Dr. Mrutyunjaya Bellad: Managing Malnutrition During Pregnancy | Emcure AICOG tv

February 28, 2020

I welcome you on behalf of 61st AICOG 2018. You are watching this interview on Today with me is Dr. M. Bellad sir, Sir is professor and Head of the Department of OBG, sir has come from Belgaum, sir is working at KLE institute of JNMC Medical College at Belgaum Now sir is having expertise on lot of topics. Today sir has accepted to speak about maternal health so sir, why do you see there is such a high mortality with respect to mother when we speak about maternal mortality why it is such a big burden in India. The Indian population is a huge population number #1 In this there are 3 levels of factors, which work and that is responsible for maternal mortality. Number #1 from the patient point of view. #2nd is from the institutional point of view and there is entity called as system factors so we need to look at all the 3 levels. Patient factors, community factors, and then the system factors so in patient we need to know how are they and at the time of pregnancy, even when we go for a war we prepare well and then prepare and go where as our women enter into pregnancy in such a poor state of health and that worsens during pregnancy Absolutely sir. Because of lack of education number #1, lack of nutritional support and the system factor, which needs to correct this, needs proper timely interventions Right sir. and that has lead to poor nutritional status at the entry of pregnancy. During pregnancy and that continues even at the time of delivery and these lead to lot of complications and that causes the high maternal mortality in India. Right sir. and the seeking behaviour, pre-care seeking behavior and when they come to the hospital the personalize lack of care in the institutes plus a proper intervention, which is supported by the counseling, which is less commonly observed in many of the institutes and support for the women from the family what treatment is advised whether it is adhered so compliance also matters so when these factors are adversely affecting in India and that is why we are having high maternal mortality and morbidity. Right sir. Very rightly you have mentioned sir. Our women probably end-up in a very poor state so it is even more difficult for dealing with such women.

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