Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?
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Does the Keto Diet Actually Work?

September 15, 2019

There’s always some new diet touted as the
one that will give you a celeb body in two weeks, and Keto Diet is currently making the
rounds. But what is Ketogenesis? Did someone say Sega Genesis? Ketogenesis has a super scientific name, and
a lot of science behind it… which is probably why people use the shorter name for the diet: Keto. Keto is a cutesy term for ketosis, a process
where living things break down fats to sustain life — it usually happens during starvation
or out of control diabetes. But artificially putting your body into a
ketogenic state is growing in popularity. The Keto Diet is basically, a temporary food
restriction program that is high in saturated fat and almost entirely cuts out carbohydrates. Suggestions include having bacon with everyday,
meat at every opportunity, and SIDES of veggies … but like three leaves of lettuce or AH
tomato. And meal suggestions often include using both
butter and olive oil. I mean, I like a tasty meal but that’s just
making my arteries hurt thinking about it… And some follow this diet for months or years
at a time! But let’s back up and explain some simple
biology. Your brain and body run on glucose, a simple
sugar. Glucose is made from lots of things, but a
big source is carbohydrates. Once carbs are converted to glucose it enters
the bloodstream and can either be used immediately or stored. Stored, if you’re eating more calories than
you’re burning, can mean as fat. People see the Keto diet as a way to cut out
carbs, and thus sugar storage, removing a source of fat from the body… Except that doesn’t actually happen. Even without carbs coming in, the body needs
glucose, so once glucose drops to less than 100 grams, the body enters a ketogenic state
— none of this is news to Keto Practitioners, but really for everyone else… The brain needs glucose, glucose is The Precious
and we wants it! “Ketogenic” comes from ketone bodies. They’re another source of cellular fuel,
not the body’s preferred fuel, mind you, but an alternative supply for vital organs. This is like an emergency backup system for
your body. The ketogenesis kicks in when your body is
starved of glucose, starting a lipolytic process. Basically, it breaks down fat. Glossy Keto Instagrammers rejoice! Except, the keyword in there is starved. Creating ketone bodies to replace missing
glucose is what your body does as a response to starvation! And people are still willing to try the diet! Which can be dangerous. Carbs typically account for about 50 percent
of a balanced diet. If you tell someone to replace those calories
with proteins and fats, people can end up eating too much protein and fats from processed
foods. That paired with few fruits and vegetables
is a recipe for ill health. Plus, Lots of red meat and fatty, processed
foods have been linked to heart disease, kidney problems, and even osteoporosis. Some people experience nausea, vomiting, and
constipation on the diet. But they also do lose weight! The problem is, like with all fad diets, the
weight loss doesn’t last. As a former personal trainer, I suspect it’s
the initial cutting out bread that kickstarts weight loss. Cutting out this common source of simple sugar
is every trainer’s first comment. But fat has an evolutionary purpose, it is
the buffer from those ancient days when we couldn’t just walk over to the store to
pick up food. So once you stop Keto, you’re likely going
to gain weight again as your body tries to protect itself from starvation. There is some research that says a longer-term
stint on the Keto diet can help with weight loss and cholesterol management. But that’s in a study with supervision. It’s a hard diet to manage alone. Interestingly, there are significant health
benefits from following the Keto diet. It’s been used since its development in
the 1920s to effectively treat children with drug-resistant epilepsy. And in some cases, children with certain genetic
mutations can’t get enough glucose to the brain. This hypoglycemic state causes seizures in
infancy and, if untreated, can lead to serious complications like microcephaly and ataxia. The keto diet takes away the glucose from
the bloodstream, forcing the brain to use the alternate energy source of ketone bodies
for fuel, allowing for proper neural development. But unlike body builders looking to get super
lean, this diet is done all-in for 1-2 weeks with management over months or years, depending
on the case. All under close supervision of a physician,
a registered nurse, and a registered dietitian. The diet is slowly dialed back to include
more and more foods that produce gluten, allowing the child to adjust. Again, it’s supervised. Because there shouldn’t be guesswork when
putting a child — or yourself! — into a starvation state. Scientists are now looking into other applications
the Keto diet might have for other metabolic, oncologic, neurodegenerative, and psychiatric
disorders. A fad diet is a temporary way of eating that
is targeted at those of us who don’t like exercise but want to lose weight quickly. This kinda sounds like that, but with some
science words. The best kind of diet is one that you work
out with a nutritionist that suits your body, and that you adopt for yourself and for the
rest of your life. If you want more Seeker, definitely hit that
subscribe button. Diets are so much more than just food; I can
tell you more about the healthiest diets right here. Amazingly, use of the Keto diet can be traced
all the way back to the 5th century BCE by Hippocrates who realized seizures are biological,
not spiritual.

