depressed and this was complete opposite. I learned that I am insulin resistant so for me this is amazing. Weight was just melting off of me everyday.
    There is so much misinformation out there about Keto but it doesn’t surprise me when Keto is lowing peoples cholesterol and BP and taking them off diabetic medications and lowering their risk to get Diabetes.

    We as a public have been tricked and fooled by big companies into believing what is healthy “ohh the healthy red heart check mark!” LOL biggest scam of all! Don’t blame the Butter for what the Bread did!

  24. With a doctor's schedule, it might be a tall order (I used to work a crazy schedule in my past, it's rough), but all unprocessed, "whole" foods for 30 days (I'll make an exception for the bakery. Baking bread from scratch if you're used to mostly buying your meals is hard). Stuff from the periphery of the store, or farmers' markets. It's hard to over-eat, if you have to make things from scratch. The trick is, on a day off, prepare meals into the fridge and freezer, so you can just heat them up when you need them, and don't forget to prep snacks, too. If you have a kitchenette at work, plan accordingly. If you don't have refrigeration for your meals at work, a sturdy cooler that holds several meals and several cold packs is worth its price. Lettuce wilts pretty quickly, and loses quality in lunch boxes, but stuff like cabbage can hang out in the fridge for a week or two, so you can plan ahead and shop just once a week, if you have your ducks in a row. (Caveat, I'm pretty good at scratch-cooking, and I grow a lot of our own food, but I don't know where my ducks went…)

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