EPIC Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)
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EPIC Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)

November 20, 2019

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  1. I loved making this EPIC food tour video! And my god I was stuffed by the end! Which of the 10 stops do you most want to visit? 🥂🥂

  2. Catalan lad here, and I must say this is a really good guide on what Barcelona really is for locals, turists often leave feeling like they were lied to before coming here, but the kind of places you've shown on the video are actually really really good. If you're coming to Barcelona soon, go to this places and you'll surely enjoy your trip!

  3. I miss the sobrassada, fuet, morcilla, orchata and so much more…. I have a feast when I go, my friend, she is from Barcelona and when we go, oh boy!! we eat everything that we can not find in Australia.

  4. Why does every guiri who makes a video about "Barcelona" thinks there are only three neighbourhoods in it? Jeeeesus, always the same boring "top guides" about El Born, El Gòtic and La Barceloneta. Get your head out of your ass and explore a little bit, you' ll find Barcelona is bigger than that. Don't be just a lazy tourist and go to la Vila de Gràcia, Horta, El Raval, El Poble-Sec, Sants-Montjuïc, El Poble Nou, El Clot…. You are missing like 80% of the real Barcelona. Gòtic, Barceloneta and Born have turned into "theme parks" for guiris, avoid it at all cost.

  5. Ok, im sorry but theres a mistake, the longaniza is not from catalonia (at least only from catalonia). There are many diferent styles of longaniza but, the important thing is that the commmon longaniza comes from all the north of Sapin, being the Graus (Aragón) one, in my opinion, the best longaniza ever. I also have to say that the video is great and over my expectations, congratulations.

  6. Ok I just wanted to jump in here James after seeing your Instagram just now. First off you are a patient person. You see a comment insulting the video on Barcelona but you find a way to see their point of view. I just wanted to say anywhere you go there is more than one neighborhood however, as a tourist why not start with the most known barrios or neighborhood tourist spots? Yes you want to avoid tourist traps but there are tourist spots for a reason. Usually a landmark, historic site etc. Most tourists are limited on time so I would recommend see what you can first, (tourist spots or neighborhoods included) then come back and take the path less traveled.

  7. Melindro OR churro? Are you joking? Two ABSOLUTELY different things! Your partner eat sardines and drink "porrò" like as an authentic tourist! ("Guiri" here). In accordance with most of the places you have visited, however, there is always one, you have stayed with the Barcelona tourist friendly. Pity.

  8. Catalan here… you have covered only 5% of barcelona… u are really staying in the most touristic street, no surprise u are caught in tourist traps

  9. I'm heading to Andalucia for three weeks at the end of December, so I'm binge-watching all your videos. I love them. I'm so much more knowledgeable now! Thank you

  10. Such a great video! You made me miss my city! Next year for sure I will bring my bf to aaaall this places! His mouth is already watering hahaha specially when he saw the grilled sepia😂😂😂 thanks for sharing this places with everybody! 👌💖

  11. The early drinking in Spain always surprises me when I'm there… I'm not saying that I don't like it, because I do!

  12. I absolutely love your videos, because they're so informative! Whether it's food or place, I appreciate that you provide the history of everything! Thank you for these incredible videos! Keep them coming! All the best!

  13. En Barcelona para la fideuá, por costumbre, usan fideos, está bien pero creo que le va mucho mejor la que usamos en la zona de Alicante, que es un fideo más gordo y hueco por el centro. http://www.ternascodearagon.es/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/fideua-de-ternasco-de-aragon.jpg

  14. I am travelling to Barcelona in a few weeks so have just binge watched some of your videos (more to come) and they're so helpful. All the eating places you suggest are written down. I hope I can find them. Who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast! thank you.

  15. Hey. I am heading back to Spain this year and I am just getting some tips from your fabulous channel for Barcelona and San Sebastian. I discovered your page last year during my research for my Madrid trip. Thanks for being so current on all things Spain!

  16. As a fellow kiwi coming to Barcelona late December early January, I was stoked to find your Spain Revealed channel. So informative and very well put together. Thanks James, you're doing a fab job, keep up the good work!