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  1. Hey everyone! Yes, this is a fix of yesterday's video (you're not crazy). We saw your comments, and decided to pull it down. We reached out to some partners to triple check our facts and at least one part didn't hold up; we fixed that bit, and re-uploded. The Keto diet fad is something we've been wanting to cover for a while, but there's not actually a lot of empirical science around it. In our research, we focus on scholarly sources and studies, and avoid citing blogs or single professional opinions. In this case, we ran the script by a biologist and some doctors, and each had varying opinions on the food program itself. In the end, we think the video is in a good place and we thank you for your comments. This is a big reminder that myself and my team do read the comment section, and we do everything we can to put out accurate videos just for you. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. I've lost 27kg on a keto diet with intermittent fasting. No sugar or carbs from rice, pasta & bread. But heaps of veg. As much as i want with every meal. NEVER any processed meats. Cream in my coffee. Skin on my chicken. ACV everyday in a glass of water. No snacking – not that i'm ever hungry. I lose about 1kg a week give or take, a nice steady not to drastic loss imo. Lots of false info here especially regards veg intake. Have a look at Dr Berg videos or Thomas DeLauer – the will teach you keto the correct healthy way.

  3. Wow, So many Wrong statements without any facts! you guys almost got it completely backward!
    Starvation mode?! you body uses stored fat there is no starvation mode when you have fat!
    preferred fuel is sugar!? it's actually ketones that works best for brain function, less oxygen needed, slower burning ( nothing like sugar rush or insulin spike! no brain fog no getting sleepy after a meal), and less damage to cells! body burn sugar first because it's toxic if it remains in blood stream! so body needs to get rid of it asap that is why it's the top priority! when you eat sugar you can't burn fat! you spike insulin and will go in fat store mode! that is why combining both will eventually make you fat in no time!
    it's hard to continue this diet? actually when you get fat adapted you could go days without food! and you still have the same energy! just ask people who do the keto and fasting!
    You get back to getting fat after not doing keto? Yes If you start eating same sugary crap!
    No veggie ?! you need at least 6-7 cups of veggies each day! I bet even vegans can't do that!
    Some day you will look back and see how much wrong you were on all these!
    the information is out in public and no one could hide it anymore. the problem is that when you start keto you don't need to consume food 3 times a day! you could easily do one meal a day! without getting hungry or tired!
    Guess who hates that! Yea, food industry!

  4. Don't know if anybody said this already, but there is a big difference between fats. Olive oil is good for your arteries. Butter, probably not horrible, but not good.

  5. When on Keto, you are supposed to eat lots of vegetables and moderate protein and good (unsaturated fats) I feel like there is a bias toward doing keto the wrong way.

  6. You just exposed yourself as talking heads. The Keto diet doesn't recommend eating a lot of protein because the liver can turn excess protein into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. There's no stipulation to eat red meat and you can eat as many green leafy vegetables as you like. You're supposed to get 70% of your calories from high quality fats. I suggest you read a book called “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung. You can't just read the Cliff Notes and expect to be experts.

  7. You sau "carbs account for 50% of a balanced diet". This varies very much across the globe, so don't make it sound like an unshakable truth. Also, most people who try a diet like this aren't ignorant fools who simply replace carbs with fat and protein from processed foods. You kind of lost my respect with the arguments made in this video, and I wasn't even interested in trying the keto diet.

