Does Vitamin C Cancel Out Ozone?
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Does Vitamin C Cancel Out Ozone?

March 10, 2020

Hi guys, here is Paola, and in this video
as you can see with a totally new look. So, why I’m wearing this? This is another whole story. I actually tried to take it off just a minute ago, and I thought
you know for the duration of the video it should be ok but I just made like one movement
and it was not good. So, I need to wear this. So, anyway but in this video I don’t want
to talk about my neck but about something that keeps popping up over and over again:
and that’s the question about the combination of ozone therapy and Vitamin C. So, this seems
to be like the eternal question of ozone therapy: Should you do Vitamin C with ozone therapy
or not? Will the two cancel each other out, or is it ok, or is it even preferred to combine
those two? And so, I will discuss this question in this video and I will give my opinion on
the subject matter. And if you watch until the end of the video
I will also come clean about one thing. So it will be like a world premiere. So, let’s start. Many people ask: is it ok to do
Vitamin C right after ozone therapy, because Vitamin C is an antioxidant, one of the most
potent antioxidants that we know and ozone therapy is of course an oxidative agent. So
it would be logical to assume that the two cancel each other out. And yet, there are many ozone therapists and
many ozone experts who don’t see a problem in combining those two and what they actually
do quite often is they administer ozone therapy to their patients and right away give them
a Vitamin C drip, a high dosage of Vitamin C. Is it really so? Does it really make sense
to combine those two modalities? Or is it possible that they will cancel each other
out? Now, my opinion is that yes, they will cancel
each other out. Or more: the Vitamin C will cancel out some of the effect of the ozone
therapy, or maybe all of the effect. This is not clear. But here are the two main reasons why I think
that this is the case and one bonus reason. So, really a total of three reasons why I
think that it is not a good idea to combine ozone therapy and Vitamin C. So, reason number one is my personal experience. So, I’ve been doing ozone for now over 12
years and in that time it happened a number of times to me that I accidentally
breathed in larger amounts of ozone. Now, this was not intentioned and as I said it
was accidental and I do not recommend that anyone does it, because when you do you will
get to experience the power of ozone, the destructive power of ozone. But the destructive
power of ozone. When you get a strong whiff of raw ozone, this can literally knock you
off your socks. And for me this was you know a number of very very uncomfortable experiences. I remember one such an experience very distinctly:
it was so bad that I actually had to, I felt like I couldn’t stand on my feet, I had
to like crouch down and like try to catch myself, I tried to just you know get stable
and like figure out: OMG, what just happened? Will I be alright? And then I knew of course what to do, and
that was to go and dissolve some Vitamin C and drink it immediately. And that’s what
I did and that stopped that ozone induced reaction essentially like that. For me, this is one of the strongest reasons,
something that I have experienced on myself: that I know that Vitamin C counteracts the
effects of ozone. Then reason number two why I think that Vitamin
C will eliminate at least some of the effects of ozone is because I have heard similar reports
from other people. Especially from people who have received 10 pass. So the 10 pass
method is, as some of you may know, a new ozone modality which entails really unprecedented
amounts and concentrations of ozone which are delivered in a very short time. And so
the reports that have been relayed to me over the past years were those where people
were receiving the 10 pass and they felt like it was too much. They felt like they overdosed
on ozone. The way they noticed this was because of this
uncomfortable chest sensation. So, this can happen with any type of intravenous ozone
therapy, that one starts to feel like a heavy sensation in your lungs, and it becomes difficult
to breathe, and your lungs feel really heavy and like you can’t breathe properly, and
there can be like pressure and even pain in your lungs. And this is often a sign that
you have received too much ozone. And so what was done in those instances is first of all
the 10 pass was aborted immediately, and the person was given high doses of Vitamin C,
either intravenously or orally. The minute the Vitamin C was administered this negative
ozone induced reaction was either greatly diminished or it stopped immediately. This is another reason for me to understand
that yes, Vitamin C is like the fastest and the direct antidote to an overdose of ozone
or to ozone just in general. And this is also reason number three why I
believe that it is not a good idea to administer Vitamine C right after ozone if you want to
maximize the effect of both modalities. That reason is that it is recommended to ozone
therapists to always keep Vitamin C close by. That in case it turns out that the patient
does not do well on ozone or that the patient has received too much ozone or has some negative
reaction to it, to immediately give Vitamin C, and the Vitamin C will stop the ozone
reaction in its tracks. Some of you may ask: ok, how is this possible
then that so many ozone doctors apply Vitamin C right after ozone therapy and some even
recommend to do Vitamin C together with ozone therapy? And many of those ozone doctors report great
effects and great results by combining those two therapies, some of them even say that
they work synergistically and they see great successes with it. How is this possible? The thing is that those two notions are not
mutually exclusive. By that I mean that it can still be true that Vitamin C will cancel
out at least some of the effect of ozone therapy and yet when you combine those two you can
still see great results when treating a wide variety of illnesses. And why is that? Because both therapies: ozone therapy and
high dose Vitamin C can be both very powerful treatments. So just by using Vitamin C you
can really achieve astounding results. Also it is unlikely that when you do combine
those two that the Vitamin C will completely cancel out the effects of ozone therapy. What
most likely happens is that you will still get some of the effect of ozone therapy but
that some of it will be cancelled out by the Vitamin C. So that not everything of the ozone
benefit is lost. So this is one of the possible explanations
why when combining those two modalities that ozone doctors still see great results. So, now summarized: I don’t think that when
you do those two things together that something bad will happen. On the contrary: you may
still get benefit, you may still get great benefit from both of them but I don’t think
that when you combine those two that you use both of them to their maximum effect. In order
to get the maximum from both of them, I think it makes more sense to do them on alternate
days. And especially also what one should consider
is the financial standpoint. Because especially with things like the 10 pass which can cost
absolutely absurd amount of money especially when you live in the US or in Canada you really
want to get the most effect for the money that you’re paying. And so, especially here
it makes sense to really just get the 10 pass on one day and the Vitamine C then on the
other day, because if you’re making such a huge investment into your health you really
want to get the most out of it, and if you receive a Vitamin C IV, a high dose Vitamin
C IV, right after your 10 pass, you will neutralize at least some of the effect of the ozone therapy. And now here the great announcement, the great
revelation: So: as you know, my name is spelled P A O L A. Now, and I’ve always said, you
know, call me POLA. And that’s mainly because when I used to live in the States, and people
would read my name they would never be able to read it correctly and the correct pronunciation
of my name is Paola. Ok? It’s basically an Italian name and so you pronounce it like
the Italian name, like Paola. But people in the States, I found out, I would hear stuff
like Payola or something strange, and I was like “Ok, ok, ok, you know what, ok never
mind, never mind, just say Pola. Pola is fine, just drop the “a”, just drop the “a”,
just say Pola.” But: Now, recently I started watching Friends
on Netflix and there was a character in the first season, it was an Italian dude and he
had the male version of my name. His name was Paolo. And all of the main actors in that
series were able to pronounce his name correctly. OK? So no, I’m coming clean: and I’m saying:
my name is Paola. This is the correct pronunciation of my name. So, if you want to earn like a
1,000 brownie points with me, or more like a thousand ribeye points because I’m a carnivore,
I would love to hear the correct pronunciation of my name which is Paola. So, there you have it: So, check out the description
below the video, there may or may not be some useful information. Also, feel free to join
the group “The Ozone Group” on Facebook. There is always some interesting discussion
going on. And like my page on Facebook “The Power of Ozone”. So I hope you enjoyed this episode of the
crazy ozone lady and what she thinks about ozone therapy and Vitamin C. And next episode:
maybe without the neck brace. Or maybe this will turn into a fashion trend, who knows?