  17. I was sucked in to your channel by your ready intelligence, and great video quality.
    I was surprised that contrary to that intelligence, your food habits seem very savage, and grossly unhealthy.
    In case you move on to have a family, can I suggest you read "How Not to Die" by Dr. Michael Greger?

  18. I’m currently in Barcelona. I should have seen this video before arriving. I enjoy Spanish food, language and culture. Since being intolerant to egg and cutting back on sugar I find it really hard to eat a lot of the mainstream Spanish dishes

  19. ❤️YoliAlioli !!!
    Mola 1000!!
    En casa adoramos el alioli!!!
    Fenomenal la ruta!
    Conozco varios y descubrí otros!!
    Deberiais hablar con Lonely Planet 😉

  20. not a fan of sweets, but I am so looking forward to the top-pas, beer and wine. I will be there in September through half of October, 2019….Excited for the experience and my roots.

  21. what was that word you called the chocolate-covered macademia? codon? what? I turned on the captions and it said "word in foreign language" lol

  22. Someone told me that since paella is not a Catalan dish, so all the paella served in Barcelona is meant only for tourists.. do you agree?

  23. Thanks for all the great tips! Looking forward to visiting in November 2019. Since there are tons of great places to eat, is it normal to take your left over food to go?

  24. Omg. I wish I'd seen this video before I went to Barcelona in April. Took a selfie outside Bar Joan cos my name is Joan (as in girl's name) Didn't eat there though… Went all that way, but felt overwhelmed I suppose, and didn't know where to start… Would have loved to have eaten that food, especially la bomba, squid and sardines. Oh and the mascarpone croissant…Great video!

  25. Yes, the Tourist Trap you mention. I went into a restaurant near Parc Gruel because I saw locals in it. However, I was given a limited Tourist Menu, which did not have the dishes I saw on people's tables. I asked if the fish dish on the photo was what I saw on someone's table. He said yes. It wasn't. He wasn't interested or helpful. The one prawn I got in the bland fish dish was raw – they didn't care, they weren't going to see me again. Pisses me off when I think about that! I work in hospitality. I make sure I make foreigners feel welcome due to the language barrier and also to give them a good impression of our country.

  26. Really excited to visit and taste Barcelona?
    Will be coming next month for my mother's suprise 80th birthday! Can you suggest somewhere we can go?
    Fish and meat lovers in our family. Thank you

  27. Hi James, i've watch all your video and tried all your recommendations from Madrid. We also went to Barcelona last month and follow your food recommendations. But im not lucky with Hofmann no more croissant when i went. But thanks much😘

  28. We have loved so many of your recommendations! One thing we discovered is that "Codol" is actually the maker of the macadamia nut coated in white and dark chocolate, and they make all the chocolate covered nuts sold here. They are very good, but just down the street at Bubo, they sell them with a salted nut inside, so you get that amazing sweet/salty combination in addition to the delicious macadamia flavor. They are unbelievable. Enjoy!

  29. Hi James, I'm going back to Barcelona in a few weeks and it's all your fault! Of these 10 places I only have been to Granja Dulcinea a couple of times. And read about La Cova Fumada. So I have to try them all! The only thing is that i don't think I can eat them all in a few hours during the tour. I better that a container or two for the "dog bags". Gracias 😊

  30. Thank you so very much. I am so excited to surprise my husband with these wonderful local tappas places. You have given me such a wonderful education. I am so grateful that you gave ideas for multiple neighborhoods. I am more prepared and so grateful.

  31. I look forward to doing one of your food tours next summer. I’m planning a cruise and plan to spend a few days in Barcelona.

  32. I am taking my partner to Barcelona (staying in Gothic Quarter) for his 30th in January. Super excited after watching your video! Video has been so helpful :). Thank you!

  33. 04:13 its esmorzar not almuerzo. you are in catalunya, not madrid. its not charcuterie, its xarcuterie. different pronuncations. you are in catalunya not france. if you are going to review catalunya and catalan cuisine, try to pronounce it right. otherwise its very cool review.

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