  8. jesus christ , the load of bullshit false info in this video is hurting my brain, people trust your videos, don't put up this kind of garbage again please

  9. I've been doing atkins for years, which is a less strict but still carbohydrate controlled diet. It's great for me. le shrug

  10. It's hard to believe your comment you know the one you said earlier about sharing your information based off facts, when you say something like you can only eat three pieces of leaf from a vegetable. If he had done even a little bit of research you do realize that most of your carbs are supposed to come from vegetables and it equals out because your fiber intake subtract the carbs. The whole point of the keto diet isn't to eat a crap ton of meat and fat but to give your body a more healthy sustainable lifestyle. You can eat more than three leaves of a vegetable you can eat as many vegetables as you want so long as they are high in fiber and nutrients what you want to avoid are the ones that are high in starch and sugars. I'm pretty disappointed that you're touting this is facts or as research or least as credible research when your video proves otherwise. I probably won't be watching too much of you anymore or at least we'll be taking everything you say with a grain of salt, because this was seriously an easy thing for you to look up not silly from blog post, or articles, but I literally could have gotten the same information that I'm sharing and many people who live on the keto diet are sharing from my doctor, by the way which I have gotten from my doctor. I can't believe you uploaded pretty much the same video to down something they obviously don't know anything about but are quick to spread as fact and based on truthful research.

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  12. lol i eat once in 22hours if its cold. during hot even if no exercise u burn more energy idk why ppl say u eat less in summer just drink more water. i drink way more eat way more in sumer, barely eat in winter nor drink. I might be born in june making me a crab to be open in summer but i dont believe in such borning seasons/planetes n stuff. I run ultramarathons.. best = bread, its easy u dont need much cooking u dont even need buttertoast tho its nice sometimes, or with hot water and cheese we call it "popara"in bulgarian.. bread, rice, vegetables=best. I eat meat less n less as it becomes worse n never really likd it nor does it satisfy hunger.. but people are underestimating bread so much lol. I think i even eat bread more often than vegetables n rice, not just because its easier to prepare. bread with garlic.. creams, or jam & butter..nice. most standard of corurse toast bread butter

  13. how many American bodies are "starving" for carbs?
    how many cars are needed vs excess?
    what is the definition of "moderation"?

  14. Ketogenic way of eating is not a FAD. . Doctors, scientists, and individuals have eat this way for over 20 years.It has been around for over one hundred years. It is the way doctors used to treated obesity before all of the current pharmacological drugs that only treat symptoms and make the problem worse. The brain actually prefers Ketones . Ketones are a better fuel. Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient NOT required by your body. Your body can make what it needs. There is much scientific evidence behind this way of eating. Healthy saturated fats do not make you FAT. Search for the TRUTH to PROOF your core premises.

  15. Why are people surprised that a high calorie diet results in atherosclerosis or other cardiovascular complications ? I’m sorry but the keto diet is anything but recommended for people at high risk for cardiovascular disease. Eating several cups of greens won’t change the fact that your pushing excess amounts of HDL into your body.

    @Seeker are there any findings on how ketogenesis affects insulin resistance as the body adapts to ketolysis for energy?

  16. It's funny how similar all the keto people in the comments sound to evangelical vegans. Describing it as a lifestyle really says it all. The best you could say at the time is that there is no concrete evidence supporting a keto diet for the general public. There are small studies showing alleged benefits in cell cultures or lab rats, just as they are studies showing what harm it may cause. But those studies are in no way good enough to justify any magical claims about the keto diet.
    I agree that we eat way too many carbs in an unhealthy form but that doesn't mean almost completely abstaining from them. The best diet is one where you eat the least amount of processed food, pay attention to what you are eating and most importantly one you enjoy doing. That is actually why many people think their new diet is working in the beginning because often this is the first time people actually think about what they are eating.

  17. this is the keto science I believe.The people behind the podcast are really educated and do a serious research before experimenting with their body. Some of the science from the podcast is different than the science from this video. I am doing "soft" keto during the winter months from 2 years and can recommend it to everyone. All my health markers were normal. It is up to the personal preferences and how your body feel, but my body definitely loves to be in ketosis.

