EXTREME Street Food in Pakistan – Super FAST + ANGRY Ninja BURGER – ULTIMATE Karachi BURGER Tour!!!
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EXTREME Street Food in Pakistan – Super FAST + ANGRY Ninja BURGER – ULTIMATE Karachi BURGER Tour!!!

December 27, 2019

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We have a SURPRISE Pakistan Street Food Tour with our good buddy Ali!!! Follow along here!!! https://www.instagram.com/Alinhamdani and https://www.instagram.com/thefoodranger Make sure to watch all the way until the end and leave us a comment down below, thanks so much for watching!!!

  2. Can india and pakistan excuse themselves from being enemies for one week and ppl from both the countries should be able to taste such delicious foods from both nations.

  3. i am from Bangladesh. One of the reasons i love Pakistan for its delicious foods. My dream is visit pakistan 🇧🇩🇵🇰

  4. This guy is such a patronising idiot. He asks questions and then talks over the response. He visits interesting countries but can't stand his presenting style, what an absolutely ignorant fellow.

  5. This guy salaam is not sincere.he is kind of not original.everywhere he goes same thing.try to be more original bro.pakistan food is the best.go and try

  6. look whats happened. so much hatred. people disliking video probably because its pakistan and posting hate filled coments. its food . respect it. keep your hate for yourself

  7. Tried to pay but it’s free.. sure but it surely has a price that your guide could’ve told you to be displayed? Just out of curiosity.. but not sure why this guy doesn’t want to tell the prices and claims it’s all free. Funny lol

  8. That’s called muslim love,,they eating many places but they don’t have to pay a rupee for eating,,love u muslim love from Bangladesh 😍😍😘

  9. Brothers it is for real?
    I have seen free to foreigners in karachi in so many videos.
    Pakistan is among poor countries still they have rich heart.

  10. I would love to see more vegetarian options! Pakistan, you have a beautiful country and culture! It reminds me of the hospitality of my people in Ecuador ❤️

  11. They are not taking money, how hospitable people are they, from India بارك الله فيكم يا أهل باكستاني .

  12. I wish India and Pakistan solve all political enemity. I would like to eat that amazing burger. Pakistani locals are so friendly and amazing.

  13. Iam your good viewer……and I invite you to our new Kunafa hub beside lulu Mall edapally kochi to feel our taste to your tastebuds…..we are opening on 28 December 2019…you are warmly invited to our hub when you come to Kerala…I hope you will accept my invitation.will you?

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