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  1. What a wonderful resource you have become Paola. A principle I think helpful to consider is ozone reacts almost immediately creating peroxides like lipid peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc, and will as quickly react with acidic microbes and toxins. But, when taking large doses like 10 pass, a percentage of that excess will take more time to react, enough time for it to reach the lungs and cause irritation to the sensitive lung lining, as you explained so well. It is good to remember that each person is a unique micro-bio-enviroment of pathogens, toxins, parasites, nutrients, etc. So we can have a general idea how much ozone is safe and effective, but each individual may reach that threshold at different dosages. Having some Vitamin C to use as a neutralizer of any excess concentration of ozone is very wise indeed. Vitamin C is a very remarkable substance. in small doses it is a very effective antioxidant, but in high doses it produces oxidative stress by creating hydrogen peroxide in the fluids between the cells. Thus, affecting the body in a similar way as the ozone therapy. It is interesting looking at the molecular make up of the compound Vitamin C how similar it is with glucose. (I bet it will be an effective oxidant modality to include with the press/pulse metabolic cancer therapy.) I am on board completely with your advice here. When I get my dissertation done and can begin to practice as an ND with my 10 pass generator and hyperbaric chamber, I will heed your advice and keep Vitamin C close on hand. Until then, another Naturopathic office is using my generator until their new one arrives from Wolfgang. I will pass this advice on to them too. Thank you.

    As for your name issue. My wife keeps correcting me these last few years since meeting you. I keep making those same "American" mispronunciations. My wife got it right away, and corrects me every time. though we were not sure if her understanding/pronunciation was correct or not. Now we know. She was right all along. I value those "brownie points" from you, so I will redouble my efforts to learn it correctly. 🙂 Press on!

  2. When taking oral vitamin c and using ozone insufflation on the same day . . .. How long after or before using the ozone insufflation is it safe to take vitamin c?? I take approximately 3 to 6 thousand milligrams of vitamin c per day in divided doses.

  3. Dr. Shallenberger contends that the main mechanism of Ozone treatment is the increase in NAD+ levels by oxidizing NADH to NAD+ via upregulating lactate dehydrogenase. We also know that ascorbate reacts with hydrogen peroxide (generated from Ozone) to create monohydroascorbate which is the ascorbate radical. Monohydroascorbate will oxidize NADH to generate NAD+ and convert back to ascorbate via Monohydroascorbate Reductase. Monohydroascorbate also reacts with ascorbate to form dehydroascorbate. Dehydroascorbate is the form of ascorbate that is actually transported into the cell and into the mitochondria (where it is converted into ascorbate to clean up oxidants). Given this it could be that ozone actually helps ascorbate not only enter the cell, but also creates monohydroascorbate that amplifies ozones ability to increase NAD+ to NADH levels.

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