  18. The people that treat keto like a fad diet are usually the ones that don't have the will power to give up sugar and carbs. Or they tried keto and failed. And yes if you go back to eating the way you did you will gain weight back (this goes for any diet not just keto). I probably eat more veggies than I ever did before keto. I know I eat way less processed crap w/ tons of added sugar too! But hey you go ahead and spread the hate and ignorance. I lost over 100lbs in a year. Went from 48-38 pants and 3XL to XL/L.

  19. DO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SPIT OUT A VIDEO! Too many incorrect facts to even list and many other facts omitted. As a channel with over 3 mil users, you must realize that you influence a lot of people. And to those who have called you out, to show your willingness to actually do research, do a video with actual facts of the ketogenic diet, actual studies and talk to actual people who have been able to be healthy and lose weight with a doctor’s supervision. Makes me almost want to unsubscribe to your channel.

  20. I just got to scream this. It's NOT A STARVATION STATE. Starvation is a lack of nutrients and calories. You are not suffering a lack of either, therefore you are not in a starvation state. The use of this phrase, over and over, sounds like a biased attack on the diet to make it sound unsafe and irresponsible. Fact is, it is neither and while every diet is capable of being followed poorly and dangerously, we have to focus our evaluations on diet done correctly. Afterall, as a trainer, you know full well the first advice for dieting is to do it under your doctor's supervision.

    I could rant on and on, but the comment section is already full of people pointing out other faults, including, I'm sure, the ones I've mentioned. This is a one-sided view of the keto diet and shows a lack of understanding in both how it achieves its goals as well as its actual risks. But hey, you guys don't even seem to know that the actual meal plan consists of.

    PS. Look up to the difference between ketosis and keto-acidosis. They are not the same thing. You might also check in on the formal definition of starvation. I'm glad I didn't see your first attempt, but if this is a fix taking comments into consideration, you are still way off.

  21. Let's just get one thing straight. Until 40 or so years ago no one had ever heard of a low-fat diet. If you went up to a person 50+ years ago they would have said "What in the hell are you talking about? Are you crazy?" This is how bad and selective our memory is to have forgotten that "low-fat" is something that was invented and forced upon us by the goverment and powerful food monopolies. Now apparently going back to eating real foods, something we've done for millions of years, is so scandalous it's as if we've declared we're cannibals.

  22. If ketones was not your bodies preferred fuel source why does your heart only use ketone bodies? When you are in Ketosis your body burns fat as a fuel source… If that wasn't what your body was meant to so why do you think your body stores FAT as iets reserve fuel? If it preferred carbs as a fuel source your body would store carbs and not fat… If you think about the way we lived prior to the agriculture era we survived by eating animals… Animals gave us Fat and Protein… It's the way we we're meant to live… The female body during pregnancy also prudences ketones to form the child… And after the child is born it drinks milk… That surprise surprise is made out of mostly FAT and Protein… This has always been one of my favorite channels to watch because you usually base your content on scientific facts… But when it comes to Keto, you did not do ANY research on what science has to say…

  23. I'm impressed that this is the revised vid! There are a lot of broad statements which seem to have a negative slant against keto. The link between keto and health is where H. pylori and gastric ulcers were 10 years ago…

  24. Wow, this has got to be the bullshitest video seekers ever done. Yes all the hundreds of benefits on Keto are a real thing and no, you will not find big corporation backed studies to give you the kind of studies you like to cite because there's nothing an entity can sell to make a profit on this diet in comparison to all other diets. Every 15 to 30 seconds this video spews out something misleading or a half truth. Any diet can be bad if done wrong, duh. Of course you will put weight back on if you go back to eating the standard american diet, obviously but you won't if you keep doing Nutritional Ketosis which is perfectly safe and ultimately the best thing you can do for your health long term. For fucks sake, THE BRAIN DOES NOT NEED GLUCOSE! My god, once the brain becomes keto adapted you can literally hold your breath for about twice as long because ketones are ~2x more efficient than glucose and that confirms it. The brain is stubborn I'll give you that but it will use ketones for fuel and when it does, all your senses become heightened and the fog that impairs your attention is reduced/gone. EAT vegetables for fucks sake, we're not avoiding carbs, we're avoiding NET CARBS and INSULIN SPIKERS! Info wars may as well have made this video, take it down, your loosing your credibility.

