Extreme Asian Food Challenge • Try Guys Feast Mode

November 9, 2019

– Hiccup! Hiccuping! Fire burps! Ahh! – Los Angeles is know for
its amazing Asian cuisine, and I’m gonna take the other
Try Guys on a trip around town to some surprise locations, where they’re gonna try
some extreme Asian dishes. – Aww. – I don’t want that. – What? It’s gonna get intense! – Eugene’s torturing us. – I’m gonna try to eat as
little food as possible. You know why? ‘Cause I got a fucked up tongue. Secret’s out, everybody. I got geographic tongue. – I feel like the three dishes I’ve chosen cover everything from
creepy to slimy to spicy. – Try Guys Feast Mode Asian Food Extreme Adventure Something! (upbeat music) – Alright, so the first
restaurant I’m going to is this awesome place called Typhoon. It’s a Pan-Asian fusion restaurant. You’re gonna be eating bugs. – What? – What kind of bugs? ‘Cause lobsters are bugs. (bell dings) – Keith’s arm is on me. It’s just you’re– – It’s only on you, because
your elbow’s in my stomach! – Because it’s a tight backseat, because we’re in your stupid car. – Kids! – [Zach] What? (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Brian Vidor, and I am the owner of Typhoon, here at the Santa Monica Airport. – So you were working in Asia, you moved over here and opened Typhoon. – Yeah. – You were inspired by
some of the different snacks and street foods in Asia. – Street foods, you got it, yes. – Yeah. – The crickets were in
Taipei Beer Gardens, and the silkworm pupas are from Thailand. We’re getting more and more
people coming here for the bugs. They taste pretty good. – [Eugene] So these are
Taiwanese-Style Crickets? – I had a lizard growing
up who ate crickets. They looked just like this. – That’s a big old plate of bugs! – You wanna feed each other? – Sure. (upbeat music) – Mmm. – Oh no, it’s great. – It’s almost like eating the
skin off of fried chicken. – I got a leg in the back
of my throat for a second. – They keep jumping onto my chopsticks. – Extremeness, I’m gonna say, like one. It’s not that extreme. – No, I would eat this as a snack. – Bugs are beautiful. – [Together] Woah! – [Ned] They look like
little chicken nuggets. – I don’t know if they
look like chicken nuggets. They look like bugs. – Ribbed for her pleasure. – Oh, please. – So, these are really popular
in a lot of Asian countries, especially in Korea, where
we call them Beondegi. – Butt-diggy. (upbeat music) – Oh, no! – Huh, didn’t expect that. – Oh! – Soft. – Oh, it just bursts. (upbeat music) – It just tastes a lot like corn. – Tasty, wet hay. – Oh, I could see a horse
just going to town on this. (horse neighing) – And these are worm babies. – Holy fuck, you can kinda see through it. Oh God, why? Why? – It’s not the most pleasant experience. – Bugs overall, sort of extreme. Decently tasty and always
looks like a plate of bugs. – [Ned] Cut to the car! ♫ I ate too many bugs ♫ Oh, Lord, I ate too many bugs ♫ – So we left the bug
place, what’s next, Eugene? – We’re doing a water
creature of some sort. – Okay. – Like a lobster? I love lobsters. – Think more sucking. – Some sort of blow job fish? – We are going to eat live octopus. – Oh! – You guys, why was the octopus laughing? – Why? – ‘Cause he had ten-tickles. (laughter) Let’s go eat one. – Alright guys, we are here in Koreatown, at Wassada Restaurant, and in a lot of Korean
and Japanese cuisine, things are so fresh, they’re
still basically alive. – [Keith] This looks crazy. – So sea urchin, or
uni, is quite expensive. – [Keith] It’s a delicacy, right? – [Eugene] Yeah, it’s a delicacy. – Is that its butt? – It looks like the top
of a good, sexy starfish. You know, some starfish look shitty. – Eat it. – Alright. What was that? – Woah, that’s amazing. – It’s like, buttery. – I don’t know what I just tasted. – Where’s the butter coming from? – It’s really complicated. It kinda tastes like if melon was a meat. – It’s what lobsters’ blood tastes like. – I like to call this the
