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December 11, 2019

As pet owners, we need to become more
proactive in preventing the things that can affect our pet’s health and keep
them from living a long and happy life Fitness and health go hand-in-hand. You
simply cannot have one without the other. Hello, I’m Dr. Bill Barnett. How can we achieve fitness and health in our feline friends? A good place to start would be to
eliminate genetically induced problems in our breeding programs. How about keeping our pets in a healthy
environment? And most importantly shouldn’t we feed them a biologically
appropriate diet? Something that matches their digestive anatomy and physiology. These things may not be as simple as they sound. Accurate genetic backgrounds
are hard to determine. You may not live where your cats can safely be out at night. Worst of all, we can’t believe what the
pet food manufacturers are telling us in their marketing and advertising. So what
is the solution? I have spent the last 33 years developing nutritional supplements specifically designed to bring today’s highly processed maintenance foods into
the realm of optimum. My feline fitness and health product is a highly concentrated nutritional supplement that has a proprietary protein blend and
specific nutrient profile to assist in the support and maintenance of a strong
lean body, flexible joints, improved skin and hair coat, healthy eye, heart, and brain
function, an active immune system and a balanced digestive system. Fitness and health works because the
formula is complete it contains all essential nutrients. It’s concentrated,
meaning it is nutrient dense and highly bioavailable. It’s also nutritionally
balanced, capable of enhancing any of today’s diet choices, and it tastes great
too. To learn more about fitness and health
in the cat, click on the feline fitness and health link. You may also want to
read more about protecting your cat’s health. You can do this by clicking on the
optimum pet health or optimum pet nutrition sections of our website. The more we know about our cat’s health,
the easier it will be to keep them fit, healthy, and living longer.

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