  25. Scientifically, the ketogenic diet has shown better results compared to low-fat and high-carb diets; even in the long term.

    here the full details

  26. Ketogenic diet did absolutely not "start" as a celebrity fad diet. It "started" because fat is the preferred fuel. It started because your ancestors survived this way and only ate sugar on rare occasions. Your body scrambles to eliminate sugar as soon as it hits your blood. This video is full of disinformative crap. There is no essential carbohydrate. There are essential fats and proteins. You will die if you don't eat them. Do you know where a gallbladder is found? In a carnivore. Plus are you really going to tell a diabetic that they are going to get better by eating sugar? Who paid you to be so stupid?

  27. The reasons I like this channel is that they inform me about interesting topics that I know little to nothing about. I have always trusted them to have all their facts straight and to present them in an honest and unbiased way. However when they cover a topic that I do know something about and I see obvious inaccuracies and poor explanations, it makes me question the quality of the rest of their content.

  28. This is the most disappointing video seeker has ever made. Carbs are less naturally found in hunter gatherer societies, and carbs in the massive, massive amounts we eat today, along with all the added processed sugars from sugar cane (that only grows in tropical places, mind you) is the root cause of the obesity epidemic, and in fact, YOU HAVE MADE A VIDEO ON THE BENEFITS OF A HIGH FAT, LOW CARB DIET – which puts you into ketosis! Insulin is METABOLICALLY REQUIRED for fat storage. If you ate nothing but butter, at 10k calories a day, you wouldn't gain an inch of fat. We have only been a farming society for a short while, and it takes a lot longer than 20k years to evolve new metabolisms. There's nothing wrong with massively lowering carbs in the western diet to levels it would be possible to have naturally for an individual without processed food or factory farming. Humans only require 50g of carbs a day to stay out of ketosis, but many of us are eating literally HUNDREDS a day. Clearly you need to further do more research, OR REFER TO YOUR OWN:

  29. How is a 100 year old diet a fad? The guy that looks like Mark Ruffalo's nerdy younger just sounds uninformed at best, dishonest at worst about Keto.

  30. This video contains a lot of outdated information. What they are talking about sounds like the Atkins diet if the 1970s not a modern ketogenic diet which incorporates more vegetables, nuts, and legumes. A ketogenic diet can even be completely plant based and even vegan, although that is challenging, and you have to research it well before attempting it. Is it a magic way to loose weight. Nope. But if done properly can be a healthy way to loose weight and stay healthy. Ketones are an alternate source of fuel for your brain and body and humans have been utilizing them for thousands of years. It is not all that difficult to get all the nutrition that you body needs while keeping your carbohydrate intake under 50 grams per day. You guys do a great job on most of your videos but you still need to look into this topic a little deeper. The standard American diet could be greatly improved by reducing sugars and starches dramatically if not entirely.

  31. You haven't done your homework.

    1) The brain is perfectly capable of using ketones for energy.
    2) The body is capable of producing glucose from protein – called gluconeogenesis when and if it is needed.
    3) The emphasis on keto is generally whole foods with little processing.
    4) Nowhere from what I have read, is there any de-emphasis on healthy leafy green vegetables. I eat way more vegetables now than I ever ate when I wasn't ketogenic.

    You also didn't even mention the indigenous people who have survived for millennia on a high fat, low carb diet such as the Inuit and the Masai.

    A ketogenic diet can easily be maintained for life – both from a health perspective and from a motivational perspective.

    I'm boycotting Seeker (unsubscribing).

  32. Please don't make videos just to get views.. Keto is one of the most healthy diet that you can have, just because people started to find out about it, don't make this misleading videos on good old keto diet.

  33. i eat 600 grams of spinach everyday.. that makes 20 cups at least 🙂 who else eats that much veggies in another diet… its funny.. every week i eat 2 whole iceberg, 1 kg of spinach, 500 gram zucchini, 250 gems mushrooms, 250 gram tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 500 gram cauliflower, 300 gems of broccoli, pickles, garlic, scallions asparagus, bok choi, raspberries, strawberries, avocados peppers, eggplants… and it comes to 50 grams total carb per day..