foie gras of the ocean. – Who would have thought there’d be something so good inside
this coffee straw coconut? – Does anyone have bread? – Oh, no! – Oh, no. – There goes that shirt. Do you have anything
to get this stain out? The video can wait, okay? I don’t want this to stain. – [Eugene] And the best part
is, is you can just, like– – Oh, a toothpick! – I mean, it’s hardcore, it’s not extreme. – But it is an animal and
we are eating its gonads. – Alright. – [Eugene] One of my
favorite dishes, Sannakji, which is what we call live octopus. It’s recently alive octopus. – [Ned] Does it move? – [Eugene] It moves. This is especially prevalent
in Korea and Japan. – Oh! – That’s its eyeball? – Oh! – [Keith] Ah, look you got one! (gagging impression) – [Eugene] Oh, it won’t let go. – Oh, that feels so weird. – Oh, I don’t want to do it. – And, go! Chew, chew. – Oh, no. Oh, no! – [Ned] Oh, Zach. No, Zach, no! – [Keith] Don’t die! – Is it moving? – No! I don’t know, actually. – My wife loves me. – Oh, it’s stuck in my throat. – Oh, ow. – It’s stuck to the top of my mouth! – It wouldn’t let go of my lip. – How’s it taste? – It’s really chewy. – It’s like seafood gum. – It’s actually delicious. – I mean, you can’t get
rawer than this, right? – No, this is the freshest
food I’ve ever had. – This is the most extreme
thing I’ve ever eaten. – I’m afraid to swallow this big one. – [Eugene] You guys good with
one more restaurant, right? – I feel like I feel it trying
to grab onto my intestines. – I know! I think it’s like trying to work its way back up my esophagus. – I’m still eating it. (laughter) – [Zach] What? – So we had bugs. – [Zach] We had bugs. – We had sea creatures. – [Zach] Yeah. – And now we’re gonna do
something pretty tame. You know? Something pretty tame for the finale. – Okay. – Just the spiciest dish in Los Angeles. – Eugene, my tongue’s fucked up. – So, we’re going to a Thai
restaurant called Jitlada. – [Ned] Oh, I love Jitlada! – We know that you guys have something called ‘The Dynamite Challenge.’ – Yes, you guys should try. It’s really good and spicy. – [Keith] How spicy are we talking? – [Waitress] One to ten? – [Zach] Yeah, ten being the biggest. – [Waitress] Ten. – I’m nervous. I’m anxious. – We both love spicy food. I basically grew up on spicy food. – I’ve chosen a piece that
like, has no visible spice. – Yeah, me too. – I’ll put more spice on,
I’ll put more spice on. – [Eugene] And just before you guys start, keep the screaming to a minimum. – Yeah, Eugene, we’ll keep
our screaming to a minimum. – You wanna just stick the
whole thing in our mouths? – Shouldn’t we? – Okay, ready? – [Eugene] Go! (suspenseful music) – Oh, God. (clearing throat) Oh! – Oh, my God. – Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. – Keith, are you okay? – Nuh-uh. – [Zach] Oh, no! (gagging noise) – I think I’m gonna vomit. – Oh, I’m already farting. – Oh! – There’s like a fountain of saliva– – There’s a — – Oh! Delicious flavor. (blowing nose) – Ow, it’s getting worse, it’s getting– – The most preposterous
dish in Los Angeles. – I’m giving cunnilingus
to a piece of cucumber. That’s how much pain I’m in. – Am I crying? Am I sweating? – They cure all diseases. It cures Eugene. (laughter) If I eat them, maybe I
will be cured as well. Dear, Jitlada. Your ‘Dynamite Challenge’
was the last stop in our Extreme Asian Food Tour. We regret everything, but we love you! I can’t stop burping, Ned. Farting, Zach. Crying, Eugene. Dying, Keith. Love, The Try Guys. ♫ I can feel the fire ♫ – This was just the battle. The war will be waged
on my toilet all night. It’s a good thing my wife’s out of town. – Keith, how about I
find Italian foods next? I’m Italian. Italians have very interesting
cuisine, like pasta. (car door slams) Oh, my friends left.

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