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Ethiopia – Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Platform

October 10, 2019

Welcome to AgriProFocus Ethiopia. My name
is Meskerem, my name is Sarah and today we want to talk about food and nutrition insecurity
in Ethiopia. Food and Nutrition insecurity is a serious issue here in Ethiopia. While
actually more than 75% is involved in the agricultural sector and also as you can see
here, Ethiopia has one of the richest vegetarian dishes in the world. So, how is
that possible? What are the root causes? But what is already done when it comes to tackling food and nutrition insecurity? What works, what doesn’t? Where is more coordination needed? That is something AgriProFocus wanted to answer
by establishing a platform on nutrition sensitive agriculture together with the EU delegation here in Ethiopia. This platform has been established in 2016. This year, we have organised a public seminar on agrifood value chains for nutrition,
where we had the honour to have the Dutch Embassy, the Ministry of Agriculture,
Ministry of Industries, IFRI, FAO, EU, several Dutch partners, to develop nutritious agrifood
value chains. We will support the Dutch Embassy in organising
Wageningen University Worldwide Alumni Day, which is
under the theme of access to healthy food in mega cities. And later in the year we hope
to join hands with Hawassa University on the food industries
conference in Southern Ethiopia. So, stay tuned, we are
excited to work together with you. We hope to meet you soon, collaborating in Ethiopia!

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