Exploring Food and Nutrition for KS3
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Exploring Food and Nutrition for KS3

October 27, 2019

I’m Bev Saunder and I’m one of the
co-authors for the new Key Stage 3 textbook for Food and Nutrition. We needed to make the closest match as
we possibly could to the Key Stage 4 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, so we’ve gone for looking at the twelve practical skills that need to be covered. We’ve looked then at what the subject content is, so we’ve done a section on
food nutrition and health, there’s food commodities, food safety, food choice, food provenance, and food science. All of those headings match
any exam board that you would teach at Key Stage 4. We’ve looked very closely at the twelve practical skills that are needed for Key Stage 4 and looked at what recipes we could develop that would build in skills through Year 7 to Year 9. So we looked at the very basic skills to begin with, such as the weighing and
the measuring and the knife skills. Then we also looked at how we could
develop those into Year 8 and Year 9, leaving Year 9 with complex skills, such
as how to make the doughs, the pastries and the breads. The online teaching resources consist of PowerPoints to support both the practical and the
theory sessions. They all have a starter activity, they all have a plenary activity. There is homework set and there is also extension differentiation opportunities for those with additional needs or those who are particularly gifted and talented. We know that time is at a premium in Key
Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, so we have designed those recipes to fit into a 50-minute lesson. So, obviously, there is the short term assessment of each lesson, but there is also, at the end of each year, a written theory exam and there is also an opportunity for a practical assessment, introducing the time plan so that that can relate to the NEA 2s and it gives an element of free choice as well to the students in order to stretch and challenge them.

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