  34. Starving? Nobody is starving on this diet. Eating good fats (butter, olive oil, coconut oil) satisfies your hunger, so you are not hungry. If you do this diet correctly you can go 16 to 20 hours without feeling hungry. That last thing you are doing is starving. Because you don't feel hungry you don't eat as much and you lose weight. Also newer studies show that saturated fats like butter, olive oils and red meat does NOT clog arteries. Check out Dr.Berg, Dr.AXE, and Dr Ken D Berry on youtube who have done tons of videos on this subject. Forget this one. These guys theories are either wrong, out of date or both.

  35. Saying the "weight loss" achieved by following a keto plan is not sustained is partly true and partly false. When returning to a carb heavy diet, you will gain back water and glycogen, making your weight shoot up about 5-10 lbs, yes. But the fat loss achieved by following a keto diet is most certainly sustainable. The only reason people put fat back on again is because they return to their shitty eating habits, which includes eating above their maintenance calories. Stay at your maintenance calories and you will not gain back any fat. Been doing this for years, bulking on carbs and cutting on keto. Works like a charm every time, with maintainable results.

  36. What a way to give mis information. Keto diet involves lots of low GI vegetables rather than corn and potatoes and Some low GI fruits. As for meat, you can have more fish if you prefer. People tend to gain weight again because they’re undisciplined and think they don’t have to do any work anymore. People need to continue on a low GI diet to maintain the weight they’ve lost.

  37. 2:18 – "they replace those calories with proteins and fats, people ending eating too much proteins and fats from processed food…" and then they make a conclusion that it's a bad diet… Is it something wrong with me, or is it a clearly broken logic and totally biased video? If person used to consume proteins and fats from "good" foods, then why would switching to keto diet cause them to start eating junk? And vise-versa, if person eats protein and fats from "bad" foods, then how non-keto diets would help them? Who said that on keto diet you need to be so limited in vegetables? (fruits – yes, but not greens and vegetables) Who said that you need to eat tons of butter and bacon (saturated fats), while you can consume oils, nuts, chicken breasts, FISH, etc? I don't like this video, it's not objective. Most Americans eat too much carbs these days, especially sugars, and all this "fat free" food around just makes an illusion that someone cares for your diet. They don't! They only want to sell tasty stuff. Learn and choose what you eat.

  38. No it doesn't have to be all saturated fat, saturated fat just oxidizes less easy so it's more shelf stable.

    You can eat more vegetables than the majority of the population does, most people can have at least 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. Do you know many cups of broccoli that is? That 8 CUPS OF BROCCOLI!!!

    Go ahead, count that out into a bowl… I'll wait while you eat it. Dork.

    I can do around 90g of carbs before I kick out of keto.

    Most people don't stay in keto the whole time, they may be low carb the whole time, but that isn't necessarily keto.

    Protein is fine for the vast majority of people. Most people can have as much protein as they care to eat.

    Saturated fat and cholesterol doesn't clog your arteries. Meat is good for you. The science has never supported the saturated fat/cholesterol/heart disease hypothesis. It was corrupt crony science paid for by food lobbiests, pushed by the all benevolent government. How many people have died taking that wromg advice? How many people have had a significant reduction in health?

    All natural fats and cholestrols are healthy and important for optimal bodily function.

    No diet is optimal for everyone, for your own research, but half way through this sounds like a disgustingly ignorant stawman.

  39. That is bullshit your misguiding the keno diet never says just meat says meat and veggies fruit and your body makes its own glucose

  40. 11 years ago I lost 40 lbs of excess weight I had put on from college football at age 21. It took a full-time manual labor summer job in which I sweat through 2-3 shirts a day, 4 days of lifting, 3 days of running around 3 miles a day every week and having to count every single calorie with one cheat day per week (which meant I could have a couple of beers and some wings-nothing crazy). It took all of that effort and 4 months to go from 240lbs to 200 during the physical prime of my life.
    Now, at 32, I ballooned up to 260 after becoming severely depressed from spinal injuries and not being able to workout anymore (at least not lifting/running/sports/etc like I was used to)
    I needed to lose weight but couldn’t physically put in all that effort again due to these injuries. I went keto and I was really strict about it and in 3 1/2 months I just lost my 40th lb two days ago and this whole time I haven’t counted a single calorie. Just made sure I was always in ketosis and cooked all keto meals. All I did was change my diet and walk a few miles a day. THATS IT (disclaimer: I also drank tons of water, ate lots of leafy greens and drank psyllium husk for fiber, took some vitamins and a probiotic, slept 8 hours a night at the same time each day and used Kratom to help with spinal pain)

    So now I’m 220 and I look great and feel great thanks to a ketogenic diet. My plan is to get down to 215 and go to more of a ‘normal’ diet where I avoid carbs when possible and eat lots of protein. And watch calories!

    Anyway, that’s my story thus far and if you read up to this point I really hope this helps you in some way. Stay healthy!

  41. It's not a "fad" there's no gimmicks.. just eating how we should be. Maybe the right sponsor might change your biased video

  42. The Keto diet is yet another lazy quick-fix that is certainly a long-term solution. Eat wisely, responsibly, and in moderation (and of course, exercise) and you won't have to go to such unhealthy extremes… such as this ridiculous diet.

  43. I actually do the 5.2 diet, this imo is a happy medium. What about the science of repair? I thought this was the main reason people did intermittent fasting. When your body goes into Ketosis, your cells stop growing and start repairing instead, I thought you would be mentioning this.

  44. "but there's not actually a lot of empirical science around it." What?!! Whats your purpose with this video? It seems almost bizarre .

  45. This is so wrong. The diet doesn't say to "eat meat at every meal". In fact, too much protein is bad. Yes, you need to ensure there's plenty of fat in every meal, that is true. As for the one piece of lettuce or tomato thing, the diet emphasizes too eat A LOT of green vegetables.
    I've only been doing this for about a month, and I absolutely love it. I'm always full, and I'm losing weight slowly but surely and I've never felt better.

  46. A side of veggies? Thats not true at all. The keto diet is high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. It takes ridiculous amounts of leafy vegetables to get up to a strict keto carb limit (30g).

  47. The only way one could make sooo many mistakes in 5 minutes is by being paid to do so … This is a blatent disregard for reputable scientific research . Thanks for punching humanity in the gut with this one . 😔

  48. I was going to rant about the seriously flawed 'research' I think you may have based most of your own research on, but this addresses it much better.
    'Do low-carb diets lead to early death? (The ARIC/Lancet Study explored)'
    The keto diet (i.e. way of life – which is the true meaning of diet) doesn't mean only meat, although some people choose this. I personally eat no meat and pretty much only the carbs found in fibrous vegetables such as leafy greens etc. Lots of healthy fat such as butter, cream, olive oil, eggs cheese, nuts and seeds. Never felt better, (migraines, hip pain and lymphodema gone) and I discovered this is the ideal diet for me by trial and error over a number of years. I only recently discovered there is such a thing as the keto diet.
    I'm seriously disappointed that Seeker, which I've enjoyed for a long time, should be not only very remiss in your standard of research but also may be turning people away from what could be of enormous help to them. So may people have Type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic and this way of eating is the answer.
    People should give it a try, with or without meat, and see how they get on.

  49. The sad part about this is that some person looking to better their health and try Keto will stumble across this horribly misinformed video and get discouraged.. How about you people do some real research next time instead of embarrassing yourselves..

  50. Which companies/studies did you go to? Id check thomas delaur, dr. Berg, dr. Boz. Not a fan of the biased wording.

  51. I thought this channel might have an open mind and how narrow-minded this video is makes me want to unsubscribe but for now I will have an open mind and see how it goes.

  52. I'm biology prof. I've stumbled upon a few of your videos in the past and have consistently been frustrated by the content. This video, however, is the worst yet (I'm glad I didn't see it before it was "fixed"). Starvation ketosis and nutritional ketosis are NOT the same. The misinformation presented here is atrocious.

  53. Down 82 pounds on Keto, in 2019; I eat low carb vegetables all the time. And I don’t eat anything processed, it’s almost like they have no clue what Keto